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Exodus and eviction in Sri Lanka's civil war - Nirupama Subramanian, Hindu
At a time the debate on Sri Lanka is focussed on the first five months of 2009 during which a yet undetermined number of Tamil civilians lost their lives in the final phases of the Army's military push against the LTTE, an anthropological discussion of how the island's two main minorities – Tamils and Muslims – view family, home, and homeland from the prism of their 30 year-experience of conflict might seem esoteric.
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Yet, Aamir Khan too has joined a group of people who believe, apparently, with all their hearts, that India has become more intolerant since May 2014. The incidents cited for this claim have been three murders, none of which has been determined to be connected to the national government or the ruling party. Yet, somehow, the fact that the Prime Minister did not condemn it quickly enough, or “strongly” enough, has warranted one of the loudest acts of protest by a part of the intellectual and artistic elite who seem to see something that many others simply don’t.
Vamsee Juluri

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Modi's victory: One man who achieved the impossible -AS THE NATION awaits the prime minister-designate Narendra Modi to take over the reins of office at the Centre, it is instructive to understand the meaning of the 2014 verdict... more ››

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