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Exodus and eviction in Sri Lanka's civil war - Nirupama Subramanian, Hindu
At a time the debate on Sri Lanka is focussed on the first five months of 2009 during which a yet undetermined number of Tamil civilians lost their lives in the final phases of the Army's military push against the LTTE, an anthropological discussion of how the island's two main minorities – Tamils and Muslims – view family, home, and homeland from the prism of their 30 year-experience of conflict might seem esoteric.
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Khaki is back in vogue in Pakistan - Vivek Katju, Mint
Golden opportunities for war - Rajiv Shirali, Business Standard
Déjà vu in Pakistan - Rasheeda Bhagat, Business Line
Why and how Westerners go to fight in Syria and Iraq - Economist
How Sharif stumbled - Katharine Houreld, Reuters
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'Madness in Islu-God Help Us' captures Pak mood - Gen Mahmud Durrani, ET
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Neighbours feel NaMo charm, world woos him - Times of India
Can Narendra Modi sustain the foreign policy momentum? - Elizabeth Roche, Mint
Let’s mend fences with Bangladesh - Asjadul Kibria, Business Line
TNA: Dubious legacy, hard to trust - Kumar Chellappan, Pioneer
ISIS recruits planning 26/11-type attack in UK - Times of India
Beijing rules out 'full democracy' for Hong Kong - Saibal Dasgupta, Times of India
Pakistan: A soft coup - Times of India
Abe lauds Japan's deep historical ties with India - Times of India
How Modi can use Abe to blunt China’s edge - Sriram Ramakrishnan, ET
East meets Far East - Suhasini Haidar, Hindu
Bangladesh-India: The threatened borderline - A Surya Prakash, Pioneer
EU to slap new sanctions on Russia - Pioneer
Hyderabad sends more students to US than Delhi, Mumbai - Chidanand Rajghatta, Times of India
Obama’s another pause on syrian front - S Rajagopalan, Pioneer
Pakistan army steps in to revive govt’s talks with protesters - Times of India
Afghanistan holds the key to regional stability - Ranajoy Sen, Hindustan Times
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Under the aegis of the highly-educated officials who ran the Planning Commission was created the worst social and physical infrastructure in the developing world. While they planned badly for the average Indian, they planned very well for themselves. Their children went to the best foreign universities while Indian students struggled to get into college even after getting 95 per cent marks. They went to the best foreign hospitals when they got sick, while the average Indian was forced to rely on private doctors because public healthcare was so abysmal. These are things that should have been analysed by us political pundits, but instead we have mostly heard the voices of those who mourn the end of Nehruvian socialism. Why? Could it be because the media continues to treat Narendra Modi as a pariah in Lutyens Delhi — an usurper who does not deserve to spend even 100 days in this exalted space?
Tavleen Singh

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