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'India does not need to become anything else. India must become only India'

Prime Minister Narendra Modi believed that India need not emulate anyone and the Indians are capable enough to make their mark in the world. Speaking in his first world exclusive interview to CNN's Fareed Zakaria after taking over as prime minister, Modi talked about a host of subjects like India's relationship with China and US, on Indian Muslims and the recent Al Qaeda threat to target India and what Indians need to do to protect the dignity of women at a time...
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Dynasty's ruthless land-grab operation

A few passage from All These Years (Penguin Books, 1991), Raj Thapar’s candid insider account of court life in the age of Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi may be relevant in today’s irreverent age when an outsider Prime Minister is questioning the fundamentals of entitlement. “It was within ten days of Nehru’s death that Indira rang Romesh (Thapar) one morning, sounding desperate. Meher Chand Khanna, the then Housing Minister, had apparently sent his minions...
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Moving into South Asia

In 1991, when India launched its economic reforms, China's economy was about 50 per cent bigger than India's. By 2000, the Chinese economy had grown to two-and-a-half times India's size. Now it is five times as big. That is about the size relationship that India has today with the United Arab Emirates, or Colombia, when it comes to relative gross domestic product. 
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No low tide for the Modi wave

Every time the BJP comes to power in New Delhi, there is a battle for the heart and soul of the party all across India. It happened when AB Vajpayee was prime minister. And it is happening now that Narendra Modi heads the government. The best way to understand the recent by-election results is to view them from the perspective of the battle within the party. This battle follows a pattern that is now familiar to us. A BJP prime minister takes office. 
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Scaling up the Gujarat model

Prime Minister Narendrabhai Modi — the suffix “bhai” which is used in Gujarat where I am known as Jagdishbhai, is surely derived from the Turkish “bey” and is not merely customary usage but also serves to remind us of centuries of intermingling of Muslim and Hindu cultures and religions in Gujarat — has completed his first 100 days in office. How do we assess his record till date and what advice can we offer him as he settles into his role as the most remarkable Prime Minister we have had since the days of Jawaharlal Nehru?
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The fading left: Once-mighty red bastion crumbles in West Bengal

From being virtually invincible to being rendered an also ran, the year 2014 has been a tale of the withering away of the Communist-led Left Front (LF) in its once impregnable West Bengal bastion. Already facing serious questions about its existence after the Lok Sabha polls, where it won just two of the state's 42 seats, the LF-spearhead Communist Party of India-Marxist saw both its candidates...
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'Crony capitalism delayed projects'

You have blamed former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for the 2G and the coal scams? Suppose I am the CAG, i.e. I head an institution, and something goes wrong in that institution. Immediately there are demands that the head of the institution must resign. Last year there were two-three accidents involving naval ships and the poor Chief of the Navy had to resign. He didn’t do the wrong himself, but the top man of that organisation ultimately lands up taking responsibility and blame for anything that is going wrong.
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Lead Story
Rs 51,000 crore to stop sewage flow into Ganga: Centre - Dhananjay Mahapatra, Times of India
Four to 60: BJP's onerous Haryana target - Jaideep Sarin, IANS
BJP keeps options open on ties with Shiv Sena - Gargi Parsai, Hindu
Sena upped demand after bypolls weakened BJP - Krishna Kumar, Economic Times
Bring back exams, more weight on learning, teachers: Raje - P Vaidyanathan Iyer, Indian Express
Saradha scam: Cong MP grilled on two letters to Manmohan office - Madhuparna Das, Indian Express
Sena firm so BJP draws hard line, puts in place go-it-alone plan - Shubhangi Khapre & Liz Mathew, Indian Express
To summon Chidambaram or quiz him is CBI's question - Rajnish Singh, IANS
Fast-forward Modi govt leaves bureaucracy huffing & puffing - Vrishti Beniwal, Business Standard
Hard week for Jaya; DA case verdict on Sept 27 - Kumar Chellappan, Pioneer
Sonia-Pawar talks last hope to break deadlock - Deepak Kumar Jha, Pioneer
BJP charts plan to make further inroads in West Bengal politics - Gyan Varma & Anuja, Mint
‘Missing’ MLAs set alarm bells ringing in AAP - Aditi Vatsa, Indian Express
Congress faces heat in Aircel-Maxis deal probe - Shruti Srivastava, FE
Why Siddaramaiah needs to worry - Saritha Rai, Indian Express
Saradha net wider, tighter - Madhuparna Das, Indian Express
Behind Uddhav Thackeray hard bargain, son Aditya's 'Mission 150' - Shubhangi Khapre, Financial Express
Is Congress-NCP tie-up virtually over? - Times of India
CBI ‘hindsight’ led to its U-turn on Reliance in 2G case - Manoj Mitta, ToI
BJP prepares for life after Sena, but keeps door open - Ambarish Mishra & Mohua Chatterjee, Times of India
To woo Dalits, RSS rewrites history - DK Singh, HindustanTimes
Tie-up on brink as Sena sticks to guns, BJP to give fresh shot - Shubhangi Khapre & Liz Mathew, Indian Express
Making in India - Business Line
Govt proposes to dilute UPA’s Microfinance Bill - Remya Nair, Mint
No special route, govt tells China to bid for highways - Timsy Jaipuria, Financial Express
Service taxes set to get a big infrastructure bump - Gireesh Chandra Prasad, Indian Express
PM wants 2 lakh MW more from sun, wind with US help - Anupama Airy, Hindustan Times
India backs info swap on black money - Puja Mehra, Hindu
Call for system change, not climate change - Sudeshna Sen, Economic Times
Leave a carbon footprint - Ashok Malik, Economic Times
Modi govt. gets into act, to hand out more grain under food law - Himangshu Watts & Madhvi Sally, Economic Times
For first time in 7 years, fiscal deficit could fall under 4% - Surabhi, Indian Express
Paranoid about the deficit - Amitendu Palit, Indian Express
Gas and hot air - Anupama Sen, Indian Express
Narendra Modi govt to implement eco-friendly, growth friendly policies - Financial Express
Global silver linings - Subir Gokarn, Business Standard
A CEO for this City, Please? - Milind Deora, Economic Times
PM prepares to help World make in India - Vikas Dhoot, Economic Times
We need bankruptcy law to tackle defaulters - Tamal Bandyopadhyay, Mint
A brave new Alibaba world - Narayan Ramachandran, Mint
Centre, states to track project progress via joint mechanism - Priyadarshi Siddhanta, Indian Express
No need to follow Chinese model, I have growth roadmap: Narendra Modi - FE
India should get bigger role at IMF: Lagarde - Sidhartha, Times of India
The Neighbourhood/World
We are facing multi-dimensional problems , Omar Abdullah  - Economic Times

‘US wants to move on & boost ties’ , Lalit Mansingh, Former Foreign Secretary & Ex-ambassador to the US  - Asian Age

The legacy of Chief Justice , RM Lodha  - MailToday

Incomparable, irreplaceable , Mandolin Shrinivas  - Hindu

Crony capitalism delayed projects , Vinod Rai, former CAG  - Asian Age

In J&K floods, army only thought Indian citizens needed help , Lt General D S Hooda  - Times of India

Woman in a hurry , Vasundhara Raje, CM Rajasthan  - Business Standard

The man behind possibly the biggest IPO ever , Jack Ma, Alibaba founder  - Economic Times

The Tamil queen looks for more , J Jayalalithaa  - SundayStandard



My understanding is that they (al Qaeda) are doing injustice towards the Muslims of our country. If anyone thinks Indian Muslims will dance to their tune, they are delusional. Indian Muslims will live for India. They will die for India. They will not want anything bad for India.
Narendra Modi

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Modi's victory: One man who achieved the impossible -AS THE NATION awaits the prime minister-designate Narendra Modi to take over the reins of office at the Centre, it is instructive to understand the meaning of the 2014 verdict... more ››

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Soft News

For the next five billion users

Knowledge is a game changer. If you have read the 2011 best-seller The Google Guys, gracefully written by Richard Brandt, you’ll get a sense of what really motivates the company’s two founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin. In the words of Brandt, they have commercialised the Internet and started an Information Revolution the way Thomas Edison spurred the Industrial Revolution...
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The Nehru jacket, now Modi style

For a garment cut from 1.5 metres of cloth, the humble bandi (half-jacket) has managed to spin quite a long political yarn. Once known as Nehru jacket, the desi waistcoat has been now been appropriated by Narendra Modi, a man with barely concealed disdain for the Nehruvian legacy. Well, this isn't a political choice, it is sartorial. The BJP doesn't even call it a Jawahar jacket, they call it Modi jacket.
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Soft power, hard battles

As Indian athletes get ready to compete in Incheon today few remember how the modern Asian Games themselves were virtually invented by India, how central these Games were for the hopes, aspirations and ideals of Nehruvian India and the role they played in soft power diplomacy in the early years after independence. “You have certainly made India the capital of Asia,” wrote Anthony de Mello to Nehru...
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What India watches on TV

A new television rating system in the making will have more than 20,000 homes, against 9,650 currently, going to 50,000 in four years. It will use watermarking so that delayed viewing data or that across devices can be captured. It will also use an open source software so that the ramp up to 50,000 happens faster without the hassle of proprietary technology. The meters to measure viewership will be made...
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