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The Indian space programme is people-centric - K Radhakrishnan, ISRO Chairman, Indian Express
Seemandhra or Telangana, where will the Power Star rise? - Pawan Kalyan, Telugu Film Industry Adores, Business Line
Rahul will lose heavily in Amethi - Kumar Vishwas, IANS
"It was a mistake to try and create third front before polls" - AB Bardhan, Hindu
His company's $20bn investment in India - Anil Agarwal, Chairman, Vedanta Resources, Mail Today
Fight against corruption needs to start at the school level - Gabriel Kuris, Times of India
Scent of identity politics - Perfume King Maulana Badruddin Ajmal, Hindu
BSP has emerged as our main rival in UP - Varun Gandhi, Economic Times
From Pro-NaMo tweet to AAP's Chandigarh candidate - Gul Panag, ET
AAP will win 100 LS seats - Arvind Kejriwal, Economic Times
Unless passionate people step in, we won’t see transformations we believe in - Nandan Nilekani, Hindustan Times
Maratha chieftain who makes an art form of leaving things unsaid - Sharad Pawar, Hindustan Times
Look at Parliament now, it is a joke - Simon Denyer, Journalist, Business Line
Mahabharat sites continue to have the same names even today - BB Lal, Former ASI Director General, Hindu
Poverty eradication, healthcare for all closer than ever for India - Melinda Gates, Mint
Wrestler, streetfighter, Netaji: UP's boss sets sights on Delhi, again - Mulayam Singh Yadav, Hindustan Times
Canada’s multicultural — we enjoy living with difference - David Johnston, ToI
A shrewd mind who inspires and intimidates - Jaganmohan Reddy, Times of India
Ted: 30 years & still talking - Chris Anderson, Economic Times
Our industry doesn't value tradition, only innovation - Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO, Times of India
The unfinished makeover of Nandan - Nandan Nilekani, Indian Express
‘If there is a referendum in Balochistan, people will vote for independence’ - Qadeer Baloch, Hindu
The BJP is not a 'dynasto-cracy', it's a democracy - Capt Abhimanyu, Bus Std
I'm a marathon man, not a sprinter - Nandan Nilekani, Times of India
The middle class has realized its interests are tied to the nation’s - Simon Denyer, Times of India
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2014 Election LensOnNews Pitch Report Phase 3


Clearly, Indian democracy is veering towards the Western model; elections have become a verdict on the suitability of different teams from the political class, and voters are increasingly uncommitted to parties but are exercising their democratic right to "throw the rascals out". Against this backdrop, good governance while maintaining liberty is likely to be the future of Indian democracy. This is no bad thing; as long as liberty is preserved, in Alexander Pope's words, "For forms of government let fools contest; whatever is best administered is best" (An Essay on Man).
Deepak Lal

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Tamil Nadu wants Narendra Modi as PM: Poll -A CLEAR MAJORITY (53 per cent) of Tamil Nadu voters feel Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi is best fitted to be Prime Minister of India... more ››

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