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His death leaves Maha vacuum - Gopinath Munde, Mail Today
First, get the investment mood right - KV Kamath, Non-Executive Chairman, ICICI Bank, Economic Times
The mass leader from Marathwada - Gopinath Munde, Hindu
BJP's Maharashtra strongman - Gopinath Munde, Business Standard
Rising from the flames - Maya Angelou, Guardian
Every decision of government neednít be a big reform - Anand Mahindra, ET
ĎThis is Indiaís momentí - Andrew Holland, CEO, Ambit Investment Advisors, FE
I spy a spy - Ajit Doval, IPS officer of the Kerala cadre, Outlook
Itís going to be an interactive govt, led by PM. It wonít be a govt for, of and by GoM - Ravi Shankar Prasad, Law and Telecom Minister, IndianExpress
Parenting isnít about raising a child, itís about raising a parent - Dr. Shefali Tsabary, Clinical Psychologist, Times of India
The accidental banker - KC Chakrabarty, Deputy Governor RBI, Business Standard
Modi has been bashed unjustly for years and years - Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, ToI
Faltering steps of a giant killer - Jitendra Singh, Business Standard
Modi keeping his enemies close to him - Ram Jethmalani, Economic Times
Once you build reserves, rupee appreciation will follow - Indranil Sengupta, Chief Economist, Bank of America Merrill, Financial Express
Next to Modi, the most high-profile leader in the Cabinet - Arun Jaitley, Business Line
Modi's leadership: Bigger, bolder, better - Uday Kotak, Executive Vice-Chairman & MD, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Times of India
Itís a bull market, itíll continue - Mark Mobius, Franklin Templeton Investments, Economic Times
Miss India contender to Saaa-Bahu to minister - Smriti Irani, Economic Times
Indiaís strongman - Narendra Modi, Economist
Can easily work with PM Modi - Nawaz Sharif, Hindustan Times
NDA may not reverse FDI in multi-brand - Arvind Panagariya, Columbia University professor, Times of India
ĎInviting Saarc leaders shows keenness to improve relationsí - Ravi Shankar Prasad, Deccan Chronicle
All facts relating to UK's role in Blue Star should be available - Keith Vaz, Britain's most prominent MP of Indian origin, Times of India
Discoveries of India - Bibek Debroy, Economist, Business Standard
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Several things emerge from Jusitce Katju's revelation. The first is the cravenness of the Congress, which chose to favour power over probity in public life. Keeping a few crooked judges in hock was apparently a small price to pay to serve a full term in office. Second, Katju's allegations, if true, cast the three successive chief justices — Lahoti, Sabharwal and Balakrishnan — in very poor light. At least two of them knew what the IB's findings said about the crooked judge, but chose to overlook it, presumably to curry favour with the ruling government. So much for the independence of the judiciary from the executive. After this episode, it is clear that this independence exists mostly in the breach, and serving judges facing retirement are prone to lean the way of the government to ensure plum post-retirement posts for themselves.
Editorial, Economic Times

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