Rules of play: Avoid unnecessary reactions - Claude Arpi, Pioneer
The next round of border talks between India and China is expected to be held in Delhi next month. Other bilateral issues may also be discussed when the Special Representatives, Ajit Doval, the National Security Advisor meets the Chinese State Councillor Yang Jiechi. Doval will probably first congratulate Yang, who has recently been promoted to the Chinese Communist Party’s Politburo.
Message from Bangladesh - Syed Muazzem Ali, Pioneer
Bangladesh Independence War is the finest moment in the thousand years of the nation’s history. Unarmed and peace-loving Bangladeshi people, in response to the clarion call by Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the father of the nation, on March 7 and 26, 1971, had valiantly fought the Pakistani occupation forces that had launched the treacherous genocidal war on our people on March 26, 1971.
Adding wings to entrepreneurs - Hima Bindu Kota, Pioneer
India is on the cross roads of exciting times. With demographic dividend on its side, it is set to become the youngest nation in the world by 2020 with an average age of 29. Although the demographic potential offers the country an unprecedented edge, which could further contribute to the gross domestic product (GDP) growth rate, it is a challenge for the Government to meaningfully employ its youth.
The making of the Padmavati controversy - A Surya Prakash, Pioneer
Frenzy and irrational responses to Bhansali's film Padmavati can be traced to the deep distrust among the Hindu majority about the history of India written by pseudo-secular, Nehruvian and Marxist historians.
Batting for personal liberty - Anupam Lal Das, Pioneer
Individual liberty, which is one of the inalienable fundamental rights of a citizen, is under threat due to the shifting sands of bail jurisprudence. Lord Macaulay is credited with codifying the criminal laws in India in the mid 19th century. The said codification gave birth to three major criminal Acts in the form of ‘Indian Penal Code, 1860’, ‘Indian Evidence Act, 1872’ and ‘Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 (Amended)’.
Finally, it's Rahul - Pioneer
After prolonged speculation about elevation of Rahul Gandhi as the party chief, the Congress on Monday cleared the decks for him to take up the reins from his mother Sonia Gandhi. Party sources said Rahul is likely to be the sole candidate in the organisational poll and is “deemed to be the next party chief” on December 5, a few days before the Gujarat Assembly polls.
Indira Gandhi to Modi - Ramachandra Guha, Indian Express
Some years ago, I spent several months studying the official correspondence of P.N. Haksar, who was principal secretary to Prime Minister Indira Gandhi from 1967 to 1973. In his letters and reports, Haksar came across as a man of patriotism and erudition. He deeply loved his country and fervently wished for its progress and prosperity.
New India’s Trump card in Asian space - Manan Dwivedi, Pioneer
US President Donald Trump might be known for his so-called idiosyncrasies, whims and fancies, but the Asiatic space nations of the order of Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, South Korea and Japan too are going their gerrymandering ways. The rise and demise of twin economic groupings such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) have been an apt instance of the Asian nations’ imagination.
Ram Temple movement erected a big tent - Ishan Joshi, Pioneer
The project to ensure India's emergence as an Indic civilizational-rooted modern state will come undone if lumpen anti-intellectualism continues. Happenstance, perhaps, but as we approach the 25th anniversary of the Ayodhya Demolition on December 6, I received a phone call from the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), informing me that my deposition as a witness is overdue before the CBI Special Court in Lucknow where the case on the “criminal conspiracy” aspect of the demolition is being heard.
What's the message sent out if Rahul Gandhi's anointment is put off again? - Pioneer
The comparison may not be entirely fair — to whom, depends on your point of view — but Rahul Gandhi's long-delayed accession to the post of president of India's oldest political party is becoming a bit like Prince Charles' seemingly endless wait to succeed his mother as the British monarch.
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