Whodunit? Hunt on for names behind IL&FS' Rs 91,000 cr mess - Economic Times
The Serious Fraud Investigation Office (SFIO) kicked off its probe into alleged financial irregularities at Infrastructure Leasing & Financial Services (IL&FS) by questioning the top management, searching the group’s offices and gathering information from its servers, a senior government official said. The agency will also question the ousted directors and former chief Ravi Parthasarathy.
How state can support farmers in a smarter way - shok Gulati & Prerna Terway, Financial Express
While recently releasing the book, Supporting Indian Farms the Smart Way by Ashok Gulati, Marco Ferroni and Yuan Zhou, Arun Jaitley remarked that India needs a good blend of investments and subsidies in its agriculture policy.
India’s abiding Chinese addiction - Kushan Mitra, Pioneer
For the past few decades India, from its politicians, military and diplomats, has observed that its eastern neighbour is its main rival rather than its western neighbour with whom India was obsessed. We watched with alarm as the Chinese built military presence on the borders.  Flashpoints,Su such as Doklam, have become distressingly frequent.
Indian economy: Potential for growth - Aaditya Tiwari, Pioneer
When Narendra Modi was sworn-in as the country’s Prime Minister, he proudly proclaimed that he was the first Prime Minister of India who was born after independence. His statement was not merely symbolic.
Driving India's FDI inflow - Hima Bindu Kota, Pioneer
Despite global companies having the intention to invest, India failed to hold on to its top-10 position in the AT Kearney FDI Confidence Index 2018. Strong economic performance and the sheer size of the market can help us in the FDI confidence index.
The political economy of India's oil imports - RK Pachauri, Pioneer
There is much comment and discussion currently on the weakening of the Indian rupee. As is the case with developments of this nature once a state of equilibrium is achieved, underlying causes behind the slide in the rupee’s value will be forgotten, and we will continue with business as usual.
Repairing banks - Pioneer
The proposed three-way merger between Vijaya Bank, Dena Bank and Bank of Baroda may not be great news for shareholders but is a continuation of this Government's policy to repair the public banking sector. The fact is that India's public sector banks are still suffering from the lending splurge they indulged in almost a decade ago — a splurge which saw many of the loans, particularly to the physical infrastructure and power sector, go sour, not least due to their gold-plated nature and the political influence exerted.
Goldman Sachs says Sensex, Nifty’s world-beating rally is over - Adam Haigh & Abhishek Vishnoi, Mint
Goldman Sachs Group Inc. has called time on the world-beating surge in Indian stocks. India’s benchmark indices—Sensex and Nifty—looks less favourable amid elevated valuations, a potential slowdown in economic growth and upcoming elections, according to Goldman Sachs analysts, who cut India to the equivalent of a hold rating from buy.
How RBI dealt with the crisis amid tensions with FinMin - Rajrishi Singhal & Gopika Gopakumar, Mint
They say marriages are made in heaven but the relationship between a finance minister and the country’s central bank governor is usually characterised by fire and brimstone. In India, the periods preceding and following the Lehman Brothers collapse in September 2008 highlighted the tension writ into the association and its infuriatingly fraught nature. At another level, this natural antipathy has also informed India’s banking regulatory framework.
What’s causing the rupee to weaken - RK Pattnaik, Business Line
The rupee has crossed the 70 mark against the US dollar, and though it has pulled back there is widespread concern at what is being seen as a rather quick slide to new all-time lows.
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