Govt needs to nail CAA lies, silence won’t work - Swapan Dasgupta, Pioneer
It is still too early to be certain as to whether the furore over the Citizenship (Amendment) Act will be a short-term blast or will have a lasting effect on the politics of the country. The trends as yet are contradictory but the patterns are worth exploring. First, it is clear that the main body of support for the anti-CAA protests has come from the Muslim community. Without this support, the size of the protests would have been modest and may not have had any sizeable impact. Muslim support has given the protests both its body and its muscle.
A costly mistake by protesters - Pioneer
The Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019 (CAA) permits non-Muslim immigrants from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh to become Indian citizens if they have lived in the country for at least five years but it does not grant the same rights to Muslim immigrants.
Why MHA is finding it ‘difficult’ to frame rules to implement citizenship law - Hindustan Times
The Union home ministry is yet to frame rules to implement the Citizenship (Amendment) Act of 2019 (CAA). The law which sparked nationwide protests was cleared by Parliament on December 11.
Amit Shah’s all-India NRC has already begun – with the NPR - Shoaib Daniyal, Scroll
As protests sweep through India over the Citizenship Amendment Act as well as the National Register of Citizens, an inconspicuous bureaucratic process to create a National Population Register has come under fire.
Is India’s growth story over? - Arvind Panagariya, Times of India
The Reserve Bank of India has downgraded its forecast for growth in the current fiscal year to 5%. But going by the gloom that pervades our analysts and commentators, one would be tempted to think that the forecast is missing a minus sign in front of it. At such a time, a look at the post-reform economic history of India provides a good reality check.
The eruption in Assam - Mint
Passions in Assam, running high over the controversial Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB), appear to have boiled over after the Rajya Sabha passed it on Wednesday, making persecuted minorities from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan eligible for Indian citizenship.
In the name of a majority - Anupama Roy, Hindu
The Citizenship (Amendment) Bill (CAB), passed in both Houses this week, promises to give the protection of citizenship to non-Muslims who fled to India to escape religious persecution in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. While religious persecution is a reasonable ground for protection, the problem with the CAB is that it does not include all communities that suffered religious persecution, and explicitly excludes Muslims who suffered persecution in the specified countries and other non-Muslim majority countries like Myanmar.
Govt may toss aside corporate critics but there are two things it needs to reflect on - Chetan Bhagat, Economic Times
Several senior leaders of the government reassured people that there is no need to fear the government, reacting to comments from a leading industrialist who alluded to the same. Fact is corporate India almost never criticises the government in public. Under any government, the Indian promoter knows his or her place.
Don’t expect the poor to sacrifice for climate change - Swaminathan S Anklesaria Aiyar, Economic Times
Last year, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change warned that without drastic action by 2030, world temperatures would rise by over 1.5 degrees, melting icecaps, hitting crops, and deepening poverty. It said the world must massively reduce carbon use, through fuel taxes and allied measures.
CAB not regressive, it’ll heal Partition wounds - Swapan Dasgupta, Pioneer
One of the more interesting features of modern society —at least since the advent of instant, global communications — is the fleeting collective attention span of people. The tendency to jump from subject to subject or, rather, controversy to controversy, has distorted public discourse immeasurably and made it extremely difficult for policy makers to get a fix on public opinion.
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