Vivek V Gumaste - Was Moody's Analytics the same as Moody's? Research indicated that it was not. Moody's Analytics is a subsidiary of Moody's Corporation separate from Moody's Investors Service, the global rating agency. So what was being passed off as a reprimand from Moody's was fallacious; a subtle play on words intended to convey a misleading impression. One thing became clear: this was not an official report from Moody's Investor Services, the global rating agency, period. Further attempts to locate the primary source revealed that the report in question was not a report at all but a commentary by an associate economist at Moody's Analytics named Faraz Syed working out of Sydney. The supposedly earth-shattering report pasted all over the place by Indian newspapers was not even visible on the main Moody's Analytics web site. It was found on an auxiliary microsite called "Dismal Scientist" under the commentary section.
M Venkaiah Naidu - The government is not at fault for any of these things. Law and order is a state subject. How can anybody be unfair and criticise the government of India for something happening in UP, something happening in Karnataka.... How can they try to link the Prime Minister with all the things, I am unable to understand? There is a misinformation campaign going on. I will only say that some are misled and some are trying to mislead because of the propaganda. In this country of 120 crore, such incidents happened earlier also, they have happened in the recent past and they are condemnable. The party has condemned them. The Government has condemned it and the Prime Minister himself has come out very strongly.
Surjit S Bhalla - The English-language media is the vehicle through which double standards in India are propagated. The simple reality is that the English press is out to get Modi (and the BJP) at every opportunity. If one read only the English newspapers, and watched only English news channels, one would have missed out on the fact of Angela Merkel, the second most powerful leader in the world, visited India. It was Dadri, and more Dadri.
JS Rajput - The Bisara village tragedy has made it clearly evident how injurious it would be to ignore the antics of the Leftist lobby. Prominent secular columnists, intellectuals and worthies are informing the nation that in India, there is no love for the cow; it is only a ploy to express hatred against Muslims. Simple: Indians (read majority, the Hindus) are hate-mongers and are using the cow to denigrate and persecute the minorities (read Muslims). The cow is only a tool, forget all about astha, love and worship! These things have no meaning for intellectual and political heirs of Marx, Lenin and Mao. They believe in long-term strategies that serve their ideological pursuits.
Mail Today Editorial - India is emerging as a global power, and it’s about time we acted like it. A global power means a country that can run its affairs smoothly when the PM is abroad. Unfortunately, our politicians are so concerned with maligning the PM’s trip that they are forgetting to work on issues that matter at home. Such a childish attitude will not hurt our PM - but could, one day, boomerang on India.
Narendra Modi at SAP Centre - Today, after 16 months, I want a certificate from you saying if I’ve fulfilled my duties or not. Do I have any allegations of corruption against me? Bete ne 250 crore banaaya, beti ne 500 crore banaaya, damaad ne hazaar crore banaaya, ye sun kar ke kaan pak gye ki nhi?
Surya Kumar Bose - There's ample proof of surveillance in files already opened up. Jawaharlal Nehru, his government and successive Congress governments didn't believe Netaji died in the crash and kept a close watch on my father Amiya Nath and uncle Sisir to find out if there was any communication between them. Opening them up would have exposed the misdeeds of the Congress governments.
Rajeev Chandrasekhar - Call drops are also a route for telcos to bill the same call multiple times, especially since it is estimated that 40% of the telecom base is not on per-second billing. Which means that almost 400 million consumers end up paying multiple times for the same part-completed call. Imagine, if you are a consumer who is not on 1-second billing and you make a call which is interrupted 3-4 times, you may end up paying for between 30-40 seconds per call more every time. While this may seem insignificant for a call, multiplying this 400 million times and then multiplying it 365 days a year and with four calls per day means a lot of money flowing in one direction—from consumers to telcos.
Ravi Shankar - Renaming Aurangzeb Road is the best thing that has happened to Indian history in a long time. India, in its newborn flush in 1947, decided to abandon morality and score moral upmanship over Pakistan, since there is no Jawaharlal Nehru Road or Mahatma Gandhi Marg in that blighted country. So, what the hell, let the Congress show that a majority Hindu nation can set aside its differences with history and celebrate the memory of tyrants and rapists. Hence roads were named after despoilers, mass murderers and violators of India—Aurangzeb, Shah Jehan, Akbar, Babur and others. 
Ashali Varma - Taslima said something that was truly horrifying and I really think the Bengalis who missed the program on CNN/IBN should know about it. She said that Mamata is close to Islamic fanatics and that is the reason that Taslima is not welcomed in the state. She has five fatwas against her by these fanatics in West Bengal and three against her in Bangladesh. Talk about vote bank politics – it seems Mamata will sell her state for votes. We do know that she is totally insecure about her position as the chief minister so much so that if there is a rape of a woman she will deny it and try and hide it as a conspiracy; or if there is a bomb blast she will try and say it was a local problem when it is actually terrorists from Bangladesh and her police is so compromised that they don’t have the guts to stand up to her.
Ravi Shankar - India is run by politicians, tycoons and bureaucrats, but there is a Superclub that discreetly dominates the national agenda. They are Nobel Prize winners like Amartya Sen, who quit Nalanda University after allegations of irregularities and nepotism, and ‘human rights’ activists like Teesta Setalvad and convicted Naxal sympathisers such as Binayak Sen. They bask in the luxury of dollars and euros, receive prestigious awards and grants, and have more air miles with junkets than the square meals an average Indian gets. Mesmerised by their intelligentsia cachet, it is the only cosy club the political class woos with corporate-funded think tank and government committee positions. Together they form the Establishment, which the ordinary Indian cannot beat.
Rajiv Malhotra - A very large Christian seminary located in New Jersey, barely five minutes from my home, is one of the major factories for churning out these ideologies. This seminary is amongst the largest in the United States and has a sizeable investment in studying Hinduism from an adversarial perspective. Many Indian sepoys are trained here to "break India". This seminary's top expert on Hinduism is a senior evangelist, Richard Fox Young. Their tactic is the old divide-and-rule policy. They have studied the prey well and designed their tactics with precision. They infiltrate Hindu communities as Trojan horses. The naïve amongst us welcome them in the spirit of dharma. They pretend to have a genuine interest in us, to want to study us and write about us for our benefit. Most Indians do not see them for the Trojan horses that they are, and unwittingly make themselves complicit in breaking India.
KG Suresh - From Nellie to Hashimpura to Bhagalpur and Delhi in 1984, some of the worst massacres in the country took place when the BJP did not exist or even its earlier avatar the Jan Sangh was not in reckoning for power in any State. Who engineered those riots? Why? Why is it that the Aam Aadmi Party activists were at the forefront at a Christian protest ahead of the Delhi Assembly elections? Hasn’t the Kejriwal tapes proved that the AAP also tried to cash in on the same demonisation of the BJP to woo minority votes? Isn’t it possible that such incidents are being orchestrated and then blown out of proportion to give a bad name to the Government? Otherwise, why any sane Government in its right senses will allow such nonsense? The nation seeks answers.
The Telegraph report (2007) - Nagaland’s worst-kept secret tumbled out today when the NSCN (Khaplang) claimed to have received a “donation” from the Congress, thanked it for being generous and conjectured that the party was courting it with an eye on the elections next year. The Khaplang group’s “ministry of finance” issued a statement conveying its gratitude to the Congress for the Rs 5 lakh received through the leader of the Opposition, I. Imkong Ao.
Shashi Shekhar - Over the past 48 hours I travelled between 2 major Indian Cities. I saw no lynch mobs. I saw nobody baying for anybody’s blood. What I did see is an outpouring grief over President Kalam’s death. I saw citizens and businesses of their own accord put up banner displays along the roads expressing their condolences and celebrating the life of Dr. Kalam. The Memon Hanging as far as the vast majority of Indian Citizens goes was a mere footnote as they went about their lives with a “presumption of legitimacy” that the Courts know what they are doing. I did not see any signs of a “dangerous social division”. Instead what I did see was an outpouring of grief from majority Hindu India over the death of a Muslim. I caught images of crowds flooding the funeral of a Muslim. I saw this riveting image of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi touching the feet of 99 year old Mohammed Muthu Meera Lebbai Maraicker.
Virendra Kapoor - From the way the Congress government protected Quattrocchi in the Bofors scam, it only strengthened the charge that he shared the loot as per an arrangement with a particular family back in Italy. Small wonder then the fortunes of that little-discussed family in Orbassano, Turin, have changed so much that it is now widely reckoned to be the wealthiest in the region. The point is that the Congress, of all parties, has no moral right to throw mud at others. Because it is the biggest criminal and corrupt enterprise that we know of. The Gandhis talking of corruption sounds worse than the devil quoting the scriptures.
Editorial, Business Standard - The Congress must realise that the blocking of Parliament has gone well beyond the point of reasonableness. The government is willing to allow Ms Swaraj to make a statement of explanation; after that, the Opposition is free to demand discussion on the issue and a resignation, and to put the case before India's citizens as to why she must resign. In demanding a resignation before even a debate, the Congress is not following the basic principles of parliamentary democracy.
Amit Shah - Never forget Nitish Kumar plunged the dagger into your trust and your verdict. Now comes the time to avenge that betrayal, I appeal to the people of Bihar, cast Nitish Kumar out, hand your destiny to Narendra Modi, he holds the key to prosperous Bihar. Narendra Modi is the only man who can put Bihar on the road to a bright future. Nobody else will do that, I want to tell the people of Bihar. When Narendra Modi comes here on July 25 he will lay out what plans he has to make Bihar the number one state of the country.
Pt. Dwarka Prasad Mishra - And so far as Nehru was concerned, he had apparently expected secularism to be practised only by Hindus. When he (Nehru) had written to Patel that the Muslims of Hyderabad should be given weightage on the ground that ‘Hyderabad had been a 100 per cent Muslim State’, he seemed to forget that in that sense, Kashmir too had been a 100 per cent Hindu State and that while he was placating the Nizam and the Muslim minority in Hyderabad, he had ignored the Maharaja of Kashmir and the wishes of the Hindu minority in Kashmir in order to placate Sheikh Abdullah. But perhaps his yardstick, applied in case of the beautiful valley of Kashmir, was not applied to the rugged Deccan plateau.
Sandip Sen - The war between the BJP and the Congress interestingly goes way beyond the corridors of the parliament, to the key influencers the NGO’s and the media as well. The NGO influx into India was an extremely well crafted strategy by Sonia Gandhi to control the influencers of political and social life of the nation. There was a thirty fold rise of NGO’s during the Sonia decade 2003-2013. According to a SC directed CBI investigation there are an estimated 20 lakh NGO’s already operating in India with 5,48,194 in UP, 3,69,137 in Kerala 1,40,000 in MP, 1,07,797 in Maharashtra, and 75,279 in Gujarat (TOI 23 Feb 2014) that makes 1 out of every 600 Indians a registered activist.
MJ Akbar - The Congress decision to boycott a global celebration of India's genius on Yoga Day is, therefore, puzzling at the very least. Is it a touch of bile in the brain? Or is the problem elsewhere? Has Congress under Rahul Gandhi got Anglicized in the 19th century sense, where "native" knowledge is considered regression? Or is Congress, once again, merely pandering to extremists among minorities who get more support from media vehicles eager for provocative sound-bites than they get from their community? I hope one is not mixing metaphors when one notes that Congress leaders are getting into all kinds of contortions in their effort to explain the inexplicable and defend the indefensible.
MJ Akbar - Narendra Modi ji knows more about poverty than Rahul Gandhi will know in all his life. Narendra Modi ji doesn’t need instructions on poverty from a privileged dynasty member. I don’t think Rahul Gandhi is living in a real world. When Narendra Modi goes abroad, he goes to write a page of history. He goes abroad, works all day and the moment the work is over he is back at his desk in Delhi. When Rahul Gandhi goes, he goes on a 56 day holiday to destinations he has not even told.
Joginder Singh - India has faced terrorism practically since the country was created. The North-East, central and east India, Punjab, and Jammu & Kashmir have been particularly affected, but no State has been entirely free from terror. In dealing with the terrorists, past Governments have followed the policy of ‘Willing to Strike but Afraid to Wound’. However, with the targeted strike in Myanmar last week, the Narendra Modi Government has indicated that it will be bringing in a welcome change in this policy.
Aditi Phadnis - Nitish Kumar had some inkling that Narendra Modi was gaining in popularity but he put his money on a non-Modi prime ministerial candidate emerging from the BJP. Where Kumar erred was in misreading the signals from the ground. The average BJP supporter didn't want Advani - he wanted Modi and he repeatedly warned the Sangh that ignoring this Hokusai wave could sweep away everything that stood in its way. So, the Sangh had no choice but to accept Modi, and look as if it liked him. Kumar thought that in a 180-210 Lok Sabha seat scenario, the BJP would beg him for its support and he would be the top dog.
MJ Akbar - Rahul Gandhi has stepped back into caricature rhetoric from the 1960s and 1970s, in which the private sector was ridiculed and vilified as an evil ogre drinking the blood of citizens for breakfast. This chant is the product of an infantile mind that has absorbed pseudo-Marxist litany with all the intellectual curiosity of blotting paper. I thought that Congress had moved away from failed recipes when it embarked upon reforms in the early 1990s in order to expand space for the private sector. Clearly, there has been rhetoric reversal.
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Congress president Rahul Gandhi was crying more than Alok Verma in CBI matter as he was worried about the Congress leaders who were involved in defence scams like AgustaWestland.
GVL Narasimha Rao, BJP spokesperson

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