Mehmood Pracha, Senior advocate - Arvind Kejriwal himself has challenged the validity of Sec 499 of the IPC by making a petition before the Supreme Court through an affidavit. Using the same law against the media amounts to gross misuse of the law and it goes against his belief. He himself raised voice against this law. It’s the duty of the Press to inform the public about the truth in the society and political sphere. The Press has been functioning in public interest and simultaneously it’s also well aware about the Defamation Law.
Ashali Varma - Why does any mainstream newspaper or TV channel ever ask:  “Your party was in charge for the last ten years when farmers were committing suicide. Your party and the very states this is happening in were in cohorts, so why are you coming to the scene ten years too late. You talk about the Suit-Boot-Sarkar but the largest scams in our history were under your party. Yours was the suitcase of money Sarkar.”
Manish Sabharwal - India doesn’t face a suicide crisis. We have 17 per cent of the world’s population and 17 per cent of its suicides. Our suicide rate per one lakh people fell by 10 per cent over the last decade. While every preventable death is a horrible tragedy, the highest estimate of farmers’ suicides is 25,000 of the 2.5 lakh suicides last year. I wish this number for farmers was zero. But I remind myself that the farmer suicide number is half the number of women who died during childbirth in India last year.
Virendra Kapoor - In Rahul Gandhi's own first term as an MP, the UPA government devised a stratagem to transfer tens of thousands of hectares of fertile agricultural land to crony capitalists who had kept the Congress' coffers ringing with tonnes of black money and kept its leaders in thrall. The so-called special economic zones scheme was a fraud on the country. Industrial houses and real estate developers managed to grab vast tracts of farmland at throwaway prices in the name of SEZs.
Kanchan Gupta - The days of the Delhi Durbar are over. Sonia Gandhi’s court now resembles that of Bahadur Shah Zafar. Yes, loyal Ghazis will rally to the Dynasty’s support, but the battle has been lost even before it has begun. The sooner Congress realises this the better it shall be for the only other national party of the world’s largest democracy. Rahul Gandhi is irrelevant in the stupendous task of putting the Congress back together again.
M J Akbar - The conventional view was that Bose had marginalised himself out of national space by leaving Gandhi, Congress and then the country by 1941. Two events in 1946 proved that this view was utterly wrong. The revolt in the Indian Navy in February was evidence that Bose’s influence in the armed forces was beyond the control of the British. And the trial of Bose INA veterans at the Red Fort for treason led to such mass rage that British rule was no longer tenable. India’s young had spoken. And they had spoken in the voice of Bose.
Swapan Dasgupta - While the BJP’s political opponents may delight over any discomfiture felt by the government, particularly anything that shifts attention from the main agenda of economic reconstruction, the use of the tiny Christian community as a vanguard of any anti-Modi movement has been greeted with a measure of exasperation. Was Mr Rebeiro, it is being asked, ever rewarded or discriminated on the strength of his religious faith? On what basis has Adm. Kumar suggested that the “communal virus” could also affect the well-being of the armed forces? Did he ever face discrimination because he was a Christian?
Nalin Mehta - The rise of fall of political fortunes is normal for any political party and Congress has faced many troughs before. But its current crisis is of a different order, it is an existential one. Political parties remain relevant only as long as they can provide a credible avenue to power and tap into a wide enough social constituency, else they fade into oblivion.
Priya James, AAP volunteer - Today, the young volunteers who campaigned, debated, danced and convinced voters, friends and family are standing naked in front of the ridiculing crowd and media. Words cannot describe their anguish and sadness. It looks like the volunteers who worked for AAP selflessly are still hanging on to the spirit of Jan Lokpal, while the AAP leaders have moved on to the political games of traditional Indian politics. Ashutosh's blog on "It's a Crisis of Adolescence" even acknowledges this fact openly.
Balbir Punj - A natural question is why did the Congress overreact to a non-event. Since there are no skeletons tumbling out of the Modi government in office for over nine months now, the party is obviously short of issues on which it can corner the ruling regime. The blind opposition to the land Bill also falls in this category. Mere opposition for opposition’s sake is surely not going to help the Congress to resurrect itself.
Ashok Malik - Coal blocks were allotted to Congress cronies following phone calls from senior party functionaries to the coal ministry and even officials in the Prime Minister’s Office. For a while, Dr Singh also held the coal portfolio. While nobody could accuse him of personal wrongdoing, the fact is that Dr Singh looked the other way as senior Congress politicians — including those with strong 10, Janpath links — phoned his office and officials who were his nominal subordinates, and gave illegitimate instructions.
NitiCentral - In this era of globalisation wherein every country is a part of the extended global village it is futile even to discuss an outdated ideology like the communists. The poorest of the poor in a country like India can only be uplifted by providing them with jobs and growth. While it is also important to make sure that the growth is inclusive, in what way do such acts of vendetta politics as seen from Mr. Yechury help the common man in Bengal, Tripura or in any part of the country?
Balbir Punj - Both the Congress and the public have the right to know where Mr Gandhi is, since he is is already anointed as the heir apparent of the party. What does the mystery of his sudden withdrawal and disappearance from public mean? Congressmen are merrily contradicting themselves — party spokesman Rajeev Gowda claims that the party’s rank and file “is happy about the cohesive manner in which the two top leaders are functioning.” But Mr Nath and others are openly saying otherwise. If the truth is neither here nor there, it only exhibits confusion within.  Not only is this confusion weakening the party at a time of loss of face, it is also making the public wonder whether it marks the beginning of the end of any relevance for this 125-year old party in changing India.
Editorial, NewIndianExpress - The Congress doubtlessly pursued a policy of shunning Israel because of its virtual obsession with the Muslim vote bank. In an atmosphere of brazen appeasement of the minority that Congress governments followed, there was no room for a truck with Israel except through hush-hush meetings and unpublicised deals. Any open give-and-take held the prospect of annoying the Arab nations.
Balbir Punj - A media campaign has been launched, both against the judiciary and Gujarat Police, apart from the BJP and prime minister Narendra Modi. As a part of a well-crafted strategy, the “secular” pack does not talk about the specific allegations against the accused couple which the Gujarat High Court had termed “grave” and had said the money in question appears to have been prima facie misused for personal pleasure and comfort. A simple matter involving allegation of fraud by two individuals is conveniently turned into a case affecting human rights and civil liberties. Obviously, in the “secular” parlance, cheating and embezzlement are part of human rights and civil liberties, when the accused persons happen to belong to their pack.
R Jagannathan - Vinod Rai must be wondering why he was so apologetic in estimating a loss of only Rs 1,86,000 crore from handing over these mines free to public and private sector parties. In fact, then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, who was coal minister when most of these blocks were allocated, will have egg all over his face. He told parliament in August 2012 that CAG's estimates were wonky. Singh said Rai's way of computing losses to the exchequer (or "undue gains” to the allottees) was wrong, as he assumed then loss to be the "difference between the average sale price and the production cost of Coal India Ltd (CIL) of the estimated extractable reserves of the allocated coal blocks”. Without disputing the technical nature of the PM's rebuttal, the ongoing coal mine auctions prove beyond a doubt that not only was Singh wrong on all counts in spirit, but Vinod Rai may have been extra-conservative in his assessment of the value of coal blocks allotted for free by Manmohan Singh and previous governments. This proves two things: the coal scam was for real, and not a figment of Vinod Rai's imagination; and two, the assumption that auctions will scare away private bidders have been proved conclusively wrong. In fact, Rai has been proved right even on the 2G scam.
Gujarat HC on Teesta Setalvad - How can one seek materialistic pleasure and happiness at the expense of the poor and needy persons. How can one even use five paise which is meant for the poor and the needy. The facts of this case reflect the sorry state of affairs of the NGOs…The donations are made with lot of trust and hope that ultimately the money would reach the poor and the needy. However, here is a case where, in the name of the poor, needy and unfortunate riot-affected victims, lakhs of rupees was received and embezzled.
Anirban Ganguly - Like the Comrades did, much through the eighties and nineties of the last century, creating and propping up a powerful crony-capitalist-builders-politician lobby as a buffer between them and the dumb proletariat that they professed to represent, the Trinamool Congress, under Mamata Banerjee, has also supported and grafted a powerful crony-capitalist-chit-fund-builders lobby as a fence between itself and the million voiceless representatives of ma-mati-manush that they professed to give voice and rights to. As the sham of that promise gradually unfurls under the pressure of central investigative agencies, allowed, perhaps for the first time, to do their duty unhampered, the Trinamool Congress itself is facing its worst crisis and unraveling, a crisis which may very well end with the dissolution of the Party itself.
Times of India - Jayanthi’s tale of anguish — a loyal Congress worker belonging to a distinguished Congress family being made a scapegoat by the party high command — reads like a TV soap opera. But it also exemplifies the diarchic style of functioning of the party. The artificial distinction between party and government that the previous UPA dispensation maintained is precisely what led to its downfall. It created a system where the prime minister and his Cabinet were subservient to the party high command while the Gandhis were bereft of any accountability.
Barack Obama - Michelle is not afraid to speak her mind or tell me when I'm wrong. In the US we’re still working to make sure women and girls have all the opportunities they deserve, and that they’re treated equally. Here in India, it’s the wives and mothers who so often hold families and communities together. Indian women have shown that they can succeed in every field. Young women today are part of new generation making your voice heard, standing up, determined to play your part in India’s progress. We know from experience that nations are more successful when their women are successful. When women are able to work, families are healthier, communities are wealthier & entire countries are more prosperous. Every girl’s life matters. Every daughter deserves the same chance as our sons. Every woman should be able to go about her day...& be safe & be treated with the respect & dignity that she deserves.
GVL Narsimha Rao, BJP spokesperson - AAP is now trying to make politically motivated allegations. Arvind Kejriwal needs to answer why he lobbied so hard with Digvijaya Singh to get a place in Sonia Gandhi's national advisory Council.
Deepak Sinha - Cost and time over-runs have reportedly led to losses of approximately Rs29,000 crore; some 10 projects have been delayed for over five years. The Armed Forces continue to be woefully short of modern weapon systems, ammunition and a vast range of critical equipment. The DRDO’s failures have also impeded the planned and coordinated induction of weapons and equipment, forcing the Government into ad hoc procurement or accepting critical voids that adversely impact defence preparedness. Moreover, it has meant that we still continue to import over 40 per cent of our defence requirements.
Swapan Dasgupta - The Opposition’s “intelligence failure” meant that the AAP campaign centred on exposing the BJP’s lack of a credible Delhi face came to an abrupt and inglorious end. For the next few days at least, AAP posters positing the ‘charismatic’ Muffler Man against a ‘dreary’ Jagdish Mukhi or an allegedly ‘tainted’ Satish Upadhyay will appear singularly inappropriate. Kiran Bedi may not be every local politician’s cup of tea but there is little doubt that she has credibility and a reputation for upright fearlessness that extends beyond partisan lines. In a quasi-presidential race, which is what the Delhi election is turning out to be, Arvind Kejriwal may discover that the advantage he hitherto enjoyed (going by the opinion polls) as the most-preferred CM choice of Delhi voters may have been nullified.
Rajesh Singh - As an aside, the Paris incident has plunged our secularists into a state of some confusion. Appearing on television, religious leaders of both the Christian and the Muslim communities, after having completed the formality of ‘strongly condemning’the attack and ‘upholding the freedom of expression’, advised people to take care about not offending religious sensibilities, especially in a multi-cultural country such as India. One wonders why these clerics had lost their voice when the controversy over MF Husain’s painting of a Hindu goddess in the nude had broken out.
Rakesh Sinha - The BJP government in Madhya Pradesh drew ire for introducing yoga in schools, with Macaulians and Marxists blaming Shivraj Singh Chouhan for ‘communalising school education’. ‘Saffronisation’ and communalisation are synonyms for this bunch. To their agony, the United Nations accepted PM Narendra Modi’s proposal for popularising yoga and declared a Yoga Day, sending these hypocrites scurrying for cover. Surprisingly, they didn’t send even a protest letter to UN General Secretary decrying saffronisation or Hinduisation of the world community.
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Congress president Rahul Gandhi was crying more than Alok Verma in CBI matter as he was worried about the Congress leaders who were involved in defence scams like AgustaWestland.
GVL Narasimha Rao, BJP spokesperson

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