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Missing wood for trees in China - Pioneer
Instead of splitting hairs over fine details of the Line of Actual Control or blocked UN sanctions against Pakistan-sponsored terrorists, India, in its discussions with the leadership in Beijing, should focus on understanding the large-scale military reforms underway in China.
Cracks in GOP as Laura Bush backs Hillary Clinton - Chidanand Rajghatta, Times of India
Rumors about the demise of the Republican Party are not exaggerated. The party of Lincoln and Grant, Reagan and Bush, is in the throes of such a deep crisis that it has inspired a raft of funereal op-eds, from the New Republic's 'The Case for Shutting Down the Republican Party' to Huffington Post's 'The End of GOP'.
Bill heckled by protesters, forced to defend his regime - Times of India
Eyes flashing and finger wagging, former President Bill Clinton sprang to the defence of his administration, his wife Hillary's political track record, and the Democratic Party in general at a campaign rally where black protesters challenged the perception that Clinton Democrats had a stranglehold on the African-American vote.
Beijing cannot shield Pakistan on terror for long - Pioneer
New Delhi has responded sensibly to China's blocking of an Indian initiative at the United Nations to designate Jaish-e-Mohammed chief Masood Azhar a terrorist. It has neither gone overboard in its criticism nor remained meek. An Indian official, expressing the country's disappointment, said the matter had been taken up with Beijing at the ‘highest levels’.
US-Cuba relations: Turning over a new leaf - Makhan Saikia, Pioneer
Team Obama must ensure a pragmatic strategy to fight all the odds to engage the Castros and the new regime of Miguel Dias-Canel in the days to come. The new roadmap in America’s diplomatic corridors should clear legislative logjams for building a vibrant relationship with Cuba even if a Republican President occupies the White House not just to salvage Obama’s historic “Cuba Initiative”, and also to assuage the Latin American leaders of all hues that America of the 21st century prefers its business not to be any more wars and neo-liberal market gimmicks.
Pakistan rips Pakistan - Manoj Joshi, Economic Times
Pakistan has a population of some two million Christians, living mainly in its cities. Some of them were celebrating Easter on Sunday at Lahore’s Gulshan-i-Iqbal park when a suicide bomb attack ripped through this crowd, killing at least 72 people and leaving more than 300 injured. Most of the victims were children and women.
ISIS and Europe’s questions of identity - Mint
Last week, the Brussels bombings, coming on the heels of the Paris attacks in November, underlined Europe’s vulnerability and the scope of the Islamic State (ISIS) network and operations within its boundaries. This week, ISIS has been pushed out of Palmyra in Syria by the Syrian army, reversing gains made 10 months ago.
EU's changing face - S Nihal Singh, Asian Age
Europe is in a crisis of a kind it has not seen since its modest beginning as the Coal and Steel Community, transformed into the European Economic Community, and now the European Union (EU). The credo was an ever closer union — a concept rejected by Britain — and not all members joined the common euro currency when it was launched.
Budgeting under uncertainty - Meghnad Desai, Financial Express
The UK Budget was presented on March 16 amid much fanfare. The Conservatives have a majority on their own for the first time since the 1992-1997 John Major-led government. George Osborne, the chancellor, had garnered many kudos as he was seen to have got the UK economy from the high deficit/debt situation by being very tough on government spending. From near 11% in 2010, the Budget deficit was brought down to half.
N-summit to review joint efforts against ISIS - S Rajagopalan, Pioneer
World leaders arriving in Washington next week for the Nuclear Security Summit will use the opportunity to also review their strategy in dealing with the challenge posed by ISIS against the grim backdrop of the attacks in Brussels this week.
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