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Poverty of ideas - Arvind Panagariya, Economic Times
Evidence that poverty has declined since India began to liberalise in the 1980s, that the acceleration in growth to 8-9% range since the mid-2000s has resulted in accelerated poverty reduction and that these trends hold for each broad social group rather than just the aggregate population is as irrefutable as it gets in social sciences. In the accompanying graphic, taken from a recent study by Megha Mukim and the author... Read Full Article››
Misquoting RSS chief's quota quote: Media's Straw Man Fallacy - Anish Gupta & Aaleya Giri, Pioneer
We should first review if the reservation policy has really benefitted the vulnerable or not. If the answer is yes, then the review is necessary to bring those who are yet not benefited within the ambit of benefit. If the answer is no, then the review is necessary to make changes in the policy and explore other options to benefit the dalits. The recent debate surrounding the interview of RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat to RSS mouthpieces...
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Leftist media’s confusing people, targeting Hindu groups – we’re against terrorists, not Muslims: Gadkari - Akhilesh Kumar Singh, Times of India
There is a leftist media creating perceptions against reality. They have not been able to stomach Narendra Modi’s ascension as India’s prime minister. They have realised they can’t convince the public – so, they are trying to confuse them. We’re not discriminating on caste and creed – our agenda is ‘sabka saath, sabka vikas’. We are against terrorists. We are not against Muslims.
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Battle for Bihar - Milan Vaishnav & Saksham Khosla, Carnegie
Milan Vaishnav, Saksham KhoslOver the course of four weeks in October and November 2015, voters in the Indian state of Bihar will elect their next state government. In India, which has a staggered calendar of state and national elections, another poll is always right around the corner. Yet the upcoming vote in Bihar is widely seen as a referendum on the sixteen-month-old national government of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
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At $30 bn, India world number one in FDI, a big boost for Narendra Modi - Santosh Tiwari, Financial Express
PM Narendra Modi must capitalise on the good news on the FDI and the competitiveness fronts to strengthen the India story by finding ways to facilitate reforms in areas like taxation and labour quickly. After a successful visit to the US which witnessed heightened expectations from India in the Silicon Valley in terms of growth in the digital technology and the startups domain, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been showered now with good news...
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An early Diwali - Gautam Mukherjee, Swarajya
How Raghuram Rajan has been trying to modernise the RBI, PSU and other private high street banks. RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan said his surprise 50 bps repo rate cut effective September 29th was made possible, because of improvements on the ground, consistently lower commodity prices, and an inflation rate target of 6% for this fiscal, more or less met. He protested, amid dimpled smiles, that he wasn’t playing Father Christmas or announcing a Diwali bonus.
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PM Narendra Modi's visit to Silicon Valley: Beyond the hype were clear goals - Mayank Chhaya, Economic Times
All prime ministerial visits are calibrated for a specific goal, be it economic, diplomatic, political or cultural. That is true of all Indian prime ministers but it is especially true of Narendra Modi. Once you get past his gushing, uncritical fan base, those goals become sharper. A striking example of that is his visit to Silicon Valley in general and Tesla Energy headquarters and Facebook town hall meeting in particular.
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The great Indian myth of mobile tower ‘radiation’ - TV Ramachandran, Financial Express
Radiation. The very word is like a bell tolling—ringing in irrational concern and conjuring images of Chernobyl or Fukushima. So, when we hear of mobile tower antennas transmitting radio frequency radiation, concerns arise in the common man. Luckily, nothing could be more inappropriate or bizarre than linking up mobile tower emissions with the former category of high energy radiation which includes frequencies beyond ultraviolet, i.e. X-rays, gamma rays, etc.
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An Indian seat at the global high table - Mint
The leaders of the G4 countries—India, Brazil, Japan and Germany—met in New York on Saturday in a summit convened by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The four leaders “strongly emphasized” that the process of reforming the United Nations (UN) Security Council should be conducted “in a fixed time-frame”. This gathering was significant for many reasons, though it is still unknown whether this push will be able to put the belated reforms agenda on a faster track, let alone achieve it in the near term.
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Ending the blackout of Deendayal Upadhyaya - A Surya Prakash, Pioneer
A major step towards understanding the social, political and economic philosophy of Pandit Deendayal Upadhyaya — an important political thinker and philosopher of modern India who bears tremendous influence on those who now run the Union Government and many State Governments — was taken last week with the launch of an exhibition to highlight his thoughts and ideas at the Nehru Memorial Museum and Library. Pandit Upadhyaya was one of the founding fathers of the Bharatiya Jana Sangh...
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Biggest takeaway of Modi's US visit: India has finally risen above its region - Minhaz Merchant, DailyO
The rockstar reception Prime Minister Narendra Modi received in San Jose, California, on Sunday evening may have stolen the headlines. But after six action-packed days in the United States, culminating in a bilateral with President Barack Obama in New York on Monday, the real takeaway from Modi's US visit is this: India has finally risen above its region. The contours of the Modi government's strategy are now sharply etched.
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