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CMs rightly fear misuse of anti-terror centre - BS Raghavan, Business Line
The seven Chief Ministers who have protested against the nature and scope of functions entrusted to the National Counter-Terrorism Centre (NCTC) are absolutely right in sounding the alarm. First of all, an organisation of such far-reaching impact should not come into being without its objectives and powers having been comprehensively discussed in a conference of the Chief Ministers. They have vital stakes in protecting their respective States and the country as a whole against terrorist attacks. Read Full Article››
Lutyen’s zone is a state of mind - Anirban Ganguly, Times of India
The much discussed and referred to Lutyen’s zone in Delhi is not in reality limited to a physical contour, it is actually a state of mind and of being. This state of mind and of being stretches much beyond the physical limits of Lutyen’s zone and its manifestations can be seen beyond as well. One need not necessarily be a physical inhabitant of Lutyen’s zone in order to demonstrate one’s deracinated mindset or one’s disjointed sense of judgment of the realities of India.
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Rajiv Gandhi showed no remorse in 1984, rioters went free – ’84 created 2002 and Dadri: H S Phoolka - Rohit E David, Times of India
Well, till today, the intolerance of Congress has not finished. What did they do in 1984? They rewarded leaders who led the rioters. A prominent Congressman was said to lead a mob on November 2, 1984, at Rakab Ganj Sahib. The Gurdwara and two Sikhs were burnt. If Congress does not have the courage to sideline such people just for the sake of some votes, how can they call themselves tolerant?
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Caste's finest hour - Ravi Shankar, NewIndianExpress
Opportunity knocks but once. Opportunism can knock out reputations once and for all. By forming a government supported by Lalu Prasad Yadav, a convict and casteist, Nitish Kumar stands exposed as an opportunist without conviction. He was forced to give the deputy chief ministership to Tejaswi Yadav, the inexperienced 26-year-old cricketer son of Lalu, who served time for his alleged role in the fodder scam. Nitish has given enough fodder to prove that his government is a proxy-Lalu outfit...
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Terror and alliances of convenience - Brahma Chellaney, Mint
With the horrific Paris attacks refocusing the global spotlight on the dangers of international terrorism, we should not forget the factors that continue to aid the rise of jihadist forces. The international fight against transnational Islamic terrorism can never succeed as long as short-term geostrategic interests prompt Western powers to form alliances of convenience that strengthen fundamentalist forces extolling violence as a sanctified tool of religion.
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Narendra Modi's visit to Britain is a step in the right direction - Swapan Dasgupta, Telegraph
For the past six years since he has been the resident of 10 Downing Street, the British prime minister, David Cameron, has hosted a Diwali party. This year was no different. With his battleaxe minister for employment, Priti Patel, guiding him through a photo-hungry clutch of British Indian guests - mainly those with some links with the Conservative Party -Cameron was an epitome of affable charm, qualities that come to him quite naturally.
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What Mr Mani Shankar Aiyar won’t say - MJ Akbar, Indian Express
Science might have jogged along a bit since the doctors of medicine in ancient Greece, but their metaphors are still in application. Hippocrates was right when, nearly 2,500 years ago, he recognised the “humour” or bile that gives rise to choleric rage as a medical condition. The malevolence that infuses the language of Congress notables like Mani Shankar Aiyar and Salman Khurshid when they refer to Prime Minister Narendra Modi does not, however, emerge merely from personal frustrations.
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IAS at the crossroads - V Ramani, Financial Express
The Indian Administrative Service (IAS), that inheritor of the mantle of the Indian Civil Service (ICS), has reached a decisive point in its almost seven-decade existence. There has been a growing groundswell in the police and central services (referred to hereafter, for the sake of brevity, as “other services”) for parity in pay and promotion prospects vis-a-vis the IAS. While reliable data is not available, recent trends seem to indicate a growing tendency to appoint more non-IAS officers...
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India's narrative the world cannot ignore - Sandhya Jain, Pioneer
Prime Minister Narendra Modi used his London visit to transcend the negative discourse about his regime by projecting a confident and aspirational India, receptive to foreign investment and collaboration, while remaining wedded to its civilisational moorings. Hours before he unveiled the statue of medieval sage Basaveshwara on the banks of the Thames in Lambeth borough, the savagery of terrorist attacks in Paris made the peddlers of ‘Hindu Taliban’ and ‘Intolerant India’ look like snake oil salesmen.
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Paris attacks are result of West's duplicity, hypocrisy - Kanchan Gupta, Pioneer
More than a 127 people, innocent civilians, men and women, possibly children too, were massacred in cold blood in Paris on Friday night. Suicide bombers blew themselves up, terrorists with Kalashnikovs roamed the streets killing people at cafes, soccer fans at a packed stadium were targeted and the audience at a concert sprayed with bullets. In separate messages, some of them grotesquely congratulatory, Daesh, or the Islamic State, has claimed responsibility for the multiple attacks in at least six different places...
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Frankenstein's monsters will grow if sophistry over good and bad terror doesn't end - Prabhu Chawla, NewIndianExpress
Irony is the sub-text of mankind’s evolution through millennia. Today, liberalism appears to have become the scourge of the survival of civilised society. Various cultures practising diverse faiths have existed together and persevered for centuries. After market and money considerations began to dominate the global narrative, an unnatural spurt in the index of religious intolerance can be seen. Terror has become the biggest enemy of development and a cohesive...
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