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How Modi can make India a global superpower

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has moved on a number of fronts during his first year in office and has achieved some success. While the focus has understandably been on what his measures mean for India, the fact is that they have global implications of the first order. Developing countries around the world are comparing India and China, trying to decide which model is best for achieving rapid economic growth. India is the world’s largest democracy and China is an authoritarian regime where political activity is proscribed.
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The billion-subscribers club

When the definitive narrative of the telecommunications sector in India is written, mention of several milestones will be made—among them, the incredible feat of reaching a billion connections will surely occupy a lot of space. Other landmarks will include the national telecom policies of 1994 and 1999, introduction of an ‘independent’ regulator, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) in 1997, separation of the regulatory and adjudicatory functions by creating the telecom tribunal TDSAT in 2000...
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#365AccheDin: NDA Government’s scorecard

As the NDA government completes its one year in office, it’s time to look back at all those works and measures initiated under the government during the first 365 days. Here are some infographics summing up the crucial measures and initiatives taken up by the NDA government: As they promised to ensure that every senior citizen of our country can live a dignified a life, NDA government has released an array of schemes to ensure financial and health security of the elderly people.
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Modi letter on Year One: World now optimistic about India

Service, in our Indian ethos is the ultimate duty - Seva Parmo Dharma. One year ago, you had entrusted me with the responsibility and honour of serving you as your Pradhan Sevak . I have devoted every moment of every day, and every element of my body and spirit, in fulfilling the same with fullest sincerity and honesty. We assumed office at a time when confidence in the India story was waning. Unabated corruption and indecisiveness had paralyzed the government.
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An eye on India and one on the world

For any new government, the first 100 days are regarded as the “honeymoon period”. Beyond that a government’s appeal, approval rating and attractiveness declines rapidly. So normally after 365 days, a government turns mundane, run-of-the-mill, disconnected and even disoriented. The challenge before a new government is how to prevent a sense of ennui and disappointment from setting in.More than building brick-and-mortar showpieces, a new government needs to keep hopes alive...
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A warp in the viewfinder

As a responsible political columnist, I consider it my duty to warn you to exercise judgment when you read or listen to commentary about Narendra Modi’s first year in office. If you do, you will see through the consensus that Modi has failed to bring ‘achhe din’. Nothing has changed, the pundits proclaim, nothing at all. And India stands once more, they say, on the verge of deep despair. Look carefully and you will notice that these are the same people who until May 16 last year said Modi would never become prime minister.
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The Indian train is the pulsing vein of the nation

What more could the 5 am queue at the Delhi airport on a weekday morning need, but a large joint family with children fed on an exclusive diet of refined sugar, leaving on vacation, loading more than 17 bulging-to-capacity suitcases onto the check-in counter’s belt? It takes a while for you to realise the count has just gotten started, to shuffle impatiently, wait another 20 minutes, before you snap and, refraining yourself from hurling the queue separator at the counter staff, ask, in this-is-so-polite-I’m-livid tone...
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Rahul Gandhi has stepped back into caricature rhetoric from the 1960s and 1970s, in which the private sector was ridiculed and vilified as an evil ogre drinking the blood of citizens for breakfast. This chant is the product of an infantile mind that has absorbed pseudo-Marxist litany with all the intellectual curiosity of blotting paper. I thought that Congress had moved away from failed recipes when it embarked upon reforms in the early 1990s in order to expand space for the private sector. Clearly, there has been rhetoric reversal.
MJ Akbar

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Modi's victory: One man who achieved the impossible -AS THE NATION awaits the prime minister-designate Narendra Modi to take over the reins of office at the Centre, it is instructive to understand the meaning of the 2014 verdict... more ››

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Seeking the great outdoors

It is 6:15 pm on a humid, suffocating May evening in Mumbai. The sea breeze has died, and the people in the half-km queue are flushed with heat and drenched in sweat. Yet, they wait, with fidgety children, on the seaside promenade of Marine Drive. The closing time is 45 minutes away, and it is clear many will not get in; those who do will have to leave almost immediately. Yet, they wait to get into the 64-year-old...
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Art, history and artefact

“IT was painful to see the state chair of gold of late lion of the Punjab ... with a mere picture upon it, shawls without babes, musical instruments without a Hindu player, jezails and swords without sipahis and sowars; and above all hookahs without the fume of fantastic shapes.” These words, spoken by student Rakhal Das Halder in 1862, are quoted by scholar Bernard Cohn in his book Colonialism and its Forms...
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A never-ending love affair with saris

Back in the day, when Doordarshan was the sole news channel, women anchors dressed unfailingly in saris, read the news in their no-nonsense style and became unforgettable. Liberalisation brought an explosion in news outlets and somewhere along the line, the new look for anchors, at least for women on some channels, was deemed to be the bland...
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Taking a comprehensive view of quakes

The Nepal earthquake of April 25 is the largest in the Himalayan region since the 1934 quake which measured 8.2 on the Richter scale and destroyed not only parts of central Nepal but also the plains of northern Bihar in India. Mahatma Gandhi, shaken by the Bihar tragedy, wrote in the Harijan that the earthquake was “providential retribution to India’s failure...
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