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Echoes of the Pink Tide - Vijay Prashad, Hindu
For U.S. foreign policy, its two Latin American pillars have been an isolation of Cuban socialism and support of the Colombian war against FARC. With their unravelling now, vested interests might try and introduce obstacles, but the developments, nevertheless, indicate a decisive shift in the tide of history.
New silk road - Nayan Chanda, Times of India
The Silk Road, a romantic name that evokes images of camel caravans laden with luxuries wending their way through picturesque mountains and steppes, is back in the news. In its latest avatar, the Silk Road is a Chinese strategic initiative comprising an infrastructure bank and a slew of road, high-speed rail, pipelines, ports and fibre-optic cables projects.
The last rivalry - Mint
The restoring of diplomatic relations between the US and Cuba marks the end of the last, and perhaps the most bitter, international conflict in the Western world. It can be argued that US President Barack Obama had little to lose in taking the step. The strong anti-communist expatriate Cuban community in Florida is not a part of the Democratic Party’s political support base.
48 hours after Peshawar, 26/11 butcher walks - Omer Farooq Khan, Times of India
A day after Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Pakistan's political leadership vowed to fight the last terrorist standing, a Rawalpindi anti-terrorism court on Thursday granted bail to Zakiur Rehman Lakhvi, the key handler in the 26/11 Mumbai attacks case, causing outrage in India.
Will tragedy jolt Pakistan's establishment into sense? - Business Standard
The attack by the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan, or TTP, on an army-run school in the cantonment in the city of Peshawar in northwest Pakistan is one of the most compelling tragedies of recent years. It has only underlined the hard inhumanity of the ideology that the TTP subscribes to, one in which even small children in school can be considered legitimate targets, and the subject of a massacre.
Together we can - Beena Sarwar, Indian Express
In an unprecedented move, students at schools across India observed a two-minute silence on December 17, in solidarity with the victims and survivors of the barbaric attack on an army-run school in Peshawar. Immensely moved, Pakistanis have responded with gratitude for this humane gesture that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had appealed for.
Explained: How Pak Taliban grew and grew - Indian Express
Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan is a loose and divided umbrella organisation that once represented roughly 30 groups of militants. The group was founded in 2007 by jihadi commander Baitullah Mehsud, and for years it and its allied groups, including al-Qaeda, have been based in the Pashtun tribal areas in northwestern Pakistan. Many Pakistani Taliban commanders fought in Afghanistan as part of the movement that swept to power in Kabul.
India seeks Nepal help to stem ISI-funded madrasas - Rakesh K Singh, Pioneer
India has raised with Nepal the issue of proliferation of madrasas on their side of the India-Nepal border and sought cooperation in checking anti-India activities by such religious schools that are being funded and supported by Pakistan’s ISI and the Dawood Ibrahim terror syndicate.
Lesson for Pakistan - Pioneer
There cannot be a more terrible reminder to the present and past rulers of Pakistan than the massacre of 132 children in a Peshawar Army school on Tuesday, that their patronage to terror elements can result in unspeakable tragedies. These innocent children paid with their lives for the stupidities that Pakistan's political establishment has been indulging in over the years, by being soft on terror groups.
Pakistan must live in Peshawar - Reem Wasay, Hindu
For the last decade or so, Pakistanis seemed to have lost the ability to be easily moved by news of tragedy and misfortune — so frequent have been the numbers of dead, injured and displaced. However, what transpired on Tuesday, December 16, in Peshawar has shaken this country more than any earthquake, attack or battle ever could.
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