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CMs rightly fear misuse of anti-terror centre - BS Raghavan, Business Line
The seven Chief Ministers who have protested against the nature and scope of functions entrusted to the National Counter-Terrorism Centre (NCTC) are absolutely right in sounding the alarm. First of all, an organisation of such far-reaching impact should not come into being without its objectives and powers having been comprehensively discussed in a conference of the Chief Ministers. They have vital stakes in protecting their respective States and the country as a whole against terrorist attacks. Read Full Article››
No Proof Required, Time to bash the media - Surjit S Bhalla, Financial Express
I have been an active participant in the media (both print and TV) for the last 30 years—but never before have I been as embarrassed to be a part of the media as I was on Wednesday, April 24, the day of the suicide of a farmer at a rally of a political party, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP). For me, a suicide is one of the most difficult events to comprehend. Suicides are complex; there are often multiple factors involved. They can rarely, if ever, be attributed to one thing.
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Crime and no punishment - G Parthasarathy, Business Line
Zakiur Rehman Lakhvi, who was released from Adiala Jail in Rawalpindi on April 10, is a household name in India. The 46-year-old has been the operations commander and member of the decision-making general council of the Lashkar-e-Taiba for nearly a decade. He rose rapidly in the LeT after the Kargil conflict and has organised terrorist operations not only against India but also in Afghanistan, Chechnya and Bosnia. He is known to have masterminded not just the 26/11 Mumbai attack...
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Rahul Gandhi needs lessons in economics and history - Business Standard
It takes exceptional gall for a leader of the Congress to call the Modi government a "suit-boot sarkar". The party that for 10 years ran the most corrupt government in India's history, that was in bed with every crony capitalist you could find and that got its just deserts at the hands of disgusted voters would like the country to forget contemporary history and look at the Modi government instead as a party for businessmen. Rahul Gandhi also forgets that the biggest land grab in India's history was operated...
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India: the emerging Asian super power - Manjeet S Pardesi, Business Line
Singapore’s defence minister Ng Eng Hen stated last month that his country wanted India to play a bigger role in the South China Sea. The leaders of Vietnam and the Philippines have also made similar statements in recent years. This “invitation” extended to India by the leaders of Southeast Asia to participate in that region’s security affairs is tantamount to India’s emergence as a great power in Southeast Asia, and by extension, in Asia itself. Southeast Asia connects the Indian and the Pacific Oceans, and includes some of the most important maritime chokepoints...
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With his networking style, Modi may well be the hero who defied conventional diplomacy - Prabhu Chawla, NewIndianExpress
A day is a long time in politics, but for Prime Minister Narendra Modi, a year is a short time. He has become a record-holder as the first Indian PM to spend the maximum number of days abroad travelling to 16 countries in just 11 months. When Air India One bearing him and his delegation landed at the Indira Gandhi International Airport on Saturday morning after his eight-day visit to France, Germany and Canada...
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Manufacturing bias? - Santosh Desai, Times of India
“Sorry I have not read your article further after reading the first sentence. It appears that vested interests have commissioned you to write it,” wrote an irate reader reacting to last week’s column. (For the record the sentence in question was “The issue of Christians being under threat in India is a truly puzzling one.”) The letter writer neatly compressed the two dominant strands of reactions that opinions receive nowadays- an interest in identifying the writer as ‘friend’ or enemy’ rather than an interest...
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The new GDP is for real - Surjit S Bhalla, Financial Express
Everybody’s talking about India’s GDP growth prospects and the “fact” that Indian GDP growth might exceed that of China for a second successive year, FY16. How did this “miracle” come about? Many people, and economists, and commentators, feel that the miracle is a bit of a fudge. In addition to the hoi polloi, major institutions have also questioned the new GDP data, and expressed puzzlement, if not bewilderment. The list of the puzzled is long—the ministry of finance (MoF), RBI, IMF, Moody’s, etc.
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Don't subsidise, build - TN Ninan, Business Standard
Most relatively well-off Indians have got used to the idea of taking out medical insurance policies in order to take care of possible health episodes. It has been a rapidly growing business, doubling in four or five years. The annual insurance premium was estimated for three years ago at about Rs 15,700 crore. This financial year the figure should be somewhere in the region of Rs 25,000 crore. Given the inadequacy of the government hospital system, most people pay the premium willingly...
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The oil games - Bhaskar Chakravorti, Indian Express
Saudi airstrikes in Yemen. An incoherent war on the Islamic State. A chill wind blowing away trace memories of an Arab Spring. And now, a framework nuclear agreement with Iran. A region that can simultaneously set the direction of the global economy, global politics and global climate has rarely seemed as full of contradiction: breakthrough is juxtaposed with impasse, conflict and failure. Of course, aside from the historical and geopolitical significance of the Middle East, the key link between the region...
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From PMO to Bharti Airtel - Sunil Jain, Financial Express
On the face of things, there is little common between the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) and telecom major, but both are losing the perception battle – the PMO on the land acquisition Bill and Bharti Airtel on its Airtel Zero product. None of this has to do with the intrinsic properties of their propositions – the land Bill will benefit the country, including farmers, and Airtel Zero allows those without data plans to access certain websites/apps with the payments to be made by companies such as Flipkart (before it withdrew). 
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