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Why and how Westerners go to fight in Syria and Iraq

The two young men in the bus from Antakya, in south-eastern Turkey, to Reyhanli, nearer the border with Syria, sported long beards, calf-length trousers and toted small drawstring bags with their minimal belongings. They spoke in broken Arabic to the bus driver (local Turks usually have a smattering of the language) but to each other in a regional British accent. They were just two out of hundreds of Muslims from Europe, setting off to Syria to join the battle. That was two years ago.
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The United States of India

No prime minister has made cooperative federalism as central to his governance agenda as Narendra Modi. Some indications of this approach were evident in the 2014 BJP manifesto. But at that stage, it seemed mere electoral rhetoric. Given its philosophical moorings, the BJP had always been uncomfortable with federalist ideas. Born and nurtured in the idea of 'cultural nationalism', plurality and diversity were seen as threats to be subdued by an ultra-nationalist ideology processed at Nagpur.
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Looking beyond a tattered truce

Incidents instigated by the Pakistan military along the frontlines in Jammu and Kashmir are as predictable as the seasons. It is never too difficult to ascertain when they will begin and end. This year too, they are panning out in a similar manner. Over the years, the public has always believed these to be outside its domain of interest and something for only the Army to handle. But some things are changing this. First, because of social media, there is more information in the air, though insufficient for informed opinion.
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Narendra Modi has filled that huge vacuum created by UPA, of leadership

Democracy has many loose ends. Among them is the understandable itch of media to predict the fate of a marathon after the first hundred steps. But even the sharpest critics of Prime Minister Narendra Modi will admit, possibly through gnashed teeth, that he has got off to a very brisk start. The Prime Minister has established the parameters for governance during his term. He has reset the economic and moral compass of the nation. He has begun to unblock the arteries of the economy, clogged...
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Indian-ness that has gone missing in foreign shores

It is lunch time at the home of the Consul General of India in New York, Dnyaneshwar M Mulay. A young Hindu American arrives. Her name is Suchitra Vijayan and she teaches part-time in Columbia University, one of the most prestigious in the US, and plans to start there a course on South Asian Human Rights. She says that she is first going to travel to India to interview Kashmiri Muslims and Christian Nagas — obviously an anti-Indian agenda — while her Indian consular mentor smiles proudly.
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The story of Marans: Sun King and his brother

In under three decades the Maran brothers have created one of the strongest media houses in the country. The man who led this journey is 50-year-old Kalanithi Maran, chairman and managing director of the Sun Group. His media conglomerate dominates the southern television market, with 33 channels in four languages that reach more than 95 million households. The Sun Group owns the largest chain of TV channels in India. The group’s other business interests include direct-to-home broadcasting, 45 FM radio...
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Friends for the future

When they catch up this weekend in Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan, Prime Ministers Narendra Modi and Shinzo Abe will celebrate the deep civilisational links between the two nations before they unveil the contours of a more purposeful strategic partnership in Tokyo on Monday. That Modi and Abe have developed a personal rapport over the years is well known. Although he could not make Japan his first foreign destination as PM, Modi has kept the essence of his promise...
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Under the aegis of the highly-educated officials who ran the Planning Commission was created the worst social and physical infrastructure in the developing world. While they planned badly for the average Indian, they planned very well for themselves. Their children went to the best foreign universities while Indian students struggled to get into college even after getting 95 per cent marks. They went to the best foreign hospitals when they got sick, while the average Indian was forced to rely on private doctors because public healthcare was so abysmal. These are things that should have been analysed by us political pundits, but instead we have mostly heard the voices of those who mourn the end of Nehruvian socialism. Why? Could it be because the media continues to treat Narendra Modi as a pariah in Lutyens Delhi — an usurper who does not deserve to spend even 100 days in this exalted space?
Tavleen Singh

Lens Blogs

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Burning man blues

There are two disciplines in which Silicon Valley entrepreneurs excel above almost everyone else. The first is making exorbitant amounts of money. The second is pretending they don’t care about that money. To understand this, let’s enter into evidence Exhibit A: the annual Burning Man festival in Black Rock City, Nevada. If you have never been to Burning Man, your perception is likely this...
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The next-generation greenhouse

The challenge of ensuring adequate, nutrient-rich food for an expanding global population is a daunting one, especially given constraints on key resources such as water and agricultural land. As it stands, the two leading approaches to enriching and enlarging the world’s food supply are genetic engineering and industrial processing with additives and chemicals. Now, a third solution is emerging...
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Saying hello in Japan is easier now

Has Japan changed? If yes, has it changed by choice or by compulsion? Is the gaijin (foreigner in Japanese) finally an acceptable part of the Japanese landscape? These questions came to my mind when I visited the country for a three-week break, after a gap of 18 years. Japan today is embedded in tradition, yet embellished with technological excellence.
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A revolution shaped by denim?

One of the relatively silent revolutions that has played out on Indian streets is the growing popularity of jeans as a form of attire. Across class, town category and gender, jeans have secured a place for themselves in the everyday life of its wearers, an act of cultural adoption that is surprising given its relative recent introduction and its distance from existing and adopted cultural norms.
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