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CMs rightly fear misuse of anti-terror centre - BS Raghavan, Business Line
The seven Chief Ministers who have protested against the nature and scope of functions entrusted to the National Counter-Terrorism Centre (NCTC) are absolutely right in sounding the alarm. First of all, an organisation of such far-reaching impact should not come into being without its objectives and powers having been comprehensively discussed in a conference of the Chief Ministers. They have vital stakes in protecting their respective States and the country as a whole against terrorist attacks. Read Full Article››
Denial is not a cure for historical abuse, truth is - Amish Tripathi, Hindustan Times
One of the greatest gifts that children can receive from their parents is an emotionally stable childhood. Materialistic trappings cannot compensate for the bliss of growing up in a well-adjusted, happy family; one where the child is not exposed to domestic violence, warring parents, physical or emotional abuse. Sadly, both research and anecdotal evidence indicate that many children are deprived of this blessing and grow up in dysfunctional families. They develop coping skills to handle traumatic experiences: Sometimes denial...
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Two navigators, a clear course - Rory Medcalf, Indian Express
This is what happens when determined leaders have a meeting of minds. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott this week signed a framework agreement to strengthen defence and security cooperation between their countries. In a bilateral sense, this agreement is just another landmark among many from Modi’s welcome and historic visit to Australia. Its greater significance may lie in what it means for our shared Indo-Pacific region.
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Millennia before European thinkers, Gita and Arthashastra embodied Indian tradition of realpolitik - Henry Kissinger, Times of India
World order in Hindu cosmology was governed by immutable cycles of an almost inconceivably vast scale — millions of years long. Kingdoms would fall, and the universe would be destroyed, but it would be re-created, and new kingdoms would rise again. The true nature of human experience was known only to those who endured and transcended these temporal upheavals. The Hindu classic the Bhagavad Gita framed these spirited tests in terms of the relationship between morality and power.
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Modi will bring new life to the Saarc summit in Kathmandu - KP Nayar, Telegraph India
Precisely six months after Narendra Modi took office as prime minister and his promise of achche din or “good days” caught the imagination of the Indian people, the high expectations raised by Modi’s style and governance are spreading in the country’s neighbourhood. When Modi and seven other heads of State and government from South Asia meet in Kathmandu a week from today, India will stop being treated as the whipping boy within the South Asian...
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Grand old, tired party - Poornima Joshi, Business Line
The beautiful people and their eloquence in Vigyan Bhawan over the last two days was just a blip in the radar for an audience riveted to regular blockbusters from Varanasi, Myanmar and Sydney. The subtlety of Nehru-Gandhi chic is apparently no match for the razzle-dazzle of sartorial variation emanating from Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s stable. To put it bluntly, the first sign of political activity from a semi-comatose Congress — in the form of the Jawaharlal Nehru Commemorative International Conference...
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Countering another string of pearls - TP Sreenivasan, Hindu
For a handful of islands scattered on the Australia-U.S. trunk route in the Pacific, with less than a million people, Fiji is new to international rivalries. The South Pacific has been a western lake with the happy co-existence of the U.S., France and Australia, inevitably dominated by Australia’s commercial interests. Some ripples occasionally disturbed the placidity of these waters when Father Walter Lini, the maverick Prime Minister of tiny Vanuatu, hobnobbed with the erstwhile Soviets...
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Modi’s rise as a world leader has been swift - Ravi Shankar, NewIndianExpress
Power is a dragon that takes the rider to greatness or on the descent into darkness. Narendra Modi controls the sort of power only Indira Gandhi enjoyed in the party and government. Every powerful national leader aims to be a global statesman. Modi, too, is following this dream. Jawaharlal Nehru, who exercised power through faux courtesy, pedigree and patronage, made too many foreign policy blunders like Kashmir and China to become a world leader who empowered...
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Danke, but we don’t need to study German - Vandana Vasudevan, Economic Times
It is well established that the French are immensely proud of their belle langue, to the point of linguistic chauvinism. The forces of globalization and the Internet have allowed English to inevitably worm its way into French lives. This has encouraged many of the younger generation to drop the antipathy to English that their parents and grandparents had. Now every French person below 40 who is asked “Vous parlez Anglais?” 
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Gandhi-Nehru soft power not sole reason behind freedom - Maj Gen GD Bakshi (Retd), Sunday Guardian
Nation states are constructed around a core of seminal ideas and values. They need a national narrative to sustain themselves and serve as a basis for their collective identity that defines who they are and what they stand for. This national narrative is usually based upon...
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Old idols in a new world - Tavleen Singh, Indian Express
Anyone who has listened to any of the Prime Minister’s speeches should have guessed that Jawaharlal Nehru is not one of his heroes. And yet there was so much breathless excitement last week over the “appropriation” of Nehru by Narendra Modi that Nehru’s heirs had to publicly claim him. In speeches that were mean-spirited and churlish, the president and vice-president of the Congress announced that Nehru’s legacy was being destroyed.
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