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India-Nepal: Treaty that reflects a meeting of hearts - Rajesh Singh, Pioneer
Charles de Gaulle may have been a tad sexist when he remarked that “treaties are like roses and young girls. They last while they last”. But he effectively brought out the transient value that most agreements of whatever kind suffer from. At another level, treaties are like water — they begin to smell foul when left stagnant for long periods of time.
Nepal's political divisions are resurfacing, threatening to delay the constitution once more - Yubaraj Ghimire, Indian Express
Last week, Prime Minister Sushil Koirala refused to implement a crucial provision of the written understanding he had signed with the Communist Party of Nepal-Unified Marxist Leninist (CPN-UML) as the basis of forming the coalition government in March. Koirala said the president and vice president should not seek parliamentary endorsement for their continuation, as it violates the letter and spirit of the constitution.
How Europe is underwriting al-Qaeda - Rukmini Callimachi, New York Times
The cash filled three suitcases: 5 million euros. The German official charged with delivering this cargo arrived here aboard a nearly empty military plane and was whisked away to a secret meeting with the president of Mali, who had offered Europe a face-saving solution. Officially, Germany had budgeted the money as humanitarian aid for the poor nation of Mali.
The new world order needs a new Islam - Sandhya Jain, Pioneer
The stunning success of the rabid Sunni group, Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, (now known as the Islamic State), in seizing territory in both Iraq and Syria since June calls for careful scrutiny to discern the reasons for its sudden comeback. Some events have occurred in rapid succession.
Making friends with the middle - C Raja Mohan & Rory Medcalf, Indian Express
When External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj sits down with Vietnamese leaders in Hanoi on Monday, a widely shared concern in Asia will be at the top of the agenda: How does one deal with an increasingly assertive China and the uncertain dynamic in Beijing’s relations with Washington?
US weighs direct military action against ISIS in Syria - Michael D Shear, ToI
 A top national security adviser to US President Obama vowed Friday that the United States would "do what is necessary" in Syria to protect American interests and said that direct military action was possible against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, known as ISIS.
Stopping the worst people on Earth - Charles Krauthammer, Washington Post
Baghdad called President Obama’s bluff and he came through. He had refused to provide air support to Iraqi government forces until the Iraqis got rid of their divisive sectarian prime minister.
From democracy to mobocracy in Pak - Ashok Behuria, Pioneer
As PTI legislators go ahead with their decision to resign from the National Assembly, uncertainty deepens in Pakistan. Will the people of Pakistan back them or will it be a repeat of the experience of the Indian Aam Aadmi Party?
Idea of Pakistan is getting blurred - Medha Bisht, Pioneer
The geographical logic has greatly animated the geopolitical contours of the South Asian region. Its impact on external and internal policies is effectively illuminated in the foreign policies, which have been adopted by the South Asian states at various points of time. Indeed, an appropriate example of this dialectical interaction between the internal and the external is manifested in the sectarian strife being witnessed by Pakistan.
'Isis beyond anything we have seen' - Spencer Ackerman, Guardian
Senior Pentagon officials described the Islamic State (Isis) militant group as an “apocalyptic” organisation that posed an “imminent threat” on Thursday, yet the highest-ranking officer in the US military said that in the short term, it was sufficient for the United States to “contain” the group that has reshaped the map of Iraq and Syria.
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