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Shoot for the stars - Pioneer
The launch of India's first astronomy satellite, Astrosat, marks a new phase in space study for the country, and adds yet another feather in the cap of the Indian Space Research Organisation. Only last year, ISRO launched its first inter-planetary mission to Mars, Mangalyaan, and now it has scripted another big win with Astrosat. What sets Astrosat apart, even in a league...
The tussle between the family man and the outsider - Devdutt Pattanaik, Economic Times
Did Duryodhana’s friendship with Karna make his brother, Dusshasana, insecure? Did Ram’s love for Hanuman make his brother, Lakshmana, or Bharata, insecure? Did Karna and Hanuman go out of their way to ensure that the family of their patron did not feel threatened by the patronage showered upon them?
Sports: 1970s & now - Ashok Malik, Asian Age
How sports change. In the India of the 1970s, the mass sports were clearly hockey and football. Equipment was fairly simple to procure: a ball and in a case of hockey a ball and a stick, sometimes an improvised rather than the “proper” hockey stick. Cricket and tennis in contrast were elite sports, and required expensive bats and rackets, pads and other accoutrement.
Sirohi turns over a new leaf - Syed Intishab Ali, Times of India
This Rajasthan district has restored both gender and green balance by planting trees to mark the birth of a girl child. Five-year old Sugna enters the temple complex and embraces a neem tree her own age, as her mother Wagtu Devi looks on. The mother and daughter are particularly attached to this tree at the temple of Banoshwari Mata. In Sanwada village...
Yoga is India’s finest gift to humanity - Murli Manohar Joshi, Sunday Guardian
For India, International Yoga Day was an occasion to celebrate the recognition of yoga by the globalised world as India's finest gift to humanity. Yoga is neither a matter of faith nor of superstition; it is, in fact, a subject with well defined philosophy, grammar and a goal based on "holism". It best epitomises India's worldview...
The story in long form - Vanita Kohli-Khandekar, Business Standard
Myles Jackman is a lawyer on a mission to change the UK's obscenity laws. His story, over 7,000 words of it spread over three full pages of The Guardian, grips me, quite unintentionally. And I read it to the very end on a longish tube ride in London. Many newspapers, especially in the UK and US, now offer long reads a la The Atlantic or The New Yorker.
Queen Elizabeth II, 63 years in 63 pictures - BBC
Queen Elizabeth II becomes the longest-reigning monarch in British history on the evening of 9 September 2015. To mark the event we present an image from the archives of the Press Association from every year of her reign. Queen Elizabeth II, in a black mourning outfit, waves as she returns to Clarence House in London the day...
Return of the king: Pelé returns to India after 38 years - Boria Majumdar, Economic Times
At times black and white looks better than colour. On occasions, raw skill makes technology look redundant. And on the very rare occasion, a 74-year-old legend can evoke universal deference from sports fans the world over more than a younger world-class athlete. Pelé is such a figure. A 17-year-old scoring in the World Cup final...
Let’s kill the password - Nandagopal Rajan, Financial Express
The password has been something all of us have struggled with. In fact, the worst and easiest to crack passwords are the most commonly used across the world. This abuse is so common that we have all, at some point of time, used ‘12345’ or ‘password’ to secure anything from our email to bank accounts. It is a good thing that at least some of these services...
Take visual literacy seriously - Ajit Balakrishnan, Business Standard
Teachers everywhere, be it at our IIMs or at our high schools or at American Ivy League colleges, are reporting that a third of their way into a lecture their students have started fidgeting and doodling. Careful examination shows that it is not teacher quality that is to blame (both good and average teachers report encountering this problem).
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