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Of elections in neighbouring Nepal - Ashok K Mehta, Pioneer
The Nepali voter is wise — s/he brought the Maoists crashing down in the second Constituent Assembly election. This time too s/he can spring a surprise. Barely three days are left for the historic simultaneous first phase of Parliamentary and Provincial post-Constitution election in Nepal but there has hardly been a word in the Indian media.
New winds in Saudi Arabia - Khaled Ahmed, Indian Express
Last month, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman vowed to return the country to “moderate Islam” and claimed that it had become “extreme” 30 years earlier, spurred by Iran’s revolution of 1979. His real message was that before Iran went crazy, Saudi Arabia was a moderate state uninterested in spreading its hard Wahhabi creed.
Royally political purge in Riyadh - Kabir Taneja, Pioneer
The recent turn of events in Saudi Arabia have been nothing short of a Hollywood thriller with Family, King, Princes, neighbouring countries and missile attacks all thrown into the mix for good measure.
Time to call Pakistan’s bluff - Anil Gupta, Pioneer
Enough has been written about political and diplomatic efforts to expose and isolate Pakistan. While considerable success has been achieved, more needs to be done to strangulate Islamabad economically.
Pakistan and Trump: Ready for a bargain? - C Raja Mohan, Indian Express
As part of the effort to get Pakistan’s support for stabilising Afghanistan, Washington is sending senior US officials, including Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Secretary of Defence James Mattis, to the region this month. Reports from Washington say the administration wants to convey a “tough message” to Pakistan on ending its support to cross-border terrorism.
Why Afghanistan is not Vietnam - M Ashraf Haidari, Pioneer
In a recent New York Times article titled, ‘What Trump Needs to Learn from Vietnam,’ David Elliot draws lessons from America’s experience in Vietnam for Afghanistan. His opinion follows those of a few others who have similarly argued over the past 16 years that Afghanistan has slowly turned into America’s Vietnam, a quagmire, from which the United States must disengage.
Pakistan can have economic benefits from India by ending terror havens: Jim Mattis - Mint
Pakistan can have strong economic benefits from India if it finds a way to carry out its international responsibilities and brings an end to any kind of terror safe havens on its soil, a top US official told lawmakers.
Chairman Xi and his men: Entering a new phase - Claude Arpi, Pioneer
The future of the relations between India and China is linked to the outcome of the seismic changes in the PLA. India should not only watch carefully, but also get its acts together. The 19th Congress of the Chinese Communist Party is fast approaching. This is the occasion for Chinese President Xi Jinping to make drastic changes, not only in the Central Committee, who will elect a new Politburo, but also in the People’s Liberation Army (PLA).
Will Trump's new Afghan policy be a game-changer? - Ashok K Mehta, Pioneer
Although the new policy on drone strikes in Af-Pak has not been revealed, the big question is: Will Trump authorise drone strikes against Pakistan's ‘good terrorists' or will he act no different from Bush and Obama?
The isolationists win - Pioneer
During the late 1930’s, in the aftermath of the great depression and World War I, barely a generation old, there was the rise of an isolationist and non-intervention movement in the US. People who backed such causes, which included celebrities such as aviator Charles Lindbergh and political patriarch Joseph Kennedy, were of the belief that Europe's problems were not US’ problems and while the World War I left the US as a superpower, even President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, one of the greatest globalists, found himself bound to accede to the non-intervention movement.
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