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The hesitations of history - Ram Madhav, Indian Express
“Swagat hai mere dost! Why did it take so long? We have been waiting for you for 70 years,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told Narendra Modi when the latter visited Israel in July last year. Netanyahu was right. It took 70 years after Independence for an Indian prime minister to set foot on Israel, and 25 years after India became the last major country to establish full diplomatic ties with that country in 1992. On their part, Israelis have always shown enormous interest in this relationship.
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A nation-builder, an inspiration - M Venkaiah Naidu, Indian Express
“Arise, awake and stop not till the goal is reached”, this shloka from the Upanishads popularised by Swami Vivekananda should be an inspiration to every Indian. It is particularly relevant for the youth of today to build a New India through motivation, education and dedication. The time has never been more opportune than now for India to realise its true potential by unleashing the energies of the youth, who constitute about 65 per cent of the country’s population.
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Jai Ram Thakur becomes 14th CM of Himachal Pradesh - Ashwani Sharma, Indian Express
With what appeared a sea of humanity at Shimla’s historic Ridge maidan, Jai Ram Thakur, 52, took oath of office as the 14th chief minister of Himachal Pradesh along with 11 ministers on Wednesday morning. Unlike his immediate predecessor Virbhadra Singh, or the chief minister before him, Prem Kumar Dhumal, Thakur did not wear the trademark Himachali cap at the ceremony. His team, a relatively younger set than the previous few...
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Vijay Rupani, 18 ministers take oath of office - Indian Express
GUJARAT CHIEF Minister Vijay Rupani on Tuesday took oath of office and secrecy along with Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel and 18 ministers at a ceremony attended by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, BJP national president Amit Shah, Union ministers and chief ministers of NDA-governed states. Besides the deputy chief minister, the government now has eight Cabinet-rank ministers — four of them Patidars — and 10 state-rank ministers. Rupani has dropped three ministers from his previous Cabinet and introduced five first-time ministers.
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First & foremost, a humanist - M Venkaiah Naidu, Indian Express
I am extremely delighted to be with all of you here today to recall and applaud the spirit of “journalism of courage” piloted by Ramnath Goenka, particularly when the nation passed through trying times. These awards, instituted in the name of such a doyen of freedom of speech and expression, have rightly emerged as the largest and the most coveted journalism awards in the country. This is because Ramnath Goenka embodied the finest qualities of journalism of courage and commitment: Fierce independence, relentless pursuit of facts...
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It's BJP all the way - Nayan Dave, Pioneer
Lotus continued to bloom in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s home turf of Gujarat. Riding on Modi’s remarkable ability to reach out to voters across caste and class divide, and BJP chief Amit Shah’s grassroots mobilisation, the BJP proved the skeptics wrong by retaining the State for the sixth time in a row. Though the BJP did fail to match its 2012 tally and the Congress gained solid ground in rural belt, in the end Modi and Shah duo proved that they can overcome any electoral odds.
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Naidu’s building a new Andhra Pradesh - Paran Balakrishnan, Business Line
Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu’s a man in a tearing hurry. He’s determined to turn his truncated Andhra Pradesh into an industrial powerhouse and he’s pulling out all the stops to make it happen in double-quick time. This month the State got a new air cargo terminal at Visakhapatnam, which Naidu aims to transform into a buzzing hi-tech city. That came just a few days after Naidu had played host to Microsoft founder Bill Gates at the AP AgTech Summit, which focused on using drones...
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Modinomics deconstructed - Bindu Dalmia, Pioneer
Is the Prime Minister looking beyond political arithmetic and selflessly putting the nation first, even over concerns of electoral winnabilty? Clearly, there is a global shift towards clean money, as the era of dirty cash gradually gets flushed out of the formal economies of developed nations. To that extent, Narendra Modi is not isolated among world leaders in his policy activism at economic cleansing as India has joined the fight against tax evasion becoming a signatory to OECD’s information exchange to end base erosion.
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It’s a major structural change - Arun Jaitley, Business Line
India is one of the few economies in the world which has been excessively cash-dominated. A cash-dominated economy has several features, the most obvious being that the percentage of cash currency in circulation in relation to GDP is very high. In India, it was between 12 and 12.5 per cent; 86 per cent of this currency was high denominational — ?500 and ?1000. The obvious consequence of this is a tendency and an encouragement to deal more in cash. Cash becomes the lubricant and the instrument of exchange.
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Modi's mission 2022 - MJ Akbar, Times of India
On 15 February this year, Isro placed 104 satellites into orbit using only a single launch of one vehicle, PSLV-C37. The video of the event, available easily enough on the net, shows the familiar zoom of a rocket entering space, and then little flicks chase one another into the deep distance until the mission is completed. Only three satellites were Indian; 96 were commissioned by two American companies, Planet Laks and Spire Global. The acceleration in space, impressive as it is, might be less spectacular than the change taking place on the ground.
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