Re-orienting India’s foreign policy - Baisali Mohanty, Pioneer
While China's illustrious, grand-strategy ‘Belt and Road’ project seizes the global limelight, India finds itself embroiled in a tough competition with China in neighbouring Sri Lanka. Both states have poured, albeit latterly, massive funds into infrastructural development on the island.
Coming together but not going anywhere - Kushan Mitra, Pioneer
It has been three years since the most dramatic of general elections in recent memory, and definitely the most significant election for a majority of young Indians. Narendra Modi’s stunning victory was made possible thanks to a combination of promise and superb political organisation by Amit Shah.
India’s most trusted - Ram Madhav, Indian Express
Three years is not enough for any government to transform a nation; but it is enough to judge if the direction is right. Three years of the Narendra Modi government clearly demonstrate that the direction is not just about reform, it is transformative. The political resolution passed at the National Executive of the BJP last year stated: “We are here not merely for reform.
Modi’s right approach to Sri Lanka policy - Satish Kumar, Pioneer
India is very keen to weave its ties with Sri Lanka without munching too much on China factor. India is also not interested in inviting any other superpower to rein in China. The retreat of seven decades could not be corrected in three years. But three years of Modi’s foreign policy has provided opportunity to gain our lost trust and affections.
Three years on, a work in progress - Swapan Dasgupta, Hindustan Times
There is a common thread that binds the most ardent supporters of the prime minister, Narendra Modi and his most trenchant critics: Both see him as an agent of radical change. While his avid admirers have faith in Modi’s ability to be the vehicle of transformation — a process that goes beyond mere reforms — that will usher a self-confident, culturally assertive and economically buoyant ‘New India’, his foes are convinced that the NDA government is assaulting the Nehruvian ‘idea of India’ and replacing it with something narrow, regressive and even authoritarian.
Moving on right track - Pioneer
On completion of three years in office, the Modi Government has reasons to be satisfied by its performance. The causes of contentment are both perceptional and tangible.
Still a long way from creating a ‘new India’ - PK Vasudeva, Pioneer
The Narendra Modi Government completes three eventful and tumultuous years this month. Taking over from the UPA Government, that was voted out on charges of corruption and indifferent governance, it promised a clean and purposeful regime.
What's political now? It's Islamic jihad - Hari Om Mahajan, Pioneer
The Muslim movement in Kashmir is jihad. It is part of the campaign which divided India in August 1947. The Muslim theological precept doesn’t recognise any national boundary, any state authority and any extra-religious obligation. Muslim political obligation is religious in content and it draws its inspiration from scriptures. Islamists have been seeking to Islamise Kashmir. This is the truth and can be ignored at one’s peril.
Kashmir is cancerous already - Rajiv Kumar, Mail Today
One of the interlocutors of the Yashwant Sinhaled Concerned Citizens Group apparently warned, 'Don't let this wound become cancerous.' This is patently an outdated and misleading diagnosis because the malaise in Kashmir is surely already cancerous.
Friend for decades, now fully out of the closet - Niranjan Chichuan, Pioneer
This year, India and Israel are going to celebrate 25 years of diplomatic ties; yet, the two nations do not know each other enough beyond the diplomatic and defence level. This has been mainly due to the Palestine issue, Arab-Israeli conflict, Indian dependency upon Arab countries for petroleum and the economic interests of India in the region.
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