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The 22-year-old at the forefront of the OBC quota protests - Hardik Patel, Mint
I challenge Nitish to say publicly Lalu’s rule brought golden years for Bihar - Ram Vilas Paswan, Times of India
‘Will work to maximise devolution within 13th Amendment’ - Ranil Wickremesinghe, Hindu
The spy who led Pak’s deep state - Hamid Gul, Asian Age
‘Hinduism studies in the U.S. cannot be dismissed’ - Rajiv Malhotra & Richard Fox Young, Sunday Guardian
The uncrowned cycle king - OP Munjal, Business Standard
Bihar will be smooth sailing for BJP - GVL Narasimha Rao, NewsRoomPost
RSS wants corruption-free govt – but it’s easy to make false allegations against BJP leaders - Seshadri Chari, Member of BJP’s National Executive, Times of India
I am the leader of Dalits and Mahadalits of Bihar - Ram Vilas Paswan, Mint
Bandwidth is the demolisher of imbalances, a great leveller - APJ Abdul Kalam, Indian Express
With BJP, India will see enterprise take off — and Bihar will finally see development - Rajiv Pratap Rudy, Times of India
Oppn is disturbing without homework or exit route - Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi, Indian Express
I want to do many things for FTII – vested interests preventing me from even going there - Gajendra Chauhan, Times of India
11 crore members is no wild claim - P Muralidhar Rao, Indian Express
‘Digital economy has its own set of rules’ - Paul X McCarthy, Business Line
India has rainforests from Assam to Western Ghats — prioritise sustainable agriculture - Dominique Gangneux, VP, Markets Transformation, Times of India
‘Criminal defamation must be abolished’ - Subramanian Swamy, Sunday Guardian
FTII’s seen 40 strikes – it should be privatised or run by serious academics now - Subhash Ghai, Times of India
My aim is to make farming profitable - Sayantan Bera, Mint
He was not a modernist, but radiated hybridity - Charles Correa, Economic Times
The Count is dead - Christopher Lee, Indian Express
Nitish Kumar trying to claim the space of good governance a joke for Bihar people - Ravi Shankar Prasad, Times of India
We are refining Right to Education Act now - Vasundhara Raje, Economic Times
NDA will treat food adulteration like corruption – and we’ll win Bihar - Ram Vilas Paswan, Times of India
PM Modi kept promise on land agreement - Syed Muazzem Ali, Times of India
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India is run by politicians, tycoons and bureaucrats, but there is a Superclub that discreetly dominates the national agenda. They are Nobel Prize winners like Amartya Sen, who quit Nalanda University after allegations of irregularities and nepotism, and ‘human rights’ activists like Teesta Setalvad and convicted Naxal sympathisers such as Binayak Sen. They bask in the luxury of dollars and euros, receive prestigious awards and grants, and have more air miles with junkets than the square meals an average Indian gets. Mesmerised by their intelligentsia cachet, it is the only cosy club the political class woos with corporate-funded think tank and government committee positions. Together they form the Establishment, which the ordinary Indian cannot beat.
Ravi Shankar

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