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'Ties with Israel will help tilt its K-stand for Pak'

JERUSALEM: Pakistan should be open to the idea of establishing relations with Israel in order to counter the "pro-India" stand usually adopted by it on key issues like Kashmir , former president Pervez Musharraf has said. 

Musharraf said the Jewish state is a fait accompli and relations with it can help Islamabad come closer to the strong Jewish lobby in the US and in its conflict against India.

"Pakistan has to keep demanding the resolution of the Palestinian dispute... (but) Pakistan also needs to keep readjusting its diplomatic stand toward Israel based on the mere fact that it exists and is not going away," said Musharraf, who plans to return to Pakistan from selfexile later this month. 

It would be in Pakistan's interest to get closer to Israel to counter the "pro-India " stand usually adopted by Israel , Musharraf told the Haaretz newspaper. 

"The issue of India is another sensitivity in Pakistan - Israel has always been pro-India and against Pakistan ," he said. He acknowledged that Israel had not had the opportunity to forge relations with Pakistan. 

The US has asked Pakistan to ensure fair treatment to former envoy Husain Haqqani in the ongoing judicial process that is probing the memo scandal. "We expect that any process for resolving the matter of ambassador Haqqani will proceed in a way that is fair, that's transparent, that is as expeditious as possible," state department spokesperson Victoria Nuland said on Friday.

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