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The story of Marans: Sun King and his brother

In under three decades the Maran brothers have created one of the strongest media houses in the country. The man who led this journey is 50-year-old Kalanithi Maran, chairman and managing director of the Sun Group. His media conglomerate dominates the southern television market, with 33 channels in four languages that reach more than 95 million households. The Sun Group owns the largest chain of TV channels in India. The group’s other business interests include direct-to-home broadcasting, 45 FM radio...
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Understanding postcolonial Muslim politics

The term “Muslim politics” is used, discussed, analysed and even criticised in a number of ways. Popular demands such as the protection of Urdu or Muslim Personal Law, the programmes, policies and activities of Muslim organisations or pressure groups, sermons, speeches and statements of influential Muslim personalities and the Muslim voting pattern in elections are often studied as legitimate constituents of “Muslim politics” in postcolonial India.
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Friends for the future

When they catch up this weekend in Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan, Prime Ministers Narendra Modi and Shinzo Abe will celebrate the deep civilisational links between the two nations before they unveil the contours of a more purposeful strategic partnership in Tokyo on Monday. That Modi and Abe have developed a personal rapport over the...
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ISIS' clear and present danger

The time is over when United States President Barack Obama thought he could afford to make a joke about the ISIS. The jihadists claiming to have established the Islamic State are now the worst security threat ever for the Western world - but not only for it - surpassing by far whatever Al-Qaeda represented at its peak, on 9/11 and after. The militants of the ISIS, the so-called Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, are so hardline, and are demonstrating such a blind cruelty and ruthlessness, that they by far supplant what remains of Al-Qaeda...
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Fantasising about peace with Pakistan

Diplomatic engagement with a neighbour having territorial ambitions and an abiding desire to alter the balance of power has to be carefully planned and executed. Apart from realistically assessing the balance of military and economic power, one has also to carefully assess the neighbour’s internal political equations, and whether the political and army leadership have the inclination and the will to live at peace, without resorting to terrorism as an instrument of state policy.
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The barefoot government

Since 1947, Indians have not spoken out so strongly and clearly for a completely new brand of people running government. Mercifully, there are no ministers educated abroad. Thankfully, none of them has been brainwashed at Harvard, Stanford, Cambridge, the World Bank or the IMF, subtly forcing expensive Western solutions on typically Indian problems at the cost of the poor. Look what the high-powered, foreign-returned degree-wallahs have reduced this country to.
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SC coal blocks verdict will ruin power sector – and Manmohan’s reputation

The Supreme Court’s order in the coal blocks allocation case today (25 August) will have far-reaching implications for policy-making and economic growth. In fact, it is even more damaging to the economy than the cancellation of 2G licences in February 2012. The order says, inter alia, that all coal blocks allocated since 1993 – when the sector was opened up for captive mining by the power sector – are illegal because the process followed for allocation was...
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Obama’s another pause on syrian front - S Rajagopalan, Pioneer
Pakistan army steps in to revive govt’s talks with protesters - Times of India
Afghanistan holds the key to regional stability - Ranajoy Sen, Hindustan Times
Rawalpindi temple may be another casualty of Pakistan's army - Reema Abbasi, Mail Today
After these protests, secularism has lost its force - Mehr F Husain, Mail Today
Iraq, Syria and the Islamic State: A war that crosses national boundaries - Economist
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Narendra Modi expected to revive Saarc’s largest economy after decade of economic, political muddle - Ram Charan, Economic Times
Crisis looms large as Sharif weakens - Hiranmay Karlekar, Pioneer
India-Nepal: Treaty that reflects a meeting of hearts - Rajesh Singh, Pioneer
Nepal's political divisions are resurfacing, threatening to delay the constitution once more - Yubaraj Ghimire, Indian Express
How Europe is underwriting al-Qaeda - Rukmini Callimachi, New York Times
The new world order needs a new Islam - Sandhya Jain, Pioneer
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Stopping the worst people on Earth - Charles Krauthammer, Washington Post
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Idea of Pakistan is getting blurred - Medha Bisht, Pioneer
'Isis beyond anything we have seen' - Spencer Ackerman, Guardian
In step , Raghuram Rajan  - Mint

There is evidence of fairly strong recovery , Pronab Sen, chairman of the National Statistical Commission  - Business Standard

If India unleashes its full potential, it can grow faster than China , Hans-Paul Bürkner, Chairman BCG  - Economic Times

FCI should serve its mandate at a low cost , Ashok Gulati  - Financial Express

I want to rekindle British love affair with India , Nick Clegg, British Deputy Prime Minister  - Economic Times

Courts should be dealing with serious criminal offences, not with petty cases , Justice AP Shah, Chairman of the Law Commission  - Hindu

The yogi who became a global brand , B.K.S. Iyengar  - Hindu

BJP will win Bihar despite Lalu, Nitish and Congress alliance , Syed Shahnawaz Hussain  - SundayStandard

The Congress's torchbearer in Uttarakhand , Harish Rawat  - Business Standard



The story of Adhai Din Ka Jhonpra is not unique. Hindustan’s landscape is dotted with mosques built on sites where temples stood, often crafted with material from the destroyed places of worship. Quwwat-ul Islam, the first mosque built in Delhi, bears testimony to the invader’s smash-and-grab policy, as do the mosques Aurangzeb built in Kashi and Mathura, or the mosque Mir Baqi built at Ayodhya on the site Hindus believe to be, and revere as, Ram Janmabhumi. The pillars and inner walls of Babri Masjid, as the disputed structure was known till it came crashing down on December 6, 1992, were those of a temple that once stood there, a fact proven beyond doubt.
Kanchan Gupta

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Modi's victory: One man who achieved the impossible -AS THE NATION awaits the prime minister-designate Narendra Modi to take over the reins of office at the Centre, it is instructive to understand the meaning of the 2014 verdict... more ››
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The next-generation greenhouse

The challenge of ensuring adequate, nutrient-rich food for an expanding global population is a daunting one, especially given constraints on key resources such as water and agricultural land. As it stands, the two leading approaches to enriching and enlarging the world’s food supply are genetic engineering and industrial processing with additives and chemicals. Now, a third solution is emerging...
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Saying hello in Japan is easier now

Has Japan changed? If yes, has it changed by choice or by compulsion? Is the gaijin (foreigner in Japanese) finally an acceptable part of the Japanese landscape? These questions came to my mind when I visited the country for a three-week break, after a gap of 18 years. Japan today is embedded in tradition, yet embellished with technological excellence.
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A revolution shaped by denim?

One of the relatively silent revolutions that has played out on Indian streets is the growing popularity of jeans as a form of attire. Across class, town category and gender, jeans have secured a place for themselves in the everyday life of its wearers, an act of cultural adoption that is surprising given its relative recent introduction and its distance from existing and adopted cultural norms.
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Kill for the IAS

Shashibhushan Chaubey is the master of all he surveys. He bestrides the pavement, arms akimbo, shirt stretched across paunch, teeth stained with paan and gold chain peeping out from under a denim collar. The hopefuls bow, fawn and ask for his advice. “Vajiram guide,” he decrees, as if revealing a secret panacea. The repeaters dive straight for the piles of yellow...
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