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Empower states for better law-making

States have started taking the lead in legislative reform on areas under the Concurrent List, especially those affecting industry. Rajasthan was first off the block, amending a set of labour laws. The Factories Act, which regulates conditions of work in factories, will be applicable only for units that employ 20 workers or more (now 10) if it uses energy, or 40 workers (now 20) otherwise. The Industrial Disputes Act has been amended: currently, any industrial establishment employing 100 persons needs prior permission...
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The second chance

What stands out at the end of Narendra Modi’s whirlwind tour of New York and Washington is the prime minister’s demonstration of political will and diplomatic ingenuity to rekindle the romance with America that had gone cold in recent years. In less than a week, Modi has turned the gathering pessimism about India’s relations with the US into an optimistic storyline. The results from the visit might be a while coming, but Modi and President Barack Obama have restored direction and energy to bilateral relations.
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Forward and together in progress

As nations committed to democracy, liberty, diversity and enterprise, India and the United States are bound by common values and mutual interests. We have each shaped the positive trajectory of human history, and through our joint efforts, our natural and unique partnership can help shape international security and peace for years to come. Ties between the United States and India are rooted in the shared desire of our citizens for justice and equality. When Swami Vivekananda presented Hinduism as a world religion...
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Modi vs the old elite

Prime Minister Narendra Modi achieved an unprecedented America vijay at Madison Square Garden, trouncing the Mahishasuras of despondency and voices of doom. His biggest victory is over a section of the highly visible and opinionated English speaking class, who had been biased against him for the last decade. It’s not just a visa-denying US, but the home-grown, rich and self-appointed guardians of pseudo-secular values that have seen their arrogance shredded and dust-binned.
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Dragon now has to deal with a different entity

The direction in which the Xi-Modi talks went made it clear that India under the new Prime Minister is willing to be gracious and accommodating only to the extent that it does not harm the country’s interest. When China’s President Xi Jinping  advanced his visit to India to be present at Ahmedabad on Prime Minster Narendra Modi’s birthday, political observers lauded it as an additional move by Beijing to woo India for the plan China was drawing for an Asian alliance around itself.
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The BJP’s new avatar

The appointment of Amit Shah as Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) president, followed by the constitution of a new parliamentary board, firmly announced the takeover of the BJP by a new generation, replacing the previous one. The transformation of the saffron party from the hopeless situation it found itself in May 2009 to the triumph of May 2014 has been phenomenal. In fact, until 2012, by when the anti-corruption movement inspired by Anna Hazare had gained traction, the BJP’s chances were bleak...
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Yes, it is rocket science!

'What is red, is a planet and is the focus of my orbit?' read a playful tweet that officials of the Indian Space Research Organisation ( Isro) said via Twitter after India's Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) was successfully inserted into Martian orbit and captured by the Red Planet's gravity. That happened after the MOM probe — also known as Mangalyaan, Sanskrit for 'Mars craft' — executed a 24-minute main engine burn sequence 300 days after its Earth launch in November last year. 
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Magnificent, yet again , Mary Kom  - Mint

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Xi, Modi reached consensus on handling border issue , Le Yucheng, Chinese ambassador to India  - Times of India

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She wanted to study…a film role changed her life , Jayalalithaa  - Indian Express

Forthright and unassuming as ever , Naseeruddin Shah  - Business Standard

Success of mission will help us compete globally , K Radhakrishnan, Chairman, Isro  - Business Standard

Isro’s agent Mars , S Arunan, Project director  - Times of India

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An Englishman's description of “Hindoo” society, as he saw it in the early 1790s, when colonial system had not begun to extract and ravish the land and its indigenous frameworks, makes a fascinating reading of our collective self and capacities. In his “Sketches of the Hindoos” (1790, 1792), Q Craufurd, for example, noted that where the “destructive hand of the conqueror” had not fallen, the Hindoos, under their “native sovereigns” were “governed on principles of the most just and benevolent policy. In those countries (local principalities) the lands were highly cultivated; the towns and their manufacture flourish; the villages were composed of neat and commodious habitations, and filled with cheerful inhabitants; and wherever the eye turned, it beheld marks of the mild protection of the Government, and of ease and industry of the people.” Craufurd saw this especially in the southern parts, a region which had remained relatively insulated from invading hordes.
Anirban Ganguly

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Modi's victory: One man who achieved the impossible -AS THE NATION awaits the prime minister-designate Narendra Modi to take over the reins of office at the Centre, it is instructive to understand the meaning of the 2014 verdict... more ››

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Fools rush in

The human capacity for making bad decisions about technology seems to be limitless. In many ways, this parallels bad approaches to trading and investing: Lots of unfounded rumours, emotional decision-making, poor risk-reward analysis, an inability to perform simple math. The spasms of technology silliness surrounding the iPhone 6 are just the latest in a never-ending stream going back to the IBM 5100...
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The Amma Bountiful

After canteens, water, drug stores, cinemas, supermarkets, seeds and baby care, Brand Amma comes to cement. From roti, kapda to makaan, how troubled TN CM has been building her aura. A Gilt-edged  portrait of Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa looms like a benign ghost over the newest pharmacy in K K Nagar, an upscale neighbourhood in the city of Madurai. There are three other medical stores in the vicinity...
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Are the robots coming for our jobs?

The imminent arrival of drones delivering parcels, of cars run by Google, and the looming prospect of robots taking over shop floors have led many to worry about the future of jobs. But such concerns are not entirely new. In one of his most famous essays titled, Economic Possibilities for our Grandchildren, John Maynard Keynes, arguably the greatest economist of the 20th century, first envisioned a future when...
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To Mars and beyond

By the time you read these lines, India’s maiden inter-planetary mission will have coasted past its ultimate test.  This was one of the most complicated missions so far for our national space agency, the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). The business of space is costly, complex, competitive and of course, fraught with risks. Executing such missions needs professionalism, top-class scientific...
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