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For a better trade balance - Biswajit Dhar, Financial Express
Getting back to 9.5% not possible in next five years, says Crisil - Financial Express
The NIF option - Subir Gokarn, Business Standard
Why RBI chose two banks and not more - Tamal Bandyopadhyay, Mint
Billions of dollars at stake, bankers come out with poll reports to gauge voters' mood - Gaurav Choudhury, Hindustan Times
FDI policy needs to be reviewed, says Modi - Business Standard
SC judgment on CAG audit of private telcos: What will it achieve, where will it stop? - IndianExpress
Tourism sector roots for BJP Government - Sharmila Krishna, Pioneer
High-voltage action likely in energy sector if Narendra Modi becomes next PM - Mitul Thakkar, Economic Times
India unlikely to Generate 150 million new jobs in 10 years - Economic Times
Zero tolerance: Prevent construction of illegal floors and buildings - Bus Std
FDI reforms remain lacklustre under UPA-II - Nayanima Basu, Business Standard
Apex court allows CAG audit of private telcos - Business Standard
Back to the Hindu rate of growth? - Renu Kohli, Financial Express
El Nino not always the weather monster it’s made out to be - Sandip Das, FE
The high-speed trains are coming - RC Acharya, Business Line
The inside story of the Gujarat Model - Mail Today
SC: CAG can audit private firms in revenue-share deals with govt - Dhananjay Mahapatra, Times of India
Hope rallies in emerging markets - Ruchir Sharma, Times of India
That retail FDI bogey again - Vinay Kamath, Business Line
Sunny days ahead? - R Srinivasan, Business Line
PSE land monetisation: More talk, little action - Sounak Mitra, Business Standard
Reviving growth may take longer than investors expect - Nitin Desai, Bus Std
Ben Bernanke's exchange with Raghuram Rajan - Business Standard
‘Jobless growth’ no more - Santosh Mehrotra, Hindu
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Clearly, Indian democracy is veering towards the Western model; elections have become a verdict on the suitability of different teams from the political class, and voters are increasingly uncommitted to parties but are exercising their democratic right to "throw the rascals out". Against this backdrop, good governance while maintaining liberty is likely to be the future of Indian democracy. This is no bad thing; as long as liberty is preserved, in Alexander Pope's words, "For forms of government let fools contest; whatever is best administered is best" (An Essay on Man).
Deepak Lal

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Tamil Nadu wants Narendra Modi as PM: Poll -A CLEAR MAJORITY (53 per cent) of Tamil Nadu voters feel Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi is best fitted to be Prime Minister of India... more ››

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