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The undumpable Hafiz Saeed - Khaled Ahmed, Indian Express
It was not long ago when he funded and organised a cleric-dominated Defence of Pakistan Council “long march” of cars from Lahore to Islamabad to protest the government’s getting lazy on Kashmir, fortified by the presence of ex-ISI chief General (retd) Hamid Gul riding in one of the Prados.
Afghans face terror, again - Pioneer
The recent violence that witnessed the killing of six Red Cross workers in northern Afghanistan and 20 people near the Supreme Court of the country, signals an uptick in attacks by militants there. Both the strikes are suspected to be carried out either by the Islamic State or by the Taliban. But it's a more than enough provocation and assertion of strength by militants against the US-led forces fighting the Taliban in the war-torn country since 2001.
America's new tirade against Islamic State - Hiranmay Karlekar, Pioneer
Undoubtedly, for the US President, defeating the Islamic State is the highest priority. But Donald Trump does not have an easy road ahead, which runs through complex situations, posing problems difficult to resolve.
Trust me, Iím the president - Economist
WHEN Richard Nixon’s presidency began his attorney-general gave this piece of advice to reporters: “Watch what we do, not what we say.” In his first week in office the 45th president said plenty to comfort loyalists and confound foes with his extravagant and disorientating lies.
Significance of trilateral maritime drill - Rajaram Panda, Pioneer
Even when there is a leadership transition in the United States, the foreign policy challenge that North Korea’s nuclear weapon and missile development programmes pose to President Donald Trump is going to remain hot. None of the stakeholders committed to work for peace and stability in the Asian theatre are prepared to take lightly the announcement that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un made in his New Year missive that his country is at an advanced stage to test an intercontinental ballistic missile, which can take place at an arbitrary time.
Trump policies keep all on edge - Manoj Joshi, Mail Today
The full weight of Donald Trump's election as the President of the United States is now being felt. Unlike his predecessors, he seems determined to walk the talk of his campaign. Expectations that he would become more 'presidential' and moderate his views have been belied.
Whatís better: Trumpcare or Obamacare? - Manan Dwivedi, Pioneer
Running the danger of being an old wine in a new bottle might be the ideal non-populist prescriptive pathway for the framework to be unveiled by Donald Trump.
The Barelvi pushback - Khaled Ahmed, Indian Express
In the first week of 2017, Lahore was paralysed by roadblocks set up by the government to deny entry to mobs opposed to the  observance of the day Punjab Governor Salman Taseer was killed in 2011 by his police guard. Mumtaz Qadri, who shot him 27 times, was detailed to protect him against Islamist terrorists shadowing him for having opposed the blasphemy law. 
Rise of the new Right world over - Anirban Banerjee, Pioneer
Modern nationalist leaders are on ascent across the world. According to them, radical Islam is the fascism of today which the world has to fight together. People want decisive response to jihad and respect for their culture and end of institutionalised cronyism and mediocracy.
Media in the time of Trump - Arvind Rajagopal, Hindu
Behind the black-and-white contrast of the Cold War conflict, we always knew there was a cloak-and-dagger world that only had shades of grey. Assassinations, betrayals, coups d’état, espionage and proxy wars went on, so that our brightly-lit world of freedom and democracy could thrive.
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