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Support for secular Balochistan to hit at Pak terror - Lawrence Sellin, Pioneer
Pakistan has proved itself to be an unreliable US ally in Afghanistan and in the battle against Islamic extremism. The time is long overdue for alternative courses of action, including ramping up attacks on terrorist targets in Pakistan, a reduction in the US aid, and support for an independent, secular Balochistan as potential buffer, free of religious militancy.
Why in Pakistan, 'politicians are held accountable, but army chiefs are not' - Harsha Kakar, Mail Today
The joint investigation team (JIT), which probed Pakistan Prime Minister's family business dealings, has found that the Nawaz Sharif family was living beyond the known means of income and recommended reopening cases which were either closed or ignored for a prolonged period.
Handshake that launched liberals into fits of anger - John Wight, Sputnik News
One handshake and positive meeting between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin at the G20, however welcome, does not allow us to lapse into complacency where US-Russia relations are concerned.
Africa's terror challenge - Pioneer
The recent spate of terrorist attacks that has engulfed parts of Somalia is not an isolated event. The east African country has been at war since decades. But given the frequency of such terror strikes, it seems there can be no limit to the extent of brutality for Al Shabaab, the Somali jihadi group, which wants to take control of the country and impose its form of extremism on the Somalis.
Trump's fake news spin on Paris climate deal - RK Pachauri, Pioneer
US President Donald Trump has announced the withdrawal of the United States from the Paris agreement, a decision which was widely anticipated. This move is truly unfortunate, because it completely ignores the scientific reality of climate change and the moral responsibility of the US for taking action. In cumulative terms, the US has been the largest emitter of greenhouse gases which are resulting in human-induced climate change.
Engaging an inward looking US - C Raja Mohan, Pioneer
As he heads to the White House later this month, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has a two-fold challenge. One is to preserve the gains in the bilateral relationship with the United States over the last two decades. The other is to find ways to cope with the unprecedented turbulence in America following the election of Donald Trump as the president last November.
The Afghanistan gamble - Pioneer
Coming after almost a decade, India's membership of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) is highly significant in the sense that the Eurasian body has opened up new avenues for regional cooperation and institution building. Most importantly, the SCO forum seeks to strengthen confidence and relations among neighbouring member countries.
France on move with cross-party vision - Makhan Saikia, Pioneer
Why has Macron won? The reasons are obvious. First of all he was completely untainted unlike Le Pen and the other two candidates, one from the hard Left— Jean-Luc Melenchon — and the other from the social conservative — Francois Fillion.
Europe constantly at war with extremism - Hiranmay Karlekar, Pioneer
However good a country’s intelligence and security establishment, it cannot prevent all terrorist attacks. This truism holds good for the horrific suicide blast in Manchester on Monday,  May 22, night, which killed at least 22 and wounded 59 persons, many in both categories being minors and children.
Getting China strategy right - Pravin Sawhney, Pioneer
India needs its Henry Kissinger who could advise US President Donald Trump that US-Sino relations need not — and should not — become a zero-sum game. In a dramatic turnaround which caught analysts by surprise, Trump moved from a confrontationist to cooperative approach with China within 100 days of assuming the presidency.
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