Beyond the wall: On the Gandhis looking for scapegoats - Hindu
Failure is always an orphan, but the scramble among Congress leaders to stick the genesis of the party’s devastating collapse in the Lok Sabha election on someone else is comical.
Work to reduce crashes - KK Paul, Pioneer
Just about a month ago, an Indian Air Force (IAF) AN-32 military transport aircraft had overshot the runway at the Mumbai international airport and come to a halt perilously close to the boundary wall along the Western Express highway. Reportedly, over 50 flights were affected due to this incident. More recently, another AN-32 aircraft carrying 13 people on board went missing in Arunachal Pradesh’s West Siang district. The  wreckage of the aircraft was found eight days later after intense search operations.
Sun sets on greatest alliance - Bhopinder Singh, Pioneer
Romance and nostalgia surrounding the grandeur of the British empire in the 19th and 20th century is predicated on “the empire on which the sun never sets.” This pomposity was extended to include emerging America in the mid-19th century to posit the Anglophone domain, as noted by Alexander Campbell in 1852, “To Britain and America, god has granted the possession of the new world; and because the sun never sets upon our religion, our language and our arts…” Subsequently, the two world wars of the 20th century changed the global narrative and the churn of history left the British empire to hold on and cast its equation with the US in a Churchellian expression, “special relationship.”
One step forward despite hurdles - Kalyani Shankar, Pioneer
Going by recent happenings, it seems the Congress high command’s authority is gradually eroding in several States, including Telangana, Punjab, Rajasthan and Karnataka. While the grand old party is confronted with leadership crisis at the national level, it is disintegrating in States, too.
Listen to the youth - RK Pachauri, Pioneer
Jack Andraka was in high school and only 15 when he won the grand prize at the 2012 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair for presenting a method for detecting early stages of pancreatic and other cancers. Jack was deeply moved by the death of someone who he regarded an uncle and someone he was very fond of.
Lurching from crisis to crisis - Sandhya Jain, Pioneer
Although Sonia Gandhi’s formidable personality holds the Congress together, the party is beginning to flounder in the absence of clarity on whether Rahul Gandhi’s resignation has been withdrawn or accepted. The Wayanad MP offered to quit at the Congress Working Committee (CWC) meeting on May 25, taking full responsibility for the failure to dislodge the Modi Government, and for the miniscule increase of eight seats from 2014 (44 to 52); top party leaders rejected the resignation.
Reform defence planning - PK Vasudeva, Pioneer
One of the biggest challenges that Defence Minister Rajnath Singh is faced with is the Indian Air Force’s (IAF) depleting war machinery — aircraft/fighters. The depletion of fighters has indeed been a worrisome trend as the IAF squadrons’ strength is down to 32 from the 42 minimum required for a two-front scenario.
How integrated is our command? - Deepak Sinha, Pioneer
After years of speculation, the Government has finally bitten the bullet and formally named the heads of the Armed Forces Special Operations Division (AFSOD) and the Defence Cyber Agency (DCA). The head for the Defence Space Agency (DSA) is expected to follow soon. These three tri-service divisions will function under the Integrated Defence Staff supposedly to foster “integration, synergy and economy” among elements of the three services.
Rahul Gandhi can’t be fixed - Sadanand Dhume, Times of India
Is Rahul Gandhi salvageable as a politician? For the Congress Party this poses an existential question. If the scion of the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty is beyond repair, then India’s oldest party must either find a way to eject him from its helm or face nearly certain extinction.
Modi, Modi all over - Pioneer
After all the hullabaloo over the formation of the new Narendra Modi government, there should have been a sense of catharsis, some feeling of continuity with many old names featuring as a cladding and awe at decisive changes in the big league.
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