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Rajanikanth Shastri says:
June 15, 2011
I sincerely hope your analysis and prediction comes true and that the UPA will be swept out of office in the next election. However, with the majority of Indian voters in rural districts and poor, money and subsidies will be the dominant determinant. Today parties buy their way into office as seen in Tamil Nadu. Surendraji's analysis is quite interesting and bears merit. The recent movement by Anna Hazare is an indication of disenfranchised urban middle class population making their statement. This is an ideal example of what Democracy is about and something India can show case to the world. The Congress however seeing this as a threat to their situation is howling that this is misuse of Democracy and labeling it extra-parliamentary, political terrorism, black-mail etc. And out idiotic TV media is sensationalizing this and adding fuel to both the pro and con fires. The fact is you and I or anyone else can author a bill and if we find a significant party to introduce it into Parliament and it passes, it becomes law. In that sense Parliament is supreme. The vision I have for India is a complete implementation of the Federal System, that was intended in the constitution, where the States have more and more power. India is too diverse a State to be served by a National Party. Instead I hope to see States like Bihar, Tamil Nadu, Orissa and UP become more the norm rather than the exception. This parties will form a coalition government with each party pulling for its State.Ultimately it is the distribution of Central funds and laws that are applied consistently across the Republic that matter.
Arijit bhattacharyya says:
June 19, 2011
That's what we all educated people believe but the question is how many educated go to cast there vote during election. UPA survives just because of refuges whether in Delhi election or Assam election because they are the main vote banks for UPA, all rickshaw puller, cart puller are there vote bank. We the have developed the tendency like CHALTA hai cauz we are not concern for our next generation. We should change our mentality. We are Always with BJP.

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