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Captain playboy as playboy politician - Imran Khan, Indian Express
The PM's trusted lieutenant and government's go-to man - Arun Jaitley, Times of India
There is a complete reversal from paralysis - Arun Jaitley, Economic Times
A legendary teacher, scholar and activist - Bipan Chandra, Hindu
‘I’m no Bond. I’m a banker on the move’ - Raghuram Rajan, Times of India
In step - Raghuram Rajan, Mint
There is evidence of fairly strong recovery - Pronab Sen, chairman of the National Statistical Commission, Business Standard
If India unleashes its full potential, it can grow faster than China - Hans-Paul Bürkner, Chairman BCG, Economic Times
India must compete with China now — we are already late - Vasundhara Raje, Times of India
FCI should serve its mandate at a low cost - Ashok Gulati, Financial Express
I want to rekindle British love affair with India - Nick Clegg, British Deputy Prime Minister, Economic Times
‘Somewhere India has to draw the line on how far can it go in its relations with Pak’ - Nirmala Sitharaman, Indian Express
Courts should be dealing with serious criminal offences, not with petty cases - Justice AP Shah, Chairman of the Law Commission, Hindu
A thinker who pioneered 'navya' movement in Kannada literature - UR Ananthamurthy, Indian Express
Military pushing Imran Khan - Nawaz govt too weak for talks - Husain Haqqani, Times of India
The yogi who became a global brand - B.K.S. Iyengar, Hindu
Indian business thrives on envy, frowns on success - Ratan Tata, Business Line
BJP will win Bihar despite Lalu, Nitish and Congress alliance - Syed Shahnawaz Hussain, SundayStandard
The Congress's torchbearer in Uttarakhand - Harish Rawat, Business Standard
`Gandhi was obsessed with sex ­while preaching celibacy to others' - Kusoom Vadgama, Times of India
The musical, magical number theorist - Manjul Bhargava, Economic Times
Bangabandhu, the liberator - Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, Indian Express
‘Mathematicians treat the discipline more as an art than as a science’ - Manjul Bhargava, Hindu
A hero's last defeat - Jaswant Singh, Dawn
An improvisational genius - Robin Williams, NYT
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Under the aegis of the highly-educated officials who ran the Planning Commission was created the worst social and physical infrastructure in the developing world. While they planned badly for the average Indian, they planned very well for themselves. Their children went to the best foreign universities while Indian students struggled to get into college even after getting 95 per cent marks. They went to the best foreign hospitals when they got sick, while the average Indian was forced to rely on private doctors because public healthcare was so abysmal. These are things that should have been analysed by us political pundits, but instead we have mostly heard the voices of those who mourn the end of Nehruvian socialism. Why? Could it be because the media continues to treat Narendra Modi as a pariah in Lutyens Delhi — an usurper who does not deserve to spend even 100 days in this exalted space?
Tavleen Singh

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