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Rahul destroyed Cong: Party's ex-MP - Pioneer
Hundreds of Indian Muslim youth being drawn into Iraqi conflict -
First train between Delhi, Katra starts -
SC blocks execution of two in Dec 16 gang rape -
BJP veterans named governors in five states -
Germany beat Argentina 1-0 for fourth FIFA World Cup crown -
2% of priests are paedophiles: Pope - Times of India
Four men from Mumbai believed to have joined Iraq jihad - Praveen Swami, Indian Express
After 7 years, Cauvery Tribunal to meet again - J Venkatesan, Hindu
Ashok Chavan held guilty of poll fraud - Pioneer
Budget only beginning; I did whatever I could do: Jaitley - Business Standard
Paid news case: EC rejects ex-Maharashtra CM Ashok Chavan's explanation - Sushmita Dutta, Zee News
BRICS bank on agenda as Modi leaves for Brazil summit -
NCP won’t oppose government on PM aide - Manoj C G, Indian Express
Two Thane boys among 18 Indians who joined ISIS - Deeptiman Tiwary, Times of India
Jaitley promises more income tax relief if economy improves -
I-T Act changes may herald fresh trouble for Sonia and Rahul - Times of India
‘Delhi now 2nd most populous city in world’ - YoshitaSingh, Financial Express
Modi very impressive, Visa controversy in the past: Top US Official - NDTV
Indian prime minister to meet Obama in September - Washington Post
Nagaland governor resigns, protests transfer -
Obama wants stronger economic ties with India, Modi told -
Mizoram governor resigns -
Housing for all by 2022, says Jaitley -
Budget first step for India's economic revival: USIBC -
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Indians resented their sacred stories being viewed as mythology, not history. They resented the reconstruction of India's history by British Orientalists based on archaeology, philology and epigraphy, especially since they tended to give greater value to everything antiHindu: the founder of Buddhism (Gautama Sakyamuni), the king who patronized Buddhism (Ashoka), the monuments of Islamic kings, and scriptures like Manu Smriti that affirmed that Hindus used the caste system to suppress vast portions of the local population. It seemed like a political conspiracy to systematically strip upper-caste Hindus of all self-worth and self-esteem. That is why those on the Left are convinced our great narratives are `falsehoods' while those on the Right are convinced they are literal `truths'. Both function in a state of colonial hangover, but will deny it violently if accused of it. 
Devdutt Pattanaik

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