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After Manmohan who? Modi preferred over Rahul as PM: Poll

K Balakrishnan, LensOnNews
After Manmohan who?
August 8, 2011

Public disaffection is growing against Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and his government, even as it comes under challenge from a concerted opposition and civil society activists on multiple fronts over its non-performance, and even more, over its unresponsiveness to public opinion.

This is reflected in the results of a LensOnNews poll conducted in five metropolitan cities which finds that 61% of the respondents express themselves dissatisfied overall with the performance of the UPA government, against only 28% who say they are satisfied.

The degree of dissatisfaction is actually much stronger in regard to the performance of the government on the three big issues agitating the public – namely uncontrolled inflation, large-scale political corruption and the government’s lack of seriousness in fighting terrorism. On each of these issues, fully three-fourths of the respondents say they are dissatisfied with the government’s performance against only around 20% who are satisfied.

Performance Anxiety
The satisfaction rating of the performance of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh himself is somewhat better than that of his government, but it is also alarmingly low – at just 35%. As many as 55% say they are dissatisfied with the PM’s performance.

If ‘Brand Manmohan Singh’ seems to be past its sell-by date, as a commentator put it recently, the reason is not only the PM’s poor performance on the job, but surely also that his own Congress Party has seen fit at this time to fast-track the candidature of its PM-in-waiting and scion of the ruling family, Rahul Gandhi – thus undermining the position of its own serving Prime Minister.

(The dramatic announcement last Wednesday of Sonia Gandhi’s illness also formally thrust Rahul Gandhi to the forefront of Congress party’s leadership. From being merely the general secretary in charge of Youth Congress, NSUI and Uttar Pradesh, he has now become part of the caretaker leadership panel. However, Digvijaya Singh’s pronouncements last June, out of the blue, that Rahul was ‘mature’ and had all the qualities of a prime minister, etc. was indication enough that the decision had already been made to foreground him in a leadership role).

Manmohan Singh is clearly a ‘lame duck’ PM already and his current government is functioning under a siege mentality. It would be difficult, however, to predict how the present crisis will play out. Will the Congress Party sometime soon dump Manmohan Singh and replace him with Rahul Gandhi (or with another ‘regent’-PM, perhaps A.K. Antony, till the time Rahul feels ready to take over); or will the government collapse and the country find itself facing mid-term elections even though no party wants to face the electorate at this time?

It is interesting, however, that to the LensOnNews Poll question, “If elections were to be held today, which party would you like to see leading the Government at the Centre?”, 42% of the respondents chose the BJP, as against 32% who chose the Congress. Eighteen per cent named other parties, while 8% had no response. Politics is always about choice, and the poll shows that, if elections were held now, the BJP as the principal opposition party stands to benefit from the strong anti-incumbency sentiment shaping up against the Congress.

It’s Rahul vs Modi now
If Rahul Gandhi is clearly the Congress Party’s next candidate for PM’s position, Narendra Modi is the strongest leader in BJP’s fold, at least in public perception, to challenge him. When LensOnNews matched up the three, Manmohan Singh, Rahul Gandhi and Narendra Modi, one-for-one, the results are clear and unambiguous.

Rahul Gandhi is the preferred choice of 47% of the respondents when matched against Manmohan Singh who is the choice of just 31%. However, when matched up against Narendra Modi, Rahul falls behind with just 35% indicating their preference for him, as against 51% who prefer Modi.

Narendra Modi comes out a clear winner when matched up against Manmohan Singh too, 52% to 32%. Congress Party’s managers clearly are aware of what they are up against, as whatever the issue they go for the BJP’s jugular in knee-jerk fashion, particularly targeting Narendra Modi whenever they can.

This LenOnNews poll was carried out among a sample of around 1000 voters in five metropolitan cities (Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Kolkata and Bangalore) between August 1 to 6. The findings are subject to a margin of error of 4%.

Even though the present poll is confined to five metropolitan cities, it is interesting that the findings are not significantly different from the ‘Mood of the Nation’ poll we published on June 19 (here), which polled a sample of 3800 registered voters in 40 parliamentary constituencies spread across 14 states. That poll found that 61% of the respondents wanted a change of government at this time and 46% preferred Rahul as PM over Manmohan Singh (34%), but that 53% preferred Modi over Rahul (38%).

This is the first in a series of monthly ‘tracking polls’ that LensOnNews will be conducting, tracking voter sentiment on the performance of the Central Government and the PM; the relative prospects of the leading rival parties in the next election; and the voter preferences for PM among the leading candidates.

Bring back POTA
Along with the core tracking poll questions, we shall also have ‘rider’ questions on a topical issue each time. This time our rider questions were on the topic of tackling terrorism. Asked whether they agreed with Rahul Gandhi’s statement (made in the aftermath of the 13/7 Mumbai blasts), that the Government has been successful in preventing 99% of terror attacks, 67% replied in the negative; and only 17% agreed with Rahul.

And again, asked whether in their opinion there is a need to have a strong anti-terror law like the POTA in order to be able to tackle terrorism, 67% said ‘Yes’, with only 20% saying ‘No’. The present UPA government, with its penchant for enacting legislation for guaranteeing all manner of ‘rights’ (right to information, right to employment, right to food, right to education) is, for reasons of vote-bank politics, chary of enacting a law against terror to secure the constitutionally guaranteed right to life of its citizens. Our poll shows that the ‘aam admi’ does not view this policy with favour.

K. Balakrishnan is Editor, LensOnNews and was formerly Research Editor, The Times of India.
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Showing 50 comments on this article
santosh pathak says:
August 10, 2011
Bharat needs a break away from the has beccome mentality of the people around and is good at psycho-fencing peoples has seen a tradition of divide and rule from Britishers and are very good at applying this methodology and the worst part is that Britishers ruled us for centuries and Congress too will...its not about individuals now..we have seen yesterday what happened with BJYM protesters....Bharat wake up its high time...we need another 1947 and the time is this....
S Misra says:
August 08, 2011
The poll results are not surprising. In fact that is the mood of nation as on today. The misgovernance and the puppet PM are the sole cause of anarchy what is taking place in the country today. The sooner the government loose the power the better will be the fate of the nation.
jyotsna says:
August 08, 2011
Great poll. Such polls can keep the "powers that be" constantly on their toes, rather than make democracy a "once-in-five year" exercise. The POTA finding is particularly interesting. So it seems how much ever the intelligentsia keep hammering away about POTA, the Indian aam aadmi has a mind of his own.
H Rao says:
August 09, 2011
excellent & fair results of the poll survey. Narendra Modi for PM, anytime.
sasi kiran says:
August 09, 2011
I hope modi will be selected as a PM. But surprisingly survey by the hindu is diffrent from the survey above here
NSK says:
August 09, 2011
I am almost certain that this is the only unbiased poll conducted since a long time. I greatly appreciate the editor. And I sincerely hope Modi will become our PM to guide India to the next level of prosperity.
R. Viswam says:
August 09, 2011
CNN-IBN opinion poll findings are dramatically different (e.g Rahul over at 19 to 5). And their sample is much larger and better-dispersed. Isn't that finding therefore more credible than yours?
Parshotam Bindra says:
August 09, 2011 is very good to have a strong PM like Narinder Modi as against the puppet and week PM at present. He is always side tracking and making lame excuses that he is not aware of any thing . He fogets that he is the PM and everything goes to him and thus he should not make lame excuses that he is not aware. For the nation it is good to have Mr Narendera Modi as PM
ramvarma says:
August 09, 2011
I dont think modi is popular in south - nor he will make a good PM- he is a good administrator, but the only problem in is that he will bring about riots - which is not good for India.
RP Lahiri says:
August 09, 2011
Dear Mr. Bala, You are a learmed person. Please enlighten me how corruption may be eradicated or at least reduced considering THAT we are a Democracy and Revolution is ruled out in India.
Tamil Selvan says:
August 10, 2011
This poll just reflects the readers comments and rating in Popular Tamil news portals like Dinamalar. We all know that 24*7 english media are just advertisement companies of Congress. I had to turn to local dailies to read the news. Now I found one in Engilsh. Thanks. There are comments that Modi is not popular in South. I don't know about all south but sure in TN he is very popular among educated.
Darshan Parmar, Vadodara,Guj says:
August 10, 2011
Thanks for the survey. CNN survey is biased. Shame on them. Jai hind.
Vineetha Menon says:
August 10, 2011
Hope the CNN IBN people take a look at this and see what a real poll should look like. What they published was not only grossly misleading but also utterly ridiculous. High time they realized that public will not remain asleep eternally. @ Shri Balakrishnan: Commendable work. You have put in the statistics in the right way, that lends complete credibility to your article. Great work....
August 10, 2011
really,mr.narendra modi has made PM any time...
muslim bhagawat says:
August 10, 2011
Indian are fed up with monarchy of Nehru dynasty.They have looted India indiscriminately since last 64 years.if india wud have to develop ppl have to bring a strong leader at centre who would give good governance and ensure safety of each and every citizen.Home land security is most need and Namo is the only answer
K Balakrishnan says:
August 09, 2011
Dear Mr Lahiri, An interesting question that makes me think. Let me attempt a brief answer: 1. Let's use our vote as the people of Tamil Nadu and West Bengal did in April/May this year, and as the people of Bihar did earlier. They got rid of the powerfully entrenched corrupt networks of Karunanidhi, CPM and Lalu Yadav. Nitish is doing some good in Bihar, and let us hope Jaya and Mamata retain some fear of the people's vote, which would turn against them if they adopt their rivals' ways. 2. Let's support Anna Hazare's movement. He is speaking and acting on behalf of all of us. 3. It has been well said: Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty. This means we must be alive to our duty to exercise our vote against the corrupt when elections happen, and in between, get together and voice our demands like Anna - for truly independent Lokpal, CBI, CVC and CAG with necessary powers of enforcement.
Vineetha Menon says:
August 10, 2011
Hope the CNN IBN people take a look at this and see what a real poll should look like. What they published was not only grossly misleading but also utterly ridiculous. High time they realized that public will not remain asleep eternally. @ Shri Balakrishnan: Commendable work. You have put in the statistics in the right way, that lends complete credibility to your article. Great work....
dhaval says:
August 10, 2011
Modi preferred over Rahul as PM
Mohan Roy says:
August 10, 2011
Dear Mr. Balakrishnan , Many thanks for the LensO news poll which shows BJP and Narendra Modi miles ahead of Rahul and the Congress. This is diametrically opposite of what Rajdeep Sardesai and co are giving out on their news channel . The likelihood is that your survey report will be dismissed as a BJP “set up “ to take away from the impact of the Rahul March 19% as against 5% for Modi. So how do we establish the credibility and veracity of your conclusions .How do you prevent being dubbed as a BJP organ. I am curious to Know. For the same reasons people are dismissive of the”wikileaks” report of the holders of black money in swiss banks . The amounts are all in thousands of crores of rupees … Rajiv Gandhi is shown as having 138000 crores and Stalin as 15000 crores etc. Pawar is spelt as sharath pawar etc. The names / the spellings/ the amounts in crores ( this is a figure in India , not internationally) as against dollars all make this item specious ! So what is one to make of this ?
Bipin Trivedi says:
August 10, 2011
yes its time to change the rule of congress radically and bring BJP with full majority leads by the people like modi, jetley, swaraj, ravishnker, nakvi, shahnavaz fully young blood, who remain hard with terrorism, corruption and change the ill system from the root. India exp congress rule since long and failed in moral ground. so let us experiment al least for 10 years with total different thinking and come out of pseudo-secularism.
Mehmud Zaidi says:
August 10, 2011
Dear Mr. Balakrishnan ! No doubt Modi is only person who can run country by dynamic way and smoothly. But Modi can not get US visa how he can get PM seat from Indian votes. Public disaffection is growing against Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Gandhi , Nehru and his government, even as it comes under challenge from a concerted opposition and civil society activists on multiple fronts over its non-performance, and even more, over its unresponsiveness to public opinion. Globaly market's prices particularly crude oil going down, but our goverment is silence. Goverment says that Rahul Gandhi want to give the congress a new look. Their target is only Congress not country. Till today Modi's 2002 file IPS officer Sanjiv Bhatt suspension case in main News. How Modi can think for PM seat. Congress can give assurance in 1984 riot case and keep file pending without any out put keep Manmohan Singh a dummy Head of Indian democracy. Congress has always adopted the age-old Divide and Rule policy, first introduced and propagated in India by the British. They have tried to spread hatred (nafrat) against the BJP among the Muslims. At the same time, they try to show that they are concerned and caring for the Muslims. Yet they do this because of their own vested interests. At the same time, the BJP demolished the Babri Mosque and bereft the Muslims from their Rights (Huq). We present you the case of Cuddalore in Tamil Nadu where Hindus and Muslims together have been imparting a message of communal amity for more than 150 years in Killai - a coastal village - even when the other parts of the country have betrayed vulnerability to intolerance. The age-old harmony will to seen again when Muslims of the village receive Hindu deity Bhoo Varahaswamy (the boar avtar of Vishnu) from his temple at Srimushnam, 60 km away. Every year, Bhoo Varahaswamy is taken out in a procession for the Brahmotsatava festival between February and March. The procession receives grand welcome in Killai where it halts at a Dargah built for Sufi Saint Hazrat Syed Shah Rehmatullah Vali Shuttary. The Imam offers prayers, a garland and oblation of 11 kgs of rice, five coconuts and Rs. 501 to the deity. Later a silk shawl on the deity is offered at the Dargah and a chadder is offered for the deity in return. The practice is linked to varying versions of land gifted to the temple by either the sufi saint or one of his descendants. Syed Shah Vajehunnaqi Saqaf, trustee of the Dargah said: "This area was not affected even during communal tension after Babri Masque demolition and the post-Godhra riots in Gujarat". Tracing the origins of this practice, Saqaf said that one of his predecessors had give 26 acres of land to the then tehsildar, Uppu Venkatrao, on lease and low rent to help him demarcate the Dargah lands and draw up the boundries. He feels that the Power of the Lord is such that all communities come to Pray. Let us contrast this with the Babri Mosque Events! Babri Mosque was built in Ayodhya in 1528. First communal clash over site between Hindus and Muslims was in the year 1853. British had started their policy of divide and rule among Indians. Faizabad was the capital of Awadh and Ayodhya its twin city from where the message of unity and communal brotherhood reached the rest of the nation. In 1859 British Administrtion put a fence around the site, denominating separate areas of worship for Hindus and Muslims. This status remained in vogue for about 90 years. Unfortunately, Congress administration put idols inside the Mosque in December 1949. Both sides of the dispute filed civil suits but Congress administration locked the gates, saying the matter was sub-judice and declared the area "disputed". A district judge ordered the gates of the mosque to be opened and allowed Hindus to worship inside "Disputed structure" during Congress administration in 1986. Babri Mosque Action Committee was formed as Muslims protested the move to allow Hindus to pray at the site during Congress administration. Campaign for building a Ram Temple was grew in 1989 when Sri LK Advani Ji built it in the form of a movement. Three years later, the Babri Mosque was demolished by Kar Sewaks on 6th December, 1992. This was followed by Communal riots across India, something that burnt the country. All the BJP Govts were suspended by centre and Governor Rule subsequently implemented in all states. Congress Prime Minister Late P V Narsimha Rao was in Delhi and Economical capital was also under Congress regime, but no one bothered till 12th March 1993. This was because Muslims were looking towards Congress administration for Justice and Sympathy. After ten days of demolition of Babri Mosque the Congress Govt. headed by Late P V Narsimha Rao set up a commission of enquiry under Justice Liberahan. Liberhan Commission has failed to complete its task of probing the circumstances leading to the demolition of Babri Masjid despite repeatedly getting extensions. Second Event of Demolition of Noor Mosque at Jangpura Delhi Noor Mosque was demolised last January under Congress Goverment ruling in Delhi / Central. The land was for Muslim Graveyard and aquired by DDA vide notification 01//09/85 published in Delhi Gazette at SI no. 16 page 43 published on 25/09/1985 against the wakf Act 1954 9Act29 of 1954 claiming as is illegal and without jurisdiction. It is further declared that the same is owned by the plaintiff No.1 and have vested in plaintiff No. 2. But this Plot no. 633 belongs from Muslim Graveyard as per Delhi Gazette. With passing times all the lands of Delhi Wakf Board are going to be grabbed by DDA Under Congress Government there is no proper follow up by Delhi Wakf Board. In recent demolition, Delhi Wakf Board had presented a lawyer Mr Mahmood Paracha in High Court for follow up who could not even clear his intention why he had appeared in the court. We are afraid that in future other lands of Muslim Graveyard and Wakf Board might also been grabbed by DDA, who acquires Delhi Wakf Board land for sale to consumers on Market rates. This demolition was again held under Congress regime in State and Centre both. Now Delhi C.M Smt. Sheela Dixit is showing Hamdardi to their vote bank and asking LG of Delhi to allot this land against payment. We need no Charity for a piece of land, as it is our Right of getting full land demarcated as Delhi Wakf Board land. We will use it according to our requirement. We are no more interested to be fooled once gain through the Govt whose politicians, leaders and bureaucrats at highest places has shaken the faith of the nation in the last few years. Despite public outcry, no worthwhile investigations and punishments are seen. How many more Ghotalas / Ghaplas the nation would see besides the old ones::: # 1971 Nagarwala scandal # Abdul Rehman Antulay. # Arjun Singh Churhat Lottery # Bofors. # Sugar. # Urea. # Sukh Ram. # Harshad Mehta Shares Scam. # Tellgi Ghotala. # Ramalinga Raju (Satyam). # Adarsh (Mumbai). # ISRO # Suresh Kalmadi and Delhi CM Shiela. # Raja etc. Now we hope for a party that can give right shape and direction to the Nation.
Bipin Trivedi says:
August 10, 2011
mehmud zaidi - without US visa modi cannot become PM of India? what a rubbish thought. who is US to decide about Indian PM. If india makes modi PM they bound to allot visa to modi
jay patel says:
August 11, 2011
Rahul Gandhi is the world's biggest child... NARENDRA MODI IS THE KING OF INDIA!!!!!
Dinesh Pokhariyal says:
August 10, 2011
People of India must eradicate the scandalous congress engaged in loot and robbery of public money. In the present circumstances, Modi alone is the choice who can bring the nation to order.
Chambial says:
August 10, 2011
Is it going to be direct democracy?
Hitesh says:
August 11, 2011
No one Competitor for NARENDRA MODI for PM OF INDIA...
Veeresh kumbara JK says:
August 11, 2011
Modi,Modi Only d PM OF INDIA is d solution...
prasad KDV says:
August 11, 2011
Yes Modi will rule as PM. A appreciate your realistic survey as this not sponsored surveys like one CNN-IBN CSDS. Prasad kdv
Ram says:
August 11, 2011
When you mentioned 5 metro cities, I thought Chennai would also be part of it. I am disappointed that Ahmedabad is considered a Metro while Chennai is not...
chinmay says:
August 11, 2011
This poll is nothing but bogus.Lensonnews is supporter of BJP.CNN-IBN findings are genuine as they always predict correctly.BJP will get wiped out in 2014 congress wont get majority but will get 220-240 seats
Sreenivasan says:
August 11, 2011
Yes. Mr PM has lost his credibility in past four to five years. His remote control is playing see-saw game. Let us wait and see. There should a strong and one man control to tackle this. Who is the that ?
Maloy says:
August 11, 2011
I want Modi. But BJP can't make the majority till they slow down Hindutwa issues.
na.ananth says:
August 11, 2011
Hey, Great findings. Why don't you do it more comprehensively and also pan india. I might then try and compare it with SOTN by CNN IBN.
KP Dodhia says:
August 11, 2011
Mr. balkrishnan i m no doubut about ur intelligence and honesty . but before wrighting a issue like this u must think the postion of Gujrat state beside devlopment lots of corrpution is as high as ever . and a one man party is going in the state but it is not tolarable at all and it is shocking in near future and alarming news for that may Modi loose his image and get less votes in coming yrs. pls be noted.
m.narasimharao says:
August 11, 2011
Hello Sir, It is bold and courageous survey.Indeed it is the opinion of all Indians to through out congress government from power.It is riddled with corruption charges and it is known to all congress leaders.The president of congress party was brought into lime light and made president of congress party only to get intopower by couple of strong leaders.There is no stringent punishment in our system.Corridors of power is playing allthe game.Even after 60years of indepedence we are still struggling and not a strong base developed. A weak leader controlled by few strong leaders making the mess. A leader in the making and doing Bajans to project him future PM without any political base.This tamasha is also get into power projecting him as the leader. We have no dearth of leaders.As Politics is all about muscle and money power none is coming forward to take up it as a Job to do service to the common people. At least now people should come forward and lead the country and make our country strong. Atleast now we should elect our PM directly and then only a responsible leader will emerge.A dialogue should start now it self .Otherwise we will be sailing in the same boat.Promises and aspirations of people to be fulfilled.The leader should invite tasks to be takenup and things to do to get rid of poverty. We are seeing good leaders who are doing good job and invite them to lead the country.We want development not corrupt leaders.We want to get ridof poverty by creating new jobs.Not mere pension of two hundred rupees.large scale industrial developement and employment . We are not lack of skilled man power we have good brain power to utilise.Show them work and peasents to cultivate waste land increase production. If cost of production is reduced the cost of living will less.No inflation. What are we doing with our natural resourcess.under utilisation and water is going waste into sea. Motivation is the need of the hour.A strong movement to be started.
ritesh kumar lohani says:
August 11, 2011
Every politician give the priority to Rahul Gandhi why? no anybody give their ans Now I am not understand what is the main basic quality in Rahul except adopted surname Gandhi. at present he is child
sundeep says:
August 12, 2011
First of all i thank to Mr.K. Balakrishnan for The Truthfull poll secondly if we are not cashing Mr. Nerandra Modi for prime minister post so this will be a biggest lose for our Country.One thing i also like to say that this congress government will not collapse becouse they have power of black money which they are looted by cruption from the pocket of people(janta) so i request to you all be prepared for 2014 lok sabha election to flush out this crupted congress government from our country. (BJP=BEST) (NERANDRA MODI=NICE,MUST) (CONGRESS=CRUPTION)
Balasubramanian A says:
August 12, 2011
The result seems to reflect correct view of the public. Narendra Modi is far better than any other Politician as on date to lead the Country.
Ankit Pradeep says:
August 12, 2011
Great poll !! great results !! While we may conclude, its time for change .. we must not forget that change to a lesser established evil will do no good to the country .. i mean apart from the commendable work Mr.Modi has done in Gujrat.. who else is in opposition is actually worth sitting at the helm ..We had seen the state of affairs when the NDA came in to power a decade ago..especially indias foriegn affairs state was deplorable and lost india credit internationally really think the BJP and its allies are really the next leaders of this country .. its the same story with UPA ..other than the top brass (which in some ways are not as good leaders as much as good policy maker they are)..atleast no matter how corrupt they are, v r still managing an 8 % GDP growth..statistics say sans the spectacular corruption our growth rate would have been a mere 1.5% more .. no government is perfect;east the policy makers know what they are doing .. and with the media being so much more responsible (xactly why the upa is riddled with scams, i can only imagine the case if NDA was in power..its only a matter of time that we will be a relatively corrupt free country .. lets keep the anna movement going and pressure the upa to act responsibly with the sole aim of serving "we the people"..
mr. nirupam barua says:
August 12, 2011
yes. a honest & visionary personality like Norendra Modi is 1000 times better than rahul gandhi as prime minister.People of the country should elect Modiji as Prime Minister to save this great country from the corrupt congress.
pradyumna KP says:
August 12, 2011
mother has gone abroad to avoid Indian parliament. son is telling that he is ashamed of calling himself as an Indian. His father has deposited sufficient amount of money in swiss bank. but still they are the media pets. they are all afraid of Narendra bhai. if india to become great by 2020 we need one and the only Narendra modi. Whether BJP Brings him or not we should put pressure on all political system to accept this proposal.
milind says:
August 13, 2011
Congress is a dieases which is killing our Country it is time We need to rise above all n work for Our Country and vote out Congress and yes the whole Nation would like to see a men like Mr. Narendra Modi become a PM and its high time
Shamir says:
August 13, 2011
It is naked truth that Cong.Govt.has lost trust of the people of Great India Now we need new like narendra Modi Wide and well organized with small govt. and good Governance.
Mohammad A Shakil says:
August 14, 2011
Should we not have aPrime Minister like Kiran Bedi or T N Seshan. Politicians who have Blood on their Cuff (of any religion) can not hold Key post. Save India from Corrupt thoughts. (those people who get happier when other dies then this is a greaT danger to Society. Help ANNA Help Ourselves. Happy Independence from British but not from Corruption and Aarakshan and Hatered among Religion.
Agni Shiva says:
August 14, 2011
This is the trend which prevails everywhere in most part of India except in very few pockets where one can see support for Congress. The people who support the congress party mostly with the view of BJP should not come to power at any cost eventhough India is denied a good governance.What I have decided is to change maximum congress votes by explaining them the evilness of congress and will make them to vote for BJP in the next election to save India.
Jyotirmoy Mukhopadhyay says:
August 17, 2011
If we are to select some one from Congress after Monmohan,it is better to have Rahul ,so that for quick nose drive of our Nation we need not wait for 10 Janpath, approval .I second Mr Modi's suggestion on that ground only. I also humbly suggest Mr Digvijay's name to be second in command to act as a catalyst in the obnoxsious complecated chemical reaction to disintigrate the still available leftover National pride.
bhupinder says:
August 16, 2011
if sonia having not any experience of excellence ,qaulification,having declared swissbank, conduit of kgb,,canbe super pm of india, why not modi,congresi are responsible for 100 communal riots,and killing og 4000sikhs in delhi,,modi is never punished by court,,it is whole political issue and congresi so communal and creating rift and scaring minority as his political agenda,modi is most successful,result oriented cm ,never had in indian history,it is best if we see him in quality,quantity of success,if he is no,,who is more capable than him has muslim of gujrat has any grievances,against him,are they discriminated,scared,or made servanient to harakiri,,
Insaan says:
August 25, 2011
Any one but Rahul and stooges in Congress will do for the time being. Modi sure os a good choice.
gopal sai says:
January 30, 2012
modi must be president& rahul may be prime minister
sachin sheth says:
March 24, 2012
Right Now only one choice if we are Good educated and matured Mr.Modi(Good planner,Dirctor,contriller,and best organizer,Sincer about his work)

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