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Trump policies keep all on edge - Manoj Joshi, Mail Today
The full weight of Donald Trump's election as the President of the United States is now being felt. Unlike his predecessors, he seems determined to walk the talk of his campaign. Expectations that he would become more 'presidential' and moderate his views have been belied.
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China upset over India-Japan agreement on South China Sea - Saibal Dasgupta, Times of India
Blaming India and China for climate change helps no one - Claude Arpi, Mail Today
Paris: World powers lead frenetic overtime push for climate accord - Firstpost
Cristina Kirchner-Argentina’s Indira Gandhi bows out - Poulasta Chakraborty, Swarajya
India deserves global representation - Jyotika Teckchandani, Pioneer
New India-Pak dialogue faces old challenges - Pioneer
Joining the dots from Paris to Pakistan - ATA Hasnain, Mail Today
What happens in Pakistan... - Mayuri Mukherjee, Pioneer
The crisis enveloping Europe - MK Narayanan, Hindu
Myanmar's historic election - Shankar Acharya, Business Standard
The yuan's long march - AV Rajwade, Business Standard
China warns against meddling in Tibet - Jayadeva Ranade, NewIndianExpress
Many firsts for Manohar Parrikar’s visit to US - Seema Sirohi, Economic Times
In Pakistan, Sushma seeks to build upon NSA meet - Sachin Parashar, ToI
India, Pakistan talk again. Will it work this time? - Pioneer
The narrative of self-delusion - Abhijit Iyer-Mitra, Pioneer
Madhesis reject Nepal’s package - Kallol Bhattacherjee, Hindu
Donald Trump leads Republicans in slamming Obama on his Islamic State policy - Indian Express
Why West is calling Islamic State ‘Daesh’ - Indian Express
Biggest US security threat is brewing at home - Pioneer
‘Present Nepal Constitution will lead to civil war’ - Navtan Kumar, Sunday Guardian
Explained: How the situation in Syria is only one step away from causing a more globalised war - Jai Menon, Swarajya
India-Nepal confrontation must end at earliest - Pioneer
A surreal twist in China-Taiwan relationship awaited2`f3g - Makhan Saikia, Pioneer
The muddle over Syria - Swapan Dasgupta, Telegraph
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Congress party continuously supporting antisocial elements and those who indulge in violence. It raises voice against the security forces and police personnel of the country. Which academic discipline requires students to wear masks and hold stones while studying? The Congress party always choose to stand with those who are inimical to the country and rile up security forces.
GVL Narasimha Rao, BJP spokesperson

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GST in Modi’s new India -Introduction of Goods and Services Tax (GST) heralds India’s emergence as an economic union seven decades after we became an independent political nation. A late night Parliament session befitted this historic moment. more ››

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