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Taiwan riddle for Trump, Xi - Manan Dwivedi, Pioneer
India with its own two-nation theory suffered partition and ungainly carnage. The mainland China and the outgrowth of its selfsame organic in the form of Taiwan too militate against the rationale of nation-state, ideally speaking.
Deadly weapon attack - Pioneer
The world can continue to quibble over who is responsible for the chemical weapon attack in Syria's Idlib Province, which claimed the lives of more than 70 people, largely innocent children. But the fact remains that even condemnation will seem hollow in bringing justice to the victims — the attack is equivalent to a war crime.
In the trap of history - Khaled Ahmed, Indian Express
Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is looking for what has come to be called biyania (narrative) to defeat the influence of Islamist killers among the victimised masses. What he actually wants is a revision of the ideology of Pakistan which is the same as the one taught by its tormentors, al Qaeda and Islamic State.
Rex factor: A new America can engage Dragon - Manan Dwivedi, Pioneer
Is it that the American foreign policy rigmarole has decided to go beyond the idea of a Euro-centric world which has already taken a backseat with American Secretary of State Rex Tillerson skipping his NATO meet and meeting the Chinese counterpart of President Trump?
The unwanted minority of Af-Pak! - Makhan Saikia, Pioneer
There is nothing new about the sectarian conflicts and subsequent death of thousands in Afghanistan and Pakistan. But who suffers the most in both the countries are none other than Hazaras. The two main radical groups which are actively and consistently engaged in massive killing of Hazaras in Pakistan are Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ) and the Pakistani Taliban.
London horror: West must stop self-kicking - Balbir Punj, Pioneer
The Islamist terror strike on Parliament building in London was the way this global menace that calls itself the Islamic State (IS), kicked the US-led West-Gulf states combine’s fight to eradicate the self-styled Caliphate. How limited the West’s understanding of the threat posed by radical Islam is evident in the reaction of General John Allen, a President Obama appointee from the American Army to build a coalition of Western and Gulf states against the self-appointed Caliphate based in Iraq-Syria.
Power does not temper them - Kanishk Tharoor, Hindustan Times
It is a measure of both India’s growing international stature and the unconventional character of Yogi Adityanath that the new chief minister of Uttar Pradesh made headlines here in the United States.
Donald Trump gives CIA power to carry out its own drone strikes - Harriet Agerholm, Independent
The CIA can now kill potential terror suspects with drone strikes after being granted new powers by President Donald Trump, according to a new report. The new authority – said to have been granted shortly after Mr Trump’s inauguration – takes drone strikes out of the sole control of the military, sparking fears about accountability.
Donald Trumpís revised Muslim Ban is just another battle in a presidency that looks like war - Firstpost
Of Donald Trump’s executive orders to date, his so-called “Muslim Ban” has drawn the most attention and controversy. In addition to causing mass confusion and chaos, Trump’s order also brought tensions between the Executive and Judicial branches of government to a head. Facing public outcry and judicial resistance, Trump revoked his original order and replaced it with an updated version, published on 6 March.
Hitting the right notes - Pioneer
Call him what you may — aggressive, shrewd campaigner, a man high on rhetoric, tough as nails — but there’s apparently no stopping US President Donald Trump from going ahead, in his words, in making ‘America Great Again'. This was so starkly evident in his maiden speech to the US Congress at Capitol Hill.
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