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Exodus and eviction in Sri Lanka's civil war - Nirupama Subramanian, Hindu
At a time the debate on Sri Lanka is focussed on the first five months of 2009 during which a yet undetermined number of Tamil civilians lost their lives in the final phases of the Army's military push against the LTTE, an anthropological discussion of how the island's two main minorities – Tamils and Muslims – view family, home, and homeland from the prism of their 30 year-experience of conflict might seem esoteric.
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US elections - Two women on top - Jagdish Bhagwati, Business Standard
India-bashing in Nepal - Pioneer
Angela Merkel favourite to win Nobel Peace Prize for refugee leadership - Jonas Cho Walsgard, Mint
Who are the Madhesis, why are they angry? - Yubaraj Ghimire, Indian Express
A step closer to taming the Dragon - Satish Misra, NewIndianExpress
Trust and tact crucial to tide over Indo-Nepal crisis - Yogesh Vajpeyi, NewIndianExpress
China factor in Nepal constitution crisis cannot be ignored - RSN Singh, Sunday Guardian
For Barack Obama and Xi Jinping, a pause, not a turning point - Minxin Pei, IE
Poor leadership taking a toll on Afghanistan - Hiranmay Karlekar, Pioneer
Russia begins air strikes in Islamic State-hit Syria, allegedly to prop up Assad - Rudroneel Ghosh, Times of India
Sharif’s rhetoric will be credible when Pak stops firing across LoC - HT
IS terror at the doorstep - Hindu
Russia’s Syria gambit - Vijay Prashad, Hindu
After Scots, Catalans show support for secession - Pioneer
The dangerous mountain road - Anil Gupta, Pioneer
Bangladesh must end political polarisation to fight terror - Rudroneel Ghosh, ToI
`Not imposed any blockade on Nepal' - Indrani Bagchi, Times of India
UK to lift curbs on turbans at work - Kounteya Sinha, Times of India
Russian Parliament authorises Putin to use military force in Syria - Nataliya Vasilyeva, Mint
Nepal: In thrall to the past - Pratap Bhanu Mehta, Indian Express
China is giving itself a Great Power makeover - Ashok K Mehta, Pioneer
South Asia must aim higher - Sanjay Kathuria, Sohaib Shahid & Michael J Ferrantino, Business Standard
Facing down secular stagnation in China - Andrew Sheng & Xiao Geng, Business Standard
How have Narendra Modi, Xi Jinping fared in the US? - Elizabeth Roche, Mint
Nepal: Turbulent Terai - Shankar Roychowdhury, Asian Age
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India is emerging as a global power, and it’s about time we acted like it. A global power means a country that can run its affairs smoothly when the PM is abroad. Unfortunately, our politicians are so concerned with maligning the PM’s trip that they are forgetting to work on issues that matter at home. Such a childish attitude will not hurt our PM - but could, one day, boomerang on India.
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Modi's victory: One man who achieved the impossible -AS THE NATION awaits the prime minister-designate Narendra Modi to take over the reins of office at the Centre, it is instructive to understand the meaning of the 2014 verdict... more ››

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