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Talks on, US, India seek close ties in intelligence-sharing - Indian Express
The US and India have begun discussions on a intelligence-sharing pact that could tie the two countries’ covert services into one of the closest partnerships the superpower has outside of the “Five Eyes” Treaty signed by the five English-speaking powers after World War II, highly-placed government sources have told The Sunday Express.
Japanís Djibouti base could aid Indiaís interests - Kabir Taneja, Sunday Guardian
Japan, possibly India's closest ally at the moment, is moving forward with its historic revamp of military policies in light of changing geo-political scenarios, and India may be a benefactor of this.
Obamaís India Legacy - Sunday Guardian
Although President Franklin Delano Roosevelt batted for freedom for India to a recalcitrant Winston Churchill, and despite the fascination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy for this country, it proved impossible to bring together the world's two Giants of Democracy.
Guv Jindalís ID test: Can Indian-Americans go all American? - Swapan Dasgupta, Times of India
Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal has, quite understandably, drawn flak in the ‘old country’ for his unequivocal rejection of any prefix to his identity as an American. However, more than offending those proud IndianAmericans that flocked to Mad ison Square Garden in New York to celebrate Narendra Modi’s visit by waving the Indian tricolour, his speech is likely to be viewed with equal suspicion by Irish-Americans...
Time for Indo-US social security pact - Vikas Vasal, Financial Express
Recent media reports suggest that Indian nationals working in the US contribute about $2-3 billion annually to the US social security system. A large part of this sum is neither utilised by, nor refunded to the Indian nationals as they generally spend less than 10 years (40 quarters) in the US which is the minimum time limit required to seek benefits under the US social security system.
A digital mystery - Mint
A digital book that disappears in 24 hours. Read it by then. Or it’s gone. Poof...into the digital ether. This is not the plot of a fictional page turner, but an actual experiment launched by crime writer James Patterson. One thousand advance copies of his new book will be available in a special digital format just for a day before they disappear. The book will be launched in traditional formats on Monday.
'Obama's trip likely to produce positive results' - S Rajagopalan, Pioneer
The one wing of the US Government that is reasonably confident of “tangible and positive” results from President Barack Obama’s India visit is the Pentagon — and outgoing Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel is clearly upbeat about it.
India-China comparisons: Beware of feel-good factoids - Saurabh Kumar, Pioneer
India-China comparisons are bedeviled by disregard for adequate or appropriate contextualisation. They need special attention because of the difficulty of probing the ground level situation and processes underlying macro-indicators in the case of China. A judicious mix of ‘tactical pessimism’ and ‘strategic optimism’ would well serve Indian policy-makers and analysts.
Consolidating post-election gains in Sri Lanka - Ashok K Mehta, Hindu
Now that a peaceful and democratic regime change has occurred in Sri Lanka, a story that nearly played out can be told. Hours before voting, a senior diplomat in the Indian High Commission in Colombo, when asked whether President Mahinda Rajapaksa would get an unprecedented third term, replied: “How can he lose?” But he added: “It will be very close and if he loses by a whisker, he may go to the Supreme Court or ask the military to intervene.”
King Abdullah reached out to India, new rulers must pick up the threads - KC Singh, Times of India
With King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz’s demise yesterday India lost a rare friend in the Saudi ruling family pantheon. He was first befriended in 2000, when still Crown Prince, by external affairs minister Jaswant Singh, during his Saudi visit when he mentioned that he too hailed from a desert region — Rajasthan. Prince Abdullah invited him to his ranch, gifting him pure bred Arabian horses.
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