UPA govt reaping what Vajpayee govt sowed - Pioneer
Centre is now reaping the benefits of Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA), launched by the former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee a decade ago. According to the latest data compiled by HRD Ministry, there has been a significant reduction in number of dropouts of schoolchildren in the country following the inception of SSA.
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FM Cheers Taxpayers By Putting More Cash In Pockets - Times of India
Thank you, voter: Budget has Modi’s imprint all over it - Kumar Uttam, Hindustan Times
As BJP president, Amit Shah's agenda is clear - Pioneer
CBI to grill netas who took money from Sudipto Sen - Saugar Sengupta, Pioneer
Sheila Dikshit uses governor shield in graft case - Times of India
Modi’s trusted Amit is new Shah of BJP - Times of India
Sonia gets I-T notice, calls it BJP witch-hunt - Times of India
Amit Shah's elevation shows Modi's growing hold on BJP - Prashant Sood, IANS
Most NGOs not filing returns - Pioneer
Move to shed populism sign of things to come - Times of India
Under UPA, number of Muslim cops hit new low - Bharti Jain, Times of India
Railway minister underlines limits to populism - Gyan Varma & Anuja, Mint
Railways on reforms track - AK Bhattacharya, Business Standard
CBI closed coal blocks cases despite evidence, CVC tells SC - Utkarsh Anand, IE
Citizen or infiltrator, India will soon identify each resident, says Rajnath - ET
From crown prince, Amit Shah is BJP king - Rakesh Mohan Chaturvedi, ET
Issues creating bad blood between T, Andhra - Omer Farooq, Pioneer
West Bengal's violence - Business Standard
Cong climbs down, settles for debate without voting - Indian Express
Hawala: J&K ED sleuths asked to share info with Delhi office - Mir Ehsan, IE
SC says no place for fatwa in India, sets up debate on civil code, khap - Utkarsh Anand, Financial Express
Where is Breaking News? Modi government tightens grip on information - Shilpa Raina and Kavita Bajeli-Datt, IANS
Naveen does a Modi in Odisha; trains first-time BJD MLAs - Business Standard
Aadhaar, DBT get a lifeline, Modi to retain, push UPA schemes - Ruhi Tewari, IE
Maha onion politics may bring tears to Modi Sarkar's eyes - Jayashree Bhosale & Rohit Chandavarkar, Economic Times
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That India has a VIP culture is well known, but that the definition of a VIP has become so democratised, is significant. Today, effective power is wielded by those who are at best, very minor VIPs. There is an entire section of society, hidden from the view of media for most, that is at the forefront of the power-as-immunity culture. Rich builders, contractors, magistrates, corporators, councillors, lawyers- and their relatives, friends and well-wishers are part of this group that can be loosely classified as the muscle economy. It is exceedingly difficult for any mainstream party to take up this cause as it would attack what is the primary perk of being politician- the ability to get things done without fear of consequences, at least from the law.
Santosh Desai

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