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Lost between caste and politics

It is impossible to get any work done in Uttar Pradesh unless one is from a particular community or able to grease the right quarters in the political corridors. No wonder, the State remains in shambles, despite its potential in terms of skilled labour and progressive farmers. Uttar Pradesh remains a laggard in Team India as it is bogged down by family, caste and communal politics. Despite high potential, in terms of skilled labour, forward-looking farmers, and entrepreneurs...
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India's great diplomacy coup in the UAE

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s August 16-17 visit to the UAE was surprisingly productive. Even accounting for developments in West Asia that threaten the stability of the GCC countries and oblige them to look differently at the issue of religious extremism, the convergence between India and the UAE on the subject of terrorism is politically remarkable. India, long a victim of jihadi terrorism promoted by Pakistan, has not obtained any support on this issue from the GCC countries all these years.
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Time for a Kerala model 2.0

Not many know that Kerala, better known for its militant labour, ayurveda and backwater tourism, is also home to world-class hi-tech industries employing highly skilled workers in thousands. Two of these stand out — Terumo-Penpol in Thiruvananthapuram, among the largest manufacturers of blood bags globally and Dentcare Dental Lab, Asia’s biggest manufacturer of precision dental prosthetics located in non-descript Muvathupuza about 40 km from Ernakulam. Both these world-beating companies...
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By stealing enemy’s strategy, Nitish admits Modi connects better with Bihar

A crushing defeat can shake generals, make them question their strategy, wear away their confidence, and even kill their ambition. As the crushed general, Nitish Kumar probably went through all this in the agonizing days and months following the May 2014 defeat. One thing he probably realized that his voters were not quite what he presumed them to be. He probably also realized that he was not quite what he presumed himself to be. Before the general elections, Nitish seemed too sure of his electoral arithmetic...
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Out with the Dirty

The Nobel Prize has a singular sheen of its own. It glows like a luminous halo, laminating a personality or an organisation with its glory. As you read this, India’s coquettish climate commando, R K Pachauri, will be enjoying the balmy climes of Japan and China to yaw yaw on environmental threats, quaffing champagne and attending high-profile banquets. And the girl he allegedly sexually harassed for a year until he was exposed in February, who felt repulsed by the 74-year-old climatologist’s...
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Consumer Protection Bill, 2015: Countering unfair contracts

Towards the close of the monsoon session of Parliament, the government introduced the Consumer Protection Bill, 2015, in the Lok Sabha. The Bill is aimed to replace the pre-liberalisation era Consumer Protection Act, 1986. In these 30 years, there has been an expansion of the list of goods and services available to the consumer, the coming of e-commerce, vigorous sales promotion and aggressive advertising.
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Promote competitive federalism

The monsoon session of the Indian Parliament was washed out with no forward movement on any significant piece of legislation. This is another low point for Parliament, which was commented upon as "an arena of combat" by the President in his address to the nation on 14 August. It is time to ponder the way forward, even as we wait for less self-serving political parties to emerge. The so-called Indian National Congress (INC) does not meet the requirements of a national Opposition since it appears...
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India is run by politicians, tycoons and bureaucrats, but there is a Superclub that discreetly dominates the national agenda. They are Nobel Prize winners like Amartya Sen, who quit Nalanda University after allegations of irregularities and nepotism, and ‘human rights’ activists like Teesta Setalvad and convicted Naxal sympathisers such as Binayak Sen. They bask in the luxury of dollars and euros, receive prestigious awards and grants, and have more air miles with junkets than the square meals an average Indian gets. Mesmerised by their intelligentsia cachet, it is the only cosy club the political class woos with corporate-funded think tank and government committee positions. Together they form the Establishment, which the ordinary Indian cannot beat.
Ravi Shankar

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Modi's victory: One man who achieved the impossible -AS THE NATION awaits the prime minister-designate Narendra Modi to take over the reins of office at the Centre, it is instructive to understand the meaning of the 2014 verdict... more ››

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Liquid smoke: Makes food more palatable

At Rajdhani’s thali restaurant in Mumbai they do a neat trick. The waiter brings a tray with a glowing hot lump of coal on which he pours ghee. It splutters and smokes and he quickly turns a metal tumbler over it to capture the fumes. Moments later he turns it around and before the smoke coiling inside can escape he pours in cool buttermilk.
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Dreaming up a 5G world

India might still be contemplating the advent of 4G, but in many parts of the world the chatter has moved up a notch to 5G. One thing that was clear from a session on 5G technologies at the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco was that 5G would mean much more than faster internet. And in that sense it will be game-changing. Or should we say life-changing?
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The 'drinkable' book

A book with pages that can be used to filter murky drinking water has seen success in its first field trials. The so-called "drinkable book" features treated paper which can be torn out and used to kill bacteria in water, as well as printed information on the importance of filtering drinking water. The pages contain nano-particles of silver or copper which wipe out dangerous...
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Harappan culture and the truant horse

Is this then the end of our story? Not quite. The Mature Harappan culture (after about 2,500 BC) saw extensive brick construction, cultivation and use of rice and cotton, use of silver and of fixed brick altars, none of which is known to the Rig Veda - though the latter does mention other construction materials (stone, metal, wood), other cereals...
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