Modi diplomacy redefining India - Pathikrit Payne, Pioneer
The signing of the deal for S-400 air defence systems worth $5.43 billion earlier this month  between India and Russia is significant in many ways. It is not just another deal but an exemplification of the coming of age of a regional powerhouse  which is now confident of its moves and does its homework well before taking calculated risks.
Indigenous edifice for new education - JS Rajput, Pioneer
The current state of Indian education system is a cause of concern on various fronts. It is very clearly visible in most learned narrations on education.
Rafale deal: Smoothen ruffled feathers - VK Bahuguna, Pioneer
Defence procurement has always been in the vortex of politics in India as the Opposition seeks to find chinks in such deals. Everyone remembers the Swedish Bofors Guns which, according to many experts, won India the Kargil War with Pakistan but had rocked the boat of the Rajiv Gandhi Government. Politics for electoral benefits precedes national security concerns when it comes to smelling corruption in defence deals.
Calling Modi ‘chor’ Cong bid to shore up prospects - Swapan Dasgupta, Pioneer
There was a time when politicians were guided by a combination of feedback from the ground and gut instinct. The importance of the latter was never insignificant. It has become even more important in the age of ‘Breaking News’ and the 24x7 news cycle.
Undermining educators' morale - CB Sharma, Pioneer
In one of his interviews, Congress president Rahul Gandhi, while talking about the selection criteria of vice-chancellors during the Bharatiya Janata Party Government, made a remark that “the sole qualification of vice chancellor after vice-chancellor chosen to lead India’s top universities is that they belong to the RSS.” Nothing could be more damaging to the Indian education system than his remark and that too when he considers himself to be the future Prime Minister of the country.
Jobs and the pre-election year - Surjit S Bhalla, Indian Express
The job controversy goes on. The last official (conducted by a government organisation) employment survey was undertaken in 2015. Since January 2016, a private organisation (Centre for Monitoring Economy, CMIE) in collaboration with the Bombay Stock Exchange has been publishing tri-annual estimates of employment and unemployment for the labour force (individuals of 15 years and above).
Standing in defence of our soldiers - Ashok K Mehta, Pioneer
Data and the tax department don’t lie, to paraphrase a saying. IndiaSpend is the torchbearer of new journalism. It specialises in data-crunching, rather than relying on vague, perception-based analysis. In a report about a new study, it backs up with data what we always knew but could not prove.
Stemming the unholy crime-politics nexus - A Surya Prakash, Pioneer
The recent judgement of the Supreme Court regarding criminalisation of politics has taken voters a few steps towards making an informed choice while exercising their franchise, but the hopes of debarring such elements from contesting elections seems a bit too distant.
Clearing the strategic Air - Pranab Dhal Samanta, Economic Times
India’s decision to purchase the S-400 Triumf missile defence system from Russia has handed the US a unique strategic opportunity to distinguish India from China on their dealings with Russia: sanctions for Beijing, waiver for New Delhi.
No place for minorities in Pakistan - Prafull Goradia, Pioneer
Soon after his appointment to the Economic Advisory Council, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan Niazi was induced to remove Dr Atif Mian because he is an Ahmadiyya, which is a Muslim 'sect' considered blasphemous by mainstream Sunnis.
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