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India's youngest student pilot set to earn her wings, fly passenger plane - Mohammed Wajihuddin, Times of India
A few heads turn as 21-year-old Ayesha Aziz breezes into a coffee shop in south Mumbai, clutching a sheaf of papers. She blames the city's traffic for being late as she settles down to talk about getting a commercial pilot's licence (CPL) within a day or two and flying passenger...
Viraat farewell for world's longest serving aircraft carrier - Rahul Dutta, Pioneer
The Navy has planned a series of farewell ceremonies to mark the formal decommissioning of aircraft carrier INS Viraat after 30 years of service on March 6 in Mumbai. Indian sailors, including even retired ones, who served on this ship will be part of the ceremony. Navy chief of the United Kingdom and some officers...
'Mobile phone is your bank': An ideal digital wallet - Mohak Gupta, IndiaToday
Phrases like e-wallet, digital wallet and mobile money have entered popular lexicon in the wake of demonetisation of high currency notes in India. It is being proclaimed that 'mobile phone is your bank'. Various banks are advertising the launch of ewallets and related mobile apps. However, if you carefully examine these offerings...
Milestone man - Samit Gohel - Krishnaraj Singh, Times of India
Tuesday, here in the Pink city, was going to be about Samit Gohel. The Gujarat batsman was on 261 against Odisha going into the final day and the only question was whether he would get a historic triple ton or not. He got it and, in fact, did one better. When he finished on 359 not out, Gohel had broken a long-standing 117-year-old record. But, even five hours after his feat...
Rio 2016 - Indian girl power to the fore - Prajwal Hegde, Times of India
The Games of the girls. That's what the 2016 Summer Olympics has been for India. In Rio, the first South American city to host the quadrennial affair, it was female power to the fore, the women overshadowing the men for the first time. It was a roster not just of range but also of rage, a celebration of body and mind, physicality and persistence.
2016, the year of the underdog? - Kushan Mitra, Pioneer
This year has been remarkable for sports. With Leicester City’s fairytale win of the English Premier League, a squabbling West Indies unit finding unity in music and sixes to lift the International Cricket Council T20 trophy, the astounding rise of teenager Max Verstappen in Formula One and the European football championships where in the semi-finals, three of the participating...
Why free-to-air channels are here to stay - Chandni Mathur, Financial Express
In a cost-sensitive country like India where ‘free’ acts as a magnet for the otherwise flickering consumer, television broadcasters are latching onto the typical ‘Indian’ mentality if you will, by offering Free to Air (FTA) channels. Technically a freemium model, there were hardly any FTA channels till a few years back...
Stings over, the 'Greatest' floats away - Pioneer
He doggedly refused to fight a war for America because of his religious beliefs but would seldom lose a battle in the ring. He punched, he pummeled and he berated his opponents with the ferocity of a soldier and with an audacity that few could withstand in White America of the 60s. But none could ever fault this boxing genius...
In short, Virat Kohli is Don Bradman - Shamik Chakrabarty, Indian Express
It started to pour since 6 o’clock in the evening. About three hours later, when rain stopped, a portion of the Chinnaswamy outfield was under ankle-deep water. At 9.30pm, Virat Kohli and Murali Vijay walked out for the toss. Fifteen minutes hence, they were up and running; for a 15-overs-a-side contest.
Digital banking in a digital India - Aditya Puri, Business Standard
The world has changed and continues to change rapidly. The convergence of telecom, media and computing has changed the way we work, play and live. Going back in time, we first had the physical networks - roads, rail, electricity, and water. These networks connected cities and towns and were the life and blood of our economies.
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