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‘Star Wars’: a game-changer in special effects - Mint
When Star Wars audiences were blown away four decades ago by its thrilling battles in space, they were also witnessing a big bang in special effects that is still felt today, as fans await the next instalment in the blockbuster saga. The original 1977 movie—which introduced the world to Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader and a mysterious...
Would you accept a pig’s heart or a cow’s skin? - Pratik Kanjilal, Financial Express
The English appreciate the wonder that is the cow far better than those Indians who see her as their mother. We remain at a very preliminary stage of research, no better than the poor schoolchildren who, generation after generation, write the legendary school essay on the properties of the cow—an enumeration of its horns, hooves and tail.
Gandhi Maidan: A fulcrum of India’s political history - Pretika Khanna & Meenal Thakur, Mint
Subhas Chandra Bose, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Jayaprakash Narayan and Narendra Modi. What connects the leaders who otherwise share little in common? The historic Gandhi Maidan in Patna. The maidan, formerly known as Patna Lawns, or Bankipore Maidan as it was called before independence, lies in the heart...
A tribute to Narmada – The lifeline of Madhya Pradesh - Aashish Chandorkar, Swarajya
The Indian Ocean song on River Narmada from the album Kandisa, released in March 2000, brought to the fore the traditional prayer offered to the river Goddess in Madhya Pradesh, the state which constitutes 80% of the river basin. In October of the same year, in a landmark judgment, the Supreme Court...
The talented Indian - Vanita Kohli-Khandekar, Business Standard
What do Priyanka Chopra, Irrfan Khan, A R Rahman, Resul Pookutty and Nawazuddin Siddiqui have in common? Chopra plays the lead in ABC's FBI drama Quantico that opened late in September this year. Most of the American reviewers seem to have trouble with the show's plot and its holes. But there is no questioning of why an Indian actor was cast in the lead role.
Sehwag: The utterly carefee genius - Biswadeep Ghosh, Swarajya
His shots came out of nowhere. A disciplined good-length delivery, and he could make it fly over the third man for a six. A yorker, and the ball could split the cover field and race away for a four. A gentle full toss, that gift every batsman desperately wants, and it could be gently driven back to the bowler.
Judgement Day comes calling - Visvaksen P, Business Line
The distant future is creeping up on us faster than we expected. Virtual reality, self-driving cars and private space missions have all made the leap from science fiction to everyday life, not to mention hoverboards and invisibility cloaks. In an era where real wars are fought using video game controllers and that a headset can create a very realistic simulation of a war...
Re-making a capital - SK Sinha, Asian Age
The unnecessary controversy about renaming Aurangzeb Road in New Delhi as Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Road takes me back to when I first came to Delhi as a young captain in 1946, on posting from abroad after the Second World War. During the 1911 Imperial Durbar, King George V announced that the capital of India will be shifted from Calcutta to Delhi.
How the definition of immigration has changed over the years - Reshmi R Dasgupta, Economic Times
Decades ago, growing up as a child of Indian diplomats meant a wrenching upheaval every few years. New country, new school, new friends, new culture. It also invariably meant cutting off ties, never seeing certain friends or places again for years, if at all ever again. It also often meant a growing disconnect from India...
It hapened in Bikaner - Arti Dogra, Indian Express
Before sunrise every morning, groups of men, women and children can be seen walking through the sand dunes of Bikaner. These heterogeneous groups, known as the nigrani committee, are often spearheaded by little tolis of children and are bound together by a common agenda — to seek and shame those from the village who step out in the early hours of the morning...
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