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Some nations need bitter pill - Ishaan Saxena, Pioneer
At the very onset of this piece, let me make it abundantly clear that I am no Right-wing chest-thumping patriot. I am an apolitical but rational observer.  As far as I can remember, I have always eschewed hawkish rhetoric and observed the minutiae of international relations with enduring patience and a degree of pragmatism.
Donald Trump's children depend on his brand and he's driving that brand into the gutter - Jim Antle, Telegraph
Donald Trump’s presidential campaign has likely been undone by his crude talk and even worse alleged actions toward women. But the woman Trump cares about most may be collateral damage.
Pawn, not PM, Sharif - Pioneer
It is difficult to believe in the leading Pakistani daily, Dawn's report that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has directed the Army to stop shielding terrorists (read, those targeting India), and asked the authorities to expedite the probe into the 26/11 and Pathankot attacks — the first has been stalled and the second only supposedly ongoing.
TTIP raises fear of US takeover of Europe - Makhan Saikia, Pioneer
At a time when most of the Europeans are feeling insecurity back home, a deal dictated mainly by the business interests of the US conglomerates has become another point of contention. In fact, the TTIP and the TPP are widely seen as imperial trading structures to wrest control over the Trans-Atlantic and Pacific States by the multinational corporations
US election: For the cynical, of the cynical - Ashok Malik, Pioneer
Every leap year, the United States presidential election becomes the most watched such event in the world. The quantum of coverage only grows with each successive election, as media and social media capacities expand worldwide. Yet, this year the election has acquired a special significance due to a mix of factors.
North Korea challenges world again - Harsh V Pant, Mail Today
Last week, North Korea conducted its fifth underground nuclear test - and second this year - shrugging off threats of deeper sanctions from the United States and the United Nations in the process.
Colombo's quest for peace after long war - Ashok K Mehta, Pioneer
A shift in focus from the use of hard power to soft power on global issues, is a feather in the cap of the Sri Lanka Army. The Lankan country is fast moving towards peace and stability, and is without an enemy.
US-Russia deal gives hope, but obstacles remain - Pioneer
With the United States of America and Russia joining hands to contain violence in Syria, the chances for the war-ravaged nation to have peace, have brightened. The new agreement, if it comes into effect under which a joint military operation has been planned, will help prevent the deadly offensives of the Islamic State and other rebel groups that have paralysed civilian life for the last five years, since civil strife broke out.
New dynamic in the north west - C Raja Mohan, Indian Express
Two years ago, when he became the president of Afghanistan, Ashraf Ghani accorded special emphasis on normalising relations with Pakistan. As he went out of the way to seek reconciliation with the Pakistan army, there was much anguish in Delhi’s strategic community.
North Korea's N-race triggers instability in Asia - Pioneer
The fifth and biggest nuclear test conducted by North Korea on Friday has once again threatened peace and tranquility in Asia. The 68th founding anniversary of North Korea which was celebrated with the blast of a nuclear weapon more powerful than the bomb dropped on Hiroshima demonstrates the reclusive communist regime's claim to bolster its fire power in the restive region.
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