India-China war will hit most nations: Chinese media - Economic Times
In the first official meeting between top Indian and Chinese officials since the Doklam stand-off became public, national security adviser (NSA) Ajit Doval met state councillor Yang Jiechi here on Thursday, offering the possibility of serious diplomatic efforts to de-escalate the confrontation.
Non-aligned movement 2.0 - Varun Gandhi, Economic Times
Rising powers like India usually have differing ways to increase their influence. Previously successful tactics, where we simply highlight our importance by virtue of our historicity and the size of our population, are limited in their appeal. To reach the inflection point that casts a nation as a great power, one must navigate the shoals of international diplomacy carefully.
Exposing the Hurriyat - Pioneer
The Modi-led Union Government should be complimented for its crackdown on separatist leaders in Kashmir valley. While the direct or indirect involvement of Hurriyat members in fomenting unrest and violence in the region had been known for years, no regime had bothered to take them to task. At the most, a few separatist leaders were placed under house arrest off and on.
Of nakedness, Hitler's spirit and failed leaders - Anirban Ganguly, Pioneer
A number of afflicted half-intellectuals and failed leaders abound in India today. And Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi is foremost among them. His shallowness outshines all others. Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi, during one of those periods when he is afflicted with a compelling urge to churn out some fundamental thought and observations and engage in some deeply reflective navel gazing recently tweeted, “The emperor is completely naked but nobody around him has the courage to tell him.”
Bye bye ‘peaceful rise’ - Indrani Bagchi, Times of India
China had a reasonably successful week – Beijing ordered Vietnam to stop drilling for oil in the South China Sea, or bad things would happen. The country that delivered a crushing blow to the Chinese in 1979 reportedly stood down. If only these obstinate Indians would learn a lesson.
Don't need a tank to win JNU battle - Makarand R Paranjape, Mail Today
I returned to my shabby genteel JNU campus last weekend. At the gate, I saw a large signboard of the Tiranga march to celebrate Kargil Vijay Diwas on Sunday, July 23. Among the VIPs at the function were two Union ministers, Dharmendra Pradhan and VK Singh, the latter himself a decorated soldier and former chief of Army Staff.
For a law to protect data in India - TK Arun, Economic Times
Much of the debate on whether a right to privacy exists in Indian jurisprudence misses the point. Suppose the Supreme Court reiterates an earlier view that such a right is implicit in the rights to life and liberty. Will it invalidate Aadhaar’s infringements of privacy? After all, no right is absolute.
The crossroads at the Doklam plateau - Suhasini Haidar, Hindu
There are many strings that tie Bhutan to India in a special and unique relationship, but none are as strong as the ones laid down on the ground: 1,500 km, to be precise, of roads that have been built by India across the Himalayan kingdom’s most difficult mountains and passes.
The Vice President’s mien - Peter Ronald deSouza, Hindu
At this moment in India’s history, the lesser between the presidential and the vice presidential contests has become the more important one. It is not just a contest between two persons, or between two political coalitions, or even between two ideologies.
Simple yet hard solution to Dolam - Jai Kumar Verma, Pioneer
China, which has emerged as an economic giant and which has also strengthened its defence capabilities, is threatening not only its neighbours but also other countries located in far-flung areas. After the fall of the Soviet Union, the world had a lone superpower. But now, China is challenging its authority.
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