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BJP will win Bihar despite Lalu, Nitish and Congress alliance - Syed Shahnawaz Hussain, SundayStandard
The Congress's torchbearer in Uttarakhand - Harish Rawat, Business Standard
`Gandhi was obsessed with sex ­while preaching celibacy to others' - Kusoom Vadgama, Times of India
The musical, magical number theorist - Manjul Bhargava, Economic Times
Bangabandhu, the liberator - Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, Indian Express
‘Mathematicians treat the discipline more as an art than as a science’ - Manjul Bhargava, Hindu
A hero's last defeat - Jaswant Singh, Dawn
An improvisational genius - Robin Williams, NYT
World loses good will patch - Robin Williams, Pioneer
`UP has five CMs today - Akhilesh is only the fifth' - Kalyan Singh, Times of India
‘Sonia’s aides said I was so close to her, people would think she took the money. I didn’t take any of it. Then who did?’ - Natwar Singh, Indian Express
The man whose brain worked faster than Chacha Chaudhary - Pran Kumar Sharma, Times of India
The sanitation Santa Claus - Bindeshwar Pathak, Mint
Immortal Chacha Chaudhary loses his Pran - Pran Kumar Sharma, Pioneer
A different kind of CM - Vasundhara Raje, Business Standard
Need to break the artificial barriers in IT - R Chandrashekhar, President, Nasscom, Financial Express
An unloved billionaire - Mukesh Ambani, Economist
A Web guerrilla breaking news from the jungle - Glenn Greenwald, Mint
‘Keep funds to states untied, so they can devise schemes by priorities’ - Shivraj Singh Chouhan, Indian Express
Daughter springs to defend Manmohan's legacy - Daman Singh, Manmohan Singh's daughter, Times of India
The swadeshi PM - Narendra Modi, Business Standard
I felt very happy going to India - Nawaz Sharif, Sunday Guardian
Lalu-Nitish alliance is politics of frustration. In a flood, even saanp, bichchoo shelter together - Ram Vilas Paswan, Indian Express
Nobody credits Singh with a spine - K Natwar Singh, Former External Affairs Minister, Hindustan Times
NCERT books are dotted with disgraceful words, distorted history - Dinanath Batra, Chief, Shiksha Sanskriti Utthan Nyas, Deccan Chronicle
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Modi has made the Indian tricolour more than just a national flag; he has made it a symbol of a global identity. Not since the state of Israel tapped into Jewish emotions throughout the world has diaspora politics seen anything so audacious — and minus all elements of controversy. The mobilization of overseas Indians has become a new facet of India’s public diplomacy. It could yield handsome returns.
Swapan Dasgupta

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Modi's victory: One man who achieved the impossible -AS THE NATION awaits the prime minister-designate Narendra Modi to take over the reins of office at the Centre, it is instructive to understand the meaning of the 2014 verdict... more ››

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