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Imran Khan is a politician with a sense of personal destiny, and a divine mission - Khaled Ahmed, Indian Express
Reham Khan arrived on the scene in Pakistan in 2014 as a TV reporter. Her name was spelt funny in Urdu. She didn’t bother to clarify, so it was written with a big Urdu “h” rather the small Urdu “h”. It meant “uterus” when misspelled. But when spelt with a small “h”, it meant “light drizzle”. She was beautiful; and interviewee Imran Khan fell for her, married her, only to divorce her 10 months later — a second divorce for both. Her first husband is a psychiatrist in London. What began as magic, she says now, turned out to be black magic.
Straws in the Paris wind - Happymon Jacob, Hindu
“Could you please tell me what’s the purpose of your visit to Paris, sir,” said the receptionist at the Best Western Hotel Diva Opera, not too far from the Louvre museum on the Seine river, after carefully examining my passport, demanding a copy of my host’s credit card used to book my room, and inspecting the documentary proof for my visit. “What kind of a question is that? Why do people come to Paris?” I thought to myself, and told her I had never before been asked such a question while checking into a Paris hotel. “We are going through difficult times, sir,” she said.
The war on ISIS is already falling apart - Mail Today
The fight against ISIS has taken a whole new twist after a Russian Su-24 fighter jet was shot down by Turkish F-16s. The incident has sparked a chain reaction that could have serious repercussions for the world.
Too many cooks for Syrian broth - Mayuri Mukherjee, Pioneer
The Russia-Turkish confrontation on Tuesday won't spark a war but it may disrupt the global coalition that’s slowly coming together to fight the Islamic State. The situation is fast evolving, and India must decide if it's comfortable sitting out of the defining conflict of this time.
A long, very dirty war - Claude Smadja, Business Standard
Paris remains a besieged city, Brussels was a ghost city for the whole weekend and New York and London are on edge. While police forces in different parts of Europe are breaking down doors, conducting searches and identity checks, French President Francois Hollande is frantically meeting other heads of state and government to create a fighting coalition against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).
China's cloudy future - II - Deepak Lal, Business Standard
In my last column ("China's cloudy future - I", 28 October 2015) I had outlined how Deng Xiaoping's gamble of opening up China (for the third time in its history), in order to generate the popular prosperity which would provide the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) continuing legitimacy, might be failing.
What I expect from Paris Climate change conference must be the turning point towards a low-carbon, climate-resilient future - Ban Ki-moon, Times of India
For the nearly nine years that I have been Secretary-General, I have travelled the world to the frontlines of climate change, and I have spoken repeatedly with world leaders, business people and citizens about the need for an urgent global response.
US sale of F-16s to Pakistan likely to go through - Yashwant Raj, Hindustan Times
The Obama administration is expected to formally notify the US Congress of its intention to sell eight F-16 fighter jets to Pakistan in December as efforts to stop it gather momentum. The notification, many believe, will set into motion a process that guarantees the sale, unless its opponents are able to muster enough votes, and interest in the issue, in Congress.
India needs to counter China in Southeast Asia with strong policies - HT
Prime Minister Narendra Modi has rightly spoken of Southeast Asia as India’s gateway to the rest of the Asia-Pacific. Unfortunately, he has not fully buttressed this sentiment with the policies needed to ensure members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) have a similar view regarding India’s importance.
India and the Maldives need to move ahead - Pioneer
Maldivian Foreign Minister Dunya Maumoon's recent visit to India, coming just five weeks after Minister for External Affairs Sushma Swaraj travelled to Male, indicates a joint determination by New Delhi and Male to recast their bilateral, which has suffered significantly in recent years.
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