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Poverty of ideas - Arvind Panagariya, Economic Times
Evidence that poverty has declined since India began to liberalise in the 1980s, that the acceleration in growth to 8-9% range since the mid-2000s has resulted in accelerated poverty reduction and that these trends hold for each broad social group rather than just the aggregate population is as irrefutable as it gets in social sciences. In the accompanying graphic, taken from a recent study by Megha Mukim and the author... Read Full Article››
A good beginning to end war against black money - Joginder Singh, Pioneer
The present Government’s demonetisation drive is a good start to end the menace of black money. But more needs to be done, like confiscation of currency and have an adminisrtrative set up as an appellate authority. Black money refers to the funds earned on the black market, on which income and other taxes have not been paid; the total amount of black money deposited in foreign banks by Indians is unknown. One of the common way to convert black money to white is by showing income in cash.
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Don of an anxious era - Chidanand Rajghatta, Times of India
He won. Bigly. Defying polls and punditry, and riding on the anger and resentment of working class Americans who felt marginalized by coastal elites, globalisers, and immigrants, Republican nominee Donald Trump powered his way to become the country's 45th President. The New York billionaire, a political outsider who presented himself as a disrupter with immediate solutions to the country's problems during a bitter, year-long campaign, comfortably defeated Democrat Hillary Clinton...
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Modi's limited Pakistan policy at BRICS - Manoj Joshi, Mail Today
The Modi government’s recent policy towards Pakistan - which has included a combination of surgical strikes, naming and shaming Islamabad, and using international events to isolate and sanction it - has been described as a "game changer". Certainly the government has expended a vast deal of diplomatic capital in trying to get Pakistan to modify its behavior and principally end the sanctuary and support it offers to a slew of anti-India and anti-Afghanistan jihadis.
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Rahul Gandhi's failures - Pioneer
In pure electoral terms, Rita Bahuguna Joshi's departure from the Congress may not significantly impact the party's prospects in the 2017 Assembly election in Uttar Pradesh. The Congress's position is so bleak that the loss (or even gain) of a handful of seats due to Joshi's decision will make no difference to the imminent defeat staring the party in the face. But it is certainly a boost to the Bharatiya Janata Party which is seeking to regain power in the State after a gap of nearly 20 years.
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Eyeing the UP prize - Neerja Chowdhury, Times of India
If there is something that can be said with certainty about the impending elections in Uttar Pradesh, it is that the field is wide open today. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s image has acquired a new sheen after the surgical strikes across the LoC, which have reinforced the impression of a man who can take tough decisions when necessary. BJP is in an overdrive to capitalise on this, putting up hoardings across UP towns lauding him and the army jawans. Given the current mood that Indi...
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Reinventing old links - PS Raghavan, Hindu
The India-Russia summit in Goa on October 15 was high on both symbolism and substance. The joint dedication by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Russian President Vladimir Putin of Unit 2 of the Kudankulam power plant and the “pouring of concrete” for Units 3 and 4 projected a unique partnership in nuclear energy: eight years after India’s foreign collaborations in civil nuclear energy were legitimised, Russia remains the only foreign country involved in nuclear power production in India.
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Mulayam refuses to back Akhilesh as Samajwadi Party’s CM candidate - Pankaj Jaiswal, Hindustan Times
The Samajwadi Party will decide on its chief ministerial candidate after the elections, party patriarch Mulayam Singh Yadav said on Friday, refusing to back his son Akhilesh amid a bruising feud within Uttar Pradesh’s ruling family. Mulayam’s announcement at a press conference came in the presence of his brother Shivpal, whose elevation as the party’s state president last month replacing Akhilesh had spilled out the family’s differences in public.
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Sharif vs Sharif in Pakistan showdown - Ramananda Sengupta, NewIndianExpres
Pakistan seems headed for a massive internal crisis following major differences between Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his powerful Army chief General Raheel Sharif. The differences surfaced even as Pakistani officials thumbed their nose at the US, describing it as a waning power, and warning of an emerging Pakistan-China-Russia axis. Rattled by increasing international isolation as well as global indifference towards the Kashmir cause, Nawaz Sharif reportedly wants the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI)...
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US election: For the cynical, of the cynical - Ashok Malik, Pioneer
Every leap year, the United States presidential election becomes the most watched such event in the world. The quantum of coverage only grows with each successive election, as media and social media capacities expand worldwide. Yet, this year the election has acquired a special significance due to a mix of factors. First, there are the compelling personalities — in their own ways, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are both polarising figures, with strong adherents and sceptics.
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Congress could fall foul of the BJP’s domino strategy - Minhaz Merchant, Mail Today
The mass defection of Arunachal Pradesh MLAs from the Congress to the BJP’s new political platform, the North East Democratic Alliance (NEDA), has long-term strategic implications. If the experiment works, it could be replicated elsewhere. A southern strategy dubbed SEDA, patterned on NEDA, is already in the works. Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi made a politically fatal mistake by alienating the party’s Assam leader Himanta Biswa Sarma earlier this year, driving him into the BJP’s grateful arms.
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