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Getting India back on track

The 2014 national elections will be a critical waypoint along the road to restoring India’s economic growth. One survey after another has suggested a deep yearning for change. The electorate—in both the cities and villages—seems seized by the need to return the country to high growth. The transformations that began with the economic reforms unleashed in the 1990s have given Indians a taste of what structural change can bring to their lives. The explosion of resentment against corruption only testifies to the popular desire...
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Opinion poll gives NDA a clear majority

For the first time in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, a poll on Monday predicted a clear majority for any pre-poll alliance with NDTV projecting that NDA would get 275 seats in the 543-member House. This is 16 seats more than the poll had predicted last month. BJP on its own would win 226 seats — the highest tally ever for the party and the best by any party since 1991, the poll done by Hansa Research estimated. UPA would win just 111 seats, with Congress sinking to its lowest-ever tally of 92 seats, it said.
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Think local, Mr Modi

Narendra Modi will have empty coffers greeting him. If pollsters' predictions come true and the opposition politician becomes India's prime minister next month, he will have to contend with a grim fiscal situation. Total public expenditure is growing at a pace of 15 per cent annually, faster than the expansion in the nominal economy. Meanwhile, tax collections have increased only 10 per cent in the first 11 months of the fiscal year that ended in March. Mr Modi might be tempted to hit the brakes on spending.
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BJP 1.0 to BJP 2.0: The party is at an inflection point

Taking a longer view, it is exciting as a political watcher to see the BJP go through a moment of transformative change. The 2014 election could just be an inflection point for the party. The expression "could just" is used instead of the simpler "is" because the change invested in needs to be validated by electoral success. This will then establish that the change has been worth it and persuade or nullify residual internal doubters. Such inflection points are not unknown in political history.
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Tectonic shifts after May 16

One of the deadliest truisms in our business of reading election trends is, never trust journalists with their predictions. But when all journalists agree on the outcome of an election, take it easy. You know for sure that exactly the opposite will happen. We would only hope this doesn’t extend to psephologists as well. Because if it did, you might end up looking very stupid by 11 am on May 16. I shall, therefore, be a coward and confine myself to drawing upon the opinion poll data to predict (yes, predict) lasting shifts in Indian politics.
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Here's what I would have said at Brandeis

One year ago, the city and suburbs of Boston were still in mourning. Families who only weeks earlier had children and siblings to hug were left with only photographs and memories. Still others were hovering over bedsides, watching as young men, women, and children endured painful surgeries and permanent disfiguration. All because two brothers, radicalized by jihadist websites, decided to place homemade bombs in backpacks near the finish line of one of the most prominent events in American sports, the Boston Marathon.
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BJP adds one lakh members everyday, gathers a storm of volunteers

It could be the biggest crore of them all in Elections 2014, the turbo boost that powers the Bharatiya Janata Party home in the last lap. The BJP has enlisted no less than 10 million new members in the last four months alone; that's almost a lakh every day. The most significant part of the BJP's explosively growing ranks is that a fifth of the new members are active volunteers; almost twice the strength of the Indian Army.
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2014 Election LensOnNews Pitch Report Phase 3


During the 2004 election campaign, Rahul Gandhi told journalists, “My girlfriend’s name is Veronique, not Juanita… she is Spanish and not Venezuelan or Colombian. She is an architect, not a waitress, though I wouldn’t have had a problem with that. She is also my best friend.” Amazingly, not much has been heard of Veronique since then, though for a while she was spotted in India occasionally. Given the Congress vice president’s long relationship with an unmarried South American girl, questions are surely in order. Since 2012, Rahul Gandhi has been seen in the company of Noella, an Afghan princess and jewellery designer, whose mother is also an Italian. She is also the granddaughter of former Afghanistan king, late Mohammad Zahir Shah. BJP leader Subramanian Swamy has publicly stated that he had seen the couple together in France over a year ago. The bottom line is that Narendra Modi is a celibate with a celibate wife and a mutual understanding to live separate lives. Rahul Gandhi is a bachelor who goes on holiday in India and aboard with women he does not marry. As the preeminent leader of the Congress and its de facto prime ministerial candidate, he needs to come clean about his relationships.
Sandhya Jain

Lens Blogs

Katju is an affront to Press Council norms; must go -What would you call it when the chairman of the media’s watchdog panel, the Press Council of India, brazenly violates the ‘Norms of Journalistic Conduct’ enunciated by the very same body? more ››
Tamil Nadu wants Narendra Modi as PM: Poll -A CLEAR MAJORITY (53 per cent) of Tamil Nadu voters feel Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi is best fitted to be Prime Minister of India... more ››

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UP and Bihar bellwether states , Times of India
Did Nitish trip on poll math? - Raj Kumar, Times of India
Pawar's power fades as close aides quit NCP - Prafulla Marpakwar, Times of India
Modi glue binds splintered Maharashtra - Shubhangi Khapre, Indian Express
How NDA’s Dalit coup can hurt UPA in Maharashtra - Shubhangi Khapre, IE
LensOnNews, Opinion

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‘Flash Boys’: Michael Lewis does it again

Fascinating. That’s how I’d describe everything about “Flash Boys,” Michael Lewis’s latest book about Wall Street and the rise of high-speed computerized stock trading. Ever since the publication of “Liar’s Poker” in 1989, his hilarious take-down of bond traders at the old Salomon Brothers, Lewis has been the best business and financial journalist of his generation...
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Check the fine print

If you hurry, you may get one. An Australian company is selling the world’s first affordable chocolate printer. The limited edition printer lets you create chocolate in any shape you want in under 10 minutes. Think your dog looks cute? Print candy exactly like poochie (Australian $99, or around Rs.5,500; ). Researchers at Harvard University in the US have been able to print...
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One country, two time zones

Far too many people in India operate in a time zone that does not allow them an appropriate diurnal cycle. The next Government must bypass disingenuous arguments of national unity from single time zone proponents, and consider the issue of human productivity. A few years ago, this columnist found himself on a ferry to Havelock Island. This picturesque and idyllic place in the Andaman and Nicobar...
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Different strokes: Bush paints Singh's portrait

"The people of India deeply love you," Prime Minister Manmohan Singh declared grandly (and questionably) to then President George Bush during a White House meeting in 2008. The US President, with his matchless eloquence, was fond of describing Singh as a "good man." Singh will join Bush in retirement shortly, but the Indian Prime Minister evidently left enough...
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