BJP may reinstate Yeddyurappa - BS Satish Kumar, Hindu
With the Karnataka High Court clearing the former Chief Minister B.S. Yeddyurappa of corruption charges against him in the Lokayukta report on illegal mining, the party leadership may consider the possibility of reappointing him Chief Minister.
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Byelection fillip for anti-BJP parties may open up new possibilities in national politics - Times of India
Jamiat Gujarat unit forms panel to protect cows, avoid beef - Tanvir A Siddiqui, IE
Modi fan with Cong roots is face of transition in Tamil Nadu BJP - Arun Janardhanan, Indian Express
Sharad eyes Bihar formula for other states - Pradeep R Kaushal, Indian Express
Lessons for the BJP - Pioneer
Trinamool MP forged Bangla insurgent link for Saradha? - Saugar Sengupta, Pioneer
Dikshit quits Kerala Raj bhavan, faces no CBI, ACB threat - Aman Sharma, ET
Another CAG report had pointed at Manmohan - Pradeep Thakur, Times of India
Hope for Lalu-Nitish after by-polls, but no wave - Hindustan Times
For NDA, 4 huge defeats, 1 narrow win - Santosh Singh, Indian Express
In alliance that clicks, RJD gains most - Santosh Singh, Indian Express
Church should rethink use of wine in mass: Kerala bishop - Shaju Philip, IE
Maha-alliance sails through 'semi-final' - Amarnath Tewary, Pioneer
Shah launches mission to do a UP feat in J&K - Mohit Kandhari, Pioneer
Send Muftis, Abdullahs packing: Shah - Masood Hussain, Economic Times
Consolidation of Muslim, OBC & MBC votes in Bihar - Nistula Hebbar, ET
Bypoll verdicts in 4 states jolt BJP; Congress upbeat - Times of India
All coal block allocations since 1993 'arbitrary, illegal', rules SC - Dhananjay Mahapatra, Times of India
There was pressure to drop names from audit reports: Rai - Business Standard
Why Maya ditched tie-up with MSY - Piyush Srivastava, Mail Today
407 Marxists join BJP in Kerala - VR Jayaraj, Pioneer
Chandy call more political than moral - VR Jayaraj, Pioneer
BJP’s Valley hopes hinge on boycott and Kashmiri Pandits - Mir Ehsan, IE
Antony report: Deo says must analyse Rahul role - Ruhi Tewari, Indian Express
Saffron the new red in Bengal? 10-fold jump in TMC-BJP clashes this year - Subrata Nagchowdhury, Indian Express
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The story of Adhai Din Ka Jhonpra is not unique. Hindustan’s landscape is dotted with mosques built on sites where temples stood, often crafted with material from the destroyed places of worship. Quwwat-ul Islam, the first mosque built in Delhi, bears testimony to the invader’s smash-and-grab policy, as do the mosques Aurangzeb built in Kashi and Mathura, or the mosque Mir Baqi built at Ayodhya on the site Hindus believe to be, and revere as, Ram Janmabhumi. The pillars and inner walls of Babri Masjid, as the disputed structure was known till it came crashing down on December 6, 1992, were those of a temple that once stood there, a fact proven beyond doubt.
Kanchan Gupta

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