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RJD-JD(U) tie-up is an unnatural alliance - Sushil Kumar Modi, Economic Times
Milk marketing is not a challenge, processing is - T Nanda Kumar, Chairman, NDDB, Financial Express
The Shrinking of a CM - Omar Abdullah, CM of Jammu & Kashmir, Indian Express
For Pakistan, defeat is that moment when it can no longer resist India - Christine Fair, Times of India
Fighting the 'womb lottery' - Girindre Beeharry, Business Standard
Hands that talk - Kutiyattam exponent Gopal Venu, Indian Express
‘Dreamer’ who revels in the limelight - Himanta Biswa Sarma, Indian Express
Strongman who frequently attacks those in power - Narayan Rane, Indian Express
Plumbing only goes so far. Now, net needs good Indian content - Srinivasan Ramani, Times of India
‘No one guides us in Parliament’ - K Kavitha, Anupriya Patel & Pratap Simha, IE
I would meet Hafiz Saeed again - Ved Pratap Vaidik, Hindustan Times
Cong thinks it is meant for peacock throne, but the peacock has long since flown - Gopalkrishna Gandhi, Former Bengal Governor, Indian Express
Who is he? - Ved Pratap Vaidik, Business Standard
I want NCW on par with NHRC - Maneka Gandhi, Women and Child Development Minister, Times of India
First the British, then history dominated by Marxists… can there be any Indian perspective? - Prof Yellapragada Sudershan Rao, Indian Express
Supreme Court’s verdict for Muslim women — and against misogyny - Noorjehan Safia Niaz, Founder-member, BMMA, Times of India
I've cushioned against Parliament's powers to tax retrospectively - Arun Jaitley, ToI
‘Polls an option only if no possibility of any govt’ - Najeeb Jung, Lieutenant Governor of Delhi, Indian Express
Ramdev companion who positioned himself as negotiator with government - Ved Pratap Vaidik, Indian Express
It's time to raise BRICS role to a new level - Vladimir Putin, Russian President, HT
Modi means business, we’ll see deeper ties now - Nisha Desai Biswal, US Assistant Secretary of State, Economic Times
Ties that bind - Arun Jaitley, Outlook India
‘Social agenda has to be central to the Country; it can’t be a side-show’ - Abhijit Banerjee, Professor, Massa­chu­setts Institute of Technology, Outlook India
‘All political appointees must go with govt change. Governors were chosen for loyalty’ - Ravish Tiwari, Indian Express
Zohra, grand old diva of Indian cinema, dies at 102 - Times of India
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Indians resented their sacred stories being viewed as mythology, not history. They resented the reconstruction of India's history by British Orientalists based on archaeology, philology and epigraphy, especially since they tended to give greater value to everything antiHindu: the founder of Buddhism (Gautama Sakyamuni), the king who patronized Buddhism (Ashoka), the monuments of Islamic kings, and scriptures like Manu Smriti that affirmed that Hindus used the caste system to suppress vast portions of the local population. It seemed like a political conspiracy to systematically strip upper-caste Hindus of all self-worth and self-esteem. That is why those on the Left are convinced our great narratives are `falsehoods' while those on the Right are convinced they are literal `truths'. Both function in a state of colonial hangover, but will deny it violently if accused of it. 
Devdutt Pattanaik

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