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CMs rightly fear misuse of anti-terror centre - BS Raghavan, Business Line
The seven Chief Ministers who have protested against the nature and scope of functions entrusted to the National Counter-Terrorism Centre (NCTC) are absolutely right in sounding the alarm. First of all, an organisation of such far-reaching impact should not come into being without its objectives and powers having been comprehensively discussed in a conference of the Chief Ministers. They have vital stakes in protecting their respective States and the country as a whole against terrorist attacks. Read Full Article››
The impact of institutional decay - Krishna Kumar, Hindu
Starting with the latter half of the 19th century, many Indian students went overseas in pursuit of higher education. Some of them later became leaders of the freedom movement. This trend continued after the turn of the century. Gandhi and Nehru studied in England, Ambedkar went to the United States and Lohia and Zakir Hussain acquired their doctoral degrees in Germany. Even today, we notice that thousands of some of our best students go abroad in pursuit of higher education and never return.
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Getting today's media functioning all wrong - Ashok Malik, Pioneer
TRAI has often sought to fill the regulatory vacuum in India’s burgeoning media scene. It had failed in the past because of its limited industry understanding. Its Chairman is wading into yet another controversy now. Like cricket and politics, the news media involves us all. It is an all-India phenomenon that everybody and his mother has a view on. There is nothing wrong with this of course, but it does sometimes lead to suggestions and ideas that are so uninformed they leave one bewildered.
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A rightward shift in Dalit politics - Ajay Gudavarthy, Hindu
Where is Dalit politics heading in India today? Dalits seem to have come a full circle from the agenda of “annihilation of caste” to “secularisation of caste,” and conversion from Hinduism to actively claiming the Hindu identity, as is evident from the spate of communal riots in Uttar Pradesh in the last few months which have been primarily between Dalits and Muslims. The dynamics in rural Dalit politics seems to have moved from challenging the upper castes to finding acceptance...
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Panchsheel not in India's interests - Sanat Kaul, Mail Today
While the Chinese are celebrating the sixtieth anniversary of the lapsed Panchsheel Agreement with India is also joining in, India is not bothering to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Simla Agreement of 1914, the basis on which it claims Arunachal Pradesh. The Modi government must introspect on it as it already sent the Vice-President of India to Beijing to join the celebrations. The Simla Convention of 1914 led to a landmark international Agreement. This was so because the British Government invited Governments of Tibet and China as equals...
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Editor K Balakrishnan passes away (1943 - 2014) - LensOnNews
New Delhi, Sept 11 - Shri K. Balakrishnan, Editor of LensOnNews and a veteran journalist passed away this morning at 8.15 A.M. He is survived by wife,  son and a daughter. Balakrishnan is an exceptionally talented and an outstanding journalist with a rare and phenomenal insight into the widest range of issues covering politics, elections, economics, business, international issues, sports, culture and tradition.
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India-China: Room to manoeuvre, again - Shyam Saran, Business Standard
In less than two weeks, Xi Jinping will be paying his first visit to India as China's top leader. For the first time since 2005 India will have a relatively strong hand to play with in giving a new direction to what has been a complex and often difficult relationship with its northern neighbour. When Wen Jiabao, the former Chinese premier, came to visit Delhi in April 2005, India was able to leverage its new found status as a "swing state", courted as it was by the United States...
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Criminalisation of politics: It’s time to clean up - SY Quraishi, Indian Express
Many felt that the Supreme Court judgment of August 27, which advised that persons chargesheeted in criminal cases should not be appointed as ministers, lobbed the ball back into the prime minister’s court. Now that it has brought the “criminalisation” of politics back to centrestage, the response of the prime minister and chief ministers will be watched with great interest. Was the SC’s advice judicial overreach? According to some, the court has no business giving advice to the political executive.
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This parrot can’t be set free - Satyananda Mishra, Indian Express
The bird does not, any longer, seem to be as caged as it was so famously made out to be last year. It is now clear that no curbs were placed on the bird when it decided to nest freely with whoever it wanted. Whether these meetings enhanced the bird’s new-found freedom or placed it in some other cage, this time by “non-state” actors, will hopefully be known sooner rather than later. But it is clear that it may not always be a good idea to let all such birds fly free.
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‘Manmohan sabotaged India’s Nuclear capability’ - Madhav Nalapat, Sunday Guardian
The then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh followed an unwritten policy of severely downsizing both the Fast Breeder Reactor (FBT) as well as the thorium-based technology programme, thereby making India dependent on foreign countries for advanced nuclear technology, key scientists claim on the condition of anonymity. The scientists say that by 2003, the Department of Atomic Energy (DAE) — which comes directly under the Prime Minister — was within four years of mastering the 1 Gigawatt...
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Love jihad vs real jihad - Tavleen Singh, Indian Express
Hindu self-loathing always puzzles me, but last week it left me really confused. On the day that Ayman al-Zawahiri sent us his latest movie announcing an Indian base for the worldwide jihad , most Hindu commentators responded by apologising in different ways. Television reporters went off in search of ordinary Muslims and allowed them to vent their rage against America. Most said the Zawahiri video was a fake. ‘Muslims are not allowed to kill innocent people…Islam is a religion of peace.’
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