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Events in Sudan are not surprising - Gwynne Dyer, Pioneer
The Janjaweed don’t care how many people they kill, and none of the most powerful Governments in the Arab world do either. Pro-democracy leaders have been carrying out campaigns but unless they take back control of the streets, it’s all over.
Tough terms of friendship - Bhopinder Singh, Pioneer
Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad-bin Salman (MbS) is touring the three most important capitals beyond Washington, DC, in his post-Khashoggi phase. The Western capitals were ultimately not amused by MbS’ ingrained feudal instincts in carrying out the rash internal purge, l’affaire Khashoggi and other unwarranted military interventions, after the initial hoopla surrounding the ostensible modernisation drive by the “real power behind the throne.”
40 years of Islamic Revolution in Iran - Yasir Ali Mirza, Pioneer
Since the 1979 revolution, international relations and geopolitical equations have drastically changed. Besides stirring up a debate on Islam vs West, it continues to have repercussions on the Islamic Republic’s relations with the rest of the world.
Vietnam redux in Kabul - Bhopinder Singh, Pioneer
There are eerie similarities in the genesis, proceedings and the ultimate fate of the US involvement in both Vietnam and Afghanistan. First, both — the Vietnamese and the Afghans — pride themselves on their fierce history of resistance to foreign invaders for centuries.
China’s war against Taiwan - Sumit Kumar, Pioneer
Delivering a speech to mark the 40th anniversary of the 1979 ‘Message of Compatriots in Taiwan’ on January 2, Chinese President Xi Jinping said, “A Taiwan independent from mainland China is not an option and no person or party can stop the trend towards unification.”
Endgame in Afghanistan - Hiranmay Karlekar, Pioneer
One has heard the question before: “What is going to happen in Afghanistan?” There are two reasons for revisiting it. The first is the delegation-level talks between Zalmay Khalilzad, the US special representative for Afghanistan, with Pakistani authorities in Islamabad on Thursday.
'Back-channel' talks ongoing for Trump-Kim summit, says South Korean envoy - Nicola Smith, Telegraph UK
The United States and North Korea are forging ahead with "back-channel" talks to arrange a second summit between Donald Trump, the US president, and Kim Jong-un, South Korea’s ambassador to Washington said on Tuesday.
Trump walks out of Mexico wall talks, warns emergency - Pioneer
US President Donald Trump has threatened to impose a national emergency which will empower him to go ahead with his plan to construct a barrier, concrete or steel, along the southern border with Mexico to prevent flow of illegal immigrants into the country.
US government begins shutdown over border wall funding row - Nick Allen, Telegraph UK
The US government has begun a partial shutdown after Republican senators failed to muster the votes needed to approve $5 billion that Donald Trump wants for a border wall fiercely opposed by Democrats.
Sri Lanka story may not end happily - Gwynne Dyer, Pioneer
You could write a heart-warming fairy tale about the turbulent events in the island nation of Sri Lanka in the past two months. It would involve a conniving President, who abruptly and illegally dismisses the elected Prime Minister, and replaces him with a corrupt and blood-soaked former despot who was the President’s old boss.
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