GVL Narasimha Rao, BJP spokesperson - Congress party continuously supporting antisocial elements and those who indulge in violence. It raises voice against the security forces and police personnel of the country. Which academic discipline requires students to wear masks and hold stones while studying? The Congress party always choose to stand with those who are inimical to the country and rile up security forces.
GVL Narasimha Rao, BJP spokesperson - Congress president Rahul Gandhi was crying more than Alok Verma in CBI matter as he was worried about the Congress leaders who were involved in defence scams like AgustaWestland.
GVL Narasimha Rao, BJP spokesperson - Sore loser Congress is licking its wounds after failing to subvert CBI by joining internal personal battles. The only investigation pending is of "The Family" that received bribes from "Mama Christian Michel" in multiple defence "deals". Lies of Rahul Gandhi completely exposed.
GVL Narasimha Rao, BJP spokesperson - As elections draw closer, the increasing isolation of the Congress and non-acceptance of Rahul Gandhi's leadership becoming more pronounced.
Arun Jaitley, Finance Minister - I think it is absolutely essential for all of us ...That in this battle, we need the Kashmiri people on our side. It's a battle for sovereignty, it's a battle against separatists and terrorists and the key is also held by the people. And therefore our approach has to be guided by the fact that those people are on our side, and not with the separatists.
Narendra Modi, Prime Minister - Our economy is being termed as an elephant that’s starting to run, I believe that we are running on the right path.
Sushma Swaraj, External Affairs Minister - We are always ready for talks with Pakistan but with a caveat that terror and talks cannot go together. There cannot be a comprehensive dialogue till Pakistan shuns terror. When funerals are taking place at the borders, then the talk for a dialogue is not appropriate.
GVL Narasimha Rao, BJP spokesperson and psephologist - we are the party which has always supported simultaneous polls. Just as we stand for 'one nation, one tax (GST), we support 'one nation, one election'.
GVL Narasimha Rao, BJP National Spokesperson - Unfortunately, parties like the Congress and CPI(M) have attacked the Army chief and armed forces who have registered major success in eliminating terrorists and their sponsors across the border. It is because of the security forces’ effective actions that Pakistan-sponsored terrorists have been under siege. We hope political parties will speak up against the enemies of India rather than aiming theirs barbs at the Army. Such political opportunism has given unwarranted moral strength to the enemies of the country and in a way it contributed to such action (the attack on pilgrims).
General Bipin Rawat - This is a proxy war and proxy war is a dirty war. It is played in a dirty way. The rules of engagements are there when the adversary comes face-to-face and fights with you. It is a dirty war.... That is where innovation comes in. You fight a dirty war with innovations. People are throwing stones at us, people are throwing petrol bombs at us. If my men ask me what do we do, should I say, just wait and die? I will come with a nice coffin with a national flag and I will send your bodies home with honour. Is it what I am supposed to tell them as chief? I have to maintain the morale of my troops who are operating there.In fact, I wish these people, instead of throwing stones at us, were firing weapons at us. Then I would have been happy. Then I could do what I (want to do).
Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India - It is very sad to see some black money supporters maligning the moves against corruption, while thanking the Indian diaspora for supporting demonetisation. For me, FDI has two meanings. One is the foreign direct investment and the other ‘First Development of India’.
Ram Madhav, BJP General Secretary - Kashmir is slowly returning to normalcy as schools, financial institutions and government offices are functioning properly now. But it is tragic and unfortunate that seasoned politicians like Farooq and Omar Abdullah are behaving so irresponsibly. I would say they should have strengthened the political will to take on separatists and terrorists. But their statements are directly or indirectly giving force to separatists and terrorists who have been so disruptive in the past.
Narendra Modi - After getting the responsibility of becoming prime minister it has been about two years and three months. India is a democratic country and the people evaluate governments regularly. Media also evaluates. And these days professional survey agencies also do this. I think this is a good thing and that’s why I leave it to the people to evaluate how my government has performed.
Amit Shah - We have achieved a historic feat in Assam while breaching the political resistance in Kerala and Bengal. BJP's geographical spread now extends from Kanyakumari to Kashmir and from Kamrup to Kutch. This is a big achievement. In contrast, Congress has shrunk. For all its grand pretence, it has been reduced to an adjunct of regional parties and will be forced to ride piggyback on others for its survival. The results indicate our steady progress towards our goal of a Congress-mukt Bharat.
Prakash Javadekar - The people of Tamil Nadu deserve much better. There is no difference between DMK and AIDMK. Both are corrupt, both are only personal fiefdoms and both only engage in populism and not real welfare. There is politics of one-upmanship. Tamil Nadu has not risen to its potential because of this and people in TN want development. In Parliament elections, NDA which had aligned with 4-5 parties got nearly 20% vote share but she (Jayalalithaa) could create the impression that she could become PM, and therefore she secured 43% votes. Even she never expected such a jump in vote share. Now Modi is the prime minister. People of Tamil Nadu want change, they want development, they have seen a different kind of governance under Modi and they want that kind of governance.
Jayant Sinha, Minister of State for Finance - Our economic philosophy has been very consistent. If you go back to even the Jan Sangh days, and certainly NDA-1days, it is very much right of centre investments driven and supply side view of the world. We expressed that through the last two budgets and certainly in this budget as well. We are looking to build India's productive capacity...and focusing on empowerment and not just on entitlement. I think what we were able to achieve in this budget was actually a very fine balance between the Bharat side of the economy and the India side of the economy. I have already said that we are a pro-poor government and because we are a pro-poor government we are a pro-markets government.
Nassim Nicholas Taleb - A year later, Modi didn't disappoint. He seems to have delivered over the past year. Let's look at the numbers. From what we saw, numbers seem to be healthy or not degrading. The zeitgeist continues so it doesn't seem like a revolution but a systematic approach to reform. Maybe you do more here and less there but overall it is the trend that matters. Sometimes people under-deliver. You cannot control the environment but it is the effort that matters. And that fellow is ascetic. I usually trust people who are ascetic.
Karamatullah K Ghori - Modi’s moderation apparently sat well with the powers-that-be in Washington. The State Department spokesman, John Kirby, welcomed Modi’s overture as a prop to “benefit the entire region.” Nothing surprising, therefore, in it that no joint statement was issued from either Delhi or Islamabad at the end of the ‘surprise’ Modi visit to Lahore. But within hours of it, the Foreign Office in Islamabad announced that its Foreign Secretary will be visiting Delhi, on January 15, to sit down with his Indian counterpart to work out an agenda for the commencement of that “comprehensive” bilateral dialogue Sushma Swaraj promised earlier in the month in Islamabad. The two countries couldn’t have hoped for a better New Year gift.
Surjit S Bhalla - It has been amusing to hear the Congress speak on the non-passage of the bill. It first started, much like a crybaby, by saying, “Mommy, mommy, look he is not even talking to me!” The BJP obliged, held discussions with the Congress leadership, and it looked like the GST might pass. The party also laid down its three preconditions for the bill’s passage, two of which were the removal of the 1 per cent transfer tax (accepted by the BJP) and a GST rate less than 18 per cent (the BJP agreed to an even lower rate). The third demand was to do with a dispute resolution mechanism — the Congress reasons for this strange “demand” are too embarrassing for a family newspaper to print. So, what is holding up the passage of the GST? Nothing, except the crybaby Congress.
R Jagannathan - The National Herald case is a simple one. Sonia and Rahul, using Congress party funds, managed to corner the valuable assets of a defunct company (Associated Journals) – a company with property valued anywhere between Rs 2,000 crore and Rs 5,000 crore – in a private non-profit company run by them. The point is this: though Associated Journals was technically bankrupt, if the properties owned by it were taken into account, it was very much solvent. By selling the properties, Associated Journals, which once published National Herald, could have been revived. At the very least, the Gandhis were behaving unethically. At the other end, they could well have hijacked a property worth thousands of crores for a negligible personal investment.
Balbir Punj - The tolerance of the Gandhi family, it seems, is restricted to pushing forward the Congress agenda and dubbing the present Government’s vision as “intolerance”. Why is Mr Gandhi not coming forward in favour of the liberal agenda by supporting the uniform civil code or demanding  that the history books, drafted under colonial rule, be revised and updated to reflect an unbiased and non-partisan view? Why is he not expressing regret over the suppression of fundamental rights during Emergency? For Mr Gandhi, the intolerance cry is only a means of creeping back to relevance, after his party lost not just power but also significance in the new Indian context which is marked by economic liberalism and political self-awareness of the Hindu legacy of Bharat.
Vamsee Juluri - Yet, Aamir Khan too has joined a group of people who believe, apparently, with all their hearts, that India has become more intolerant since May 2014. The incidents cited for this claim have been three murders, none of which has been determined to be connected to the national government or the ruling party. Yet, somehow, the fact that the Prime Minister did not condemn it quickly enough, or “strongly” enough, has warranted one of the loudest acts of protest by a part of the intellectual and artistic elite who seem to see something that many others simply don’t.
Hillary Clinton - We trained them, we equipped them, we funded them, including somebody named Osama bin Laden. And then when we finally saw the end of the Soviet army crossing back out of Afghanistan, we all breathed a sigh of relief and said, okay, fine, we’re out of there. And it didn’t work out so well for us.
Rajyasree Sen - Aiyar is the same man who thought it was commendable to say that the Congress could find Narendra Modi a spot to set up a tea stall. When the then-Union sports minister Ajay Maken had written to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh complaining that Aiyar was being an “obstructionist” during the Commonwealth Games, the St Stephen’s alumnus had responded by ridiculing Maken’s education and expressing shock that a Hansraj College graduate knew the word ‘dichotomous’. Elitism and bile make a noxious combination in Aiyar. On Tuesday, Aiyar literally crossed the line when on Pakistani TV, he responded to a query about how India and Pakistan can move forward with, “The first and the foremost thing is to remove Modi. Only then can the talks move forward.”
Ravi Shankar - Tipu Sultan was neither a nationalist nor an Indian hero. He was an 18th century bin Laden, cruel and ambitious, a realpolitik player who longed to rule India with French help. There are two Nehruvian templates for what it means to be Indian: celebrating tyrants like Babur and Aurangzeb to appease the Congress idea of Islamic heritage and honouring those who fought against the British. Tipu fell into both categories. The Murderer of Mysore fought the British to keep his throne by allying with the French—who, like the Dutch and British, also wanted to conquer and loot India.
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Congress party continuously supporting antisocial elements and those who indulge in violence. It raises voice against the security forces and police personnel of the country. Which academic discipline requires students to wear masks and hold stones while studying? The Congress party always choose to stand with those who are inimical to the country and rile up security forces.
GVL Narasimha Rao, BJP spokesperson

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