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Getting China strategy right - Pravin Sawhney, Pioneer
India needs its Henry Kissinger who could advise US President Donald Trump that US-Sino relations need not — and should not — become a zero-sum game. In a dramatic turnaround which caught analysts by surprise, Trump moved from a confrontationist to cooperative approach with China within 100 days of assuming the presidency.
Moderate Iran triumphs - Pioneer
With more than 57 per cent of the Iranian voters endorsing another term for the moderate President Hassan Rouhani, the electorate's message could not have been more emphatic: The people of Iran want greater integration of their nation with the world, especially the West, which Rouhani has promised on terms fair to Iran; they seek increasingly high levels of internal democracy, which Rouhani has worked to achieve and assured to scale up; and they desire economic reforms which the incumbent President is placed to effect.
Rouhani faces dual challenge - Manoj Joshi, DailyO
President Hassan Rouhani’s landslide victory in the presidential elections is good news for Iranians as well as for India. It should assist Iran to become more democratic, moderate and prosperous over time, but that is not a given.
Nepal turns the corner - Kanak Mani Dixit, Hindu
Many Western diplomats and development-walas, cheered on by their Kathmandu plaudits, tend to portray Nepal as a failed or failing state. The alternative view would describe a resilient polity finding its balance despite the chicanery of national politicians and unremitting external interventionism.
The attempt to unseat Nawaz Sharif shows how Pakistan’s religious laws confuse piety with justice - Khaled Ahmed, Indian Express
When religion is supreme, justice can go wrong. Because a religious state doesn’t accept the divorce between what is public and what is private, it ends up confusing ethics with piety. Judges are free to parade their own piety while judging crime. That’s what is happening in the case against Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.
World must unite to help Kabul fight Taliban - Pioneer
The attack on a large number of unarmed Afghan forces is yet again indicative of the growing footprint of the Taliban, and speaks volumes about the state of security in the war-torn country. Both, however, point towards the need to tackle the situation with a growing sense of purpose.
A snap election: Back into battle - Economist
ONE thing is certain about the British general election: Theresa May didn’t call it for the reason she claimed. Standing in front of 10 Downing Street on April 18th the prime minister said she had no choice but to call a poll because “the country is coming together but Westminster is not”.
Taiwan riddle for Trump, Xi - Manan Dwivedi, Pioneer
India with its own two-nation theory suffered partition and ungainly carnage. The mainland China and the outgrowth of its selfsame organic in the form of Taiwan too militate against the rationale of nation-state, ideally speaking.
Deadly weapon attack - Pioneer
The world can continue to quibble over who is responsible for the chemical weapon attack in Syria's Idlib Province, which claimed the lives of more than 70 people, largely innocent children. But the fact remains that even condemnation will seem hollow in bringing justice to the victims — the attack is equivalent to a war crime.
In the trap of history - Khaled Ahmed, Indian Express
Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is looking for what has come to be called biyania (narrative) to defeat the influence of Islamist killers among the victimised masses. What he actually wants is a revision of the ideology of Pakistan which is the same as the one taught by its tormentors, al Qaeda and Islamic State.
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