India replaces China as next big frontier for US tech companies - Vindu Goel, ToI
American technology companies desperately want to win over people like Rakesh Padachuri and his family. Padachuri, who runs a construction business in this city, the center of India's technology industry, uses his smartphone to reserve movie seats through BookMyShow and to order pizzas from Domino's. 
Apathetic hospitals: Moneymakers have no value for have-nots' lives - Anish Gupta/ Aaleya Giri, Pioneer
Corruption is ingrained into private healthcare system to such an extent that the Government urgently needs to formulate strict rules to cure the malady or else it will produce many Avinash — the six-year-old dengue victim whose parents committed suicide after their only son died for want of medical attention after he was denied admission by as many as six private hospitals.
5 areas where Silicon Valley can help in making India digital - Karl Mehta, ET
Today — Saturday, September 26 — could well be a landmark day in the journey of India’s transformation to being a digital country. My office in Silicon Valley is next door to Google HQ and 15 minutes from Facebook and Apple. Just last week, I was with some of my friends on Sand Hill Road, and some of them who have never invested in India were talking about Narendra Modi’s visit to the Valley and his Digital India vision.
Modi government sets target of 30km of highways a day - Dipak K Dash, ToI
As the highway sector shows signs of revival and private investment interest in projects on PPP mode gathers pace, the Narendra Modi government is confident of achieving the target of building 30 km per day. In fact, per day construction of highways was close to 16 km until August-end against last year's record of 13 km.
Call drop rate hurts the image of telecoms - Dinesh C Sharma, Mail Today
After a bull run of more than a decade, India’s mobile growth story appears to be losing its sheen. The problem of call drops is causing widespread consumer dissatisfaction, making people reminisce about interruption-free conversations with landline phones.
Linking rivers and futures - Pioneer
With the waters of the Godavari now flowing into the Krishna, India's long-held plans of inter-linking its rivers are finally bearing fruit. The Godavari-Krishna linkage in Andhra Pradesh was inaugurated on September 16 when the country's second and fourth longest rivers were connected through the Polavaram Right Main Canal and the Pattiseema Lift Irrigation Scheme.
The dirt on clean diesel - Pioneer
In the scale of cheating scandals, the latest one involving the German carmaker Volkswagen and the United States Environmental Protection Agency must rank as one of the most epic corporate cheating scandals of all time. This is no ordinary cheating scandal, which usually involve banks and trading houses and the odd rogue trader or three.
E-commerce hype masks heavy losses - Mihir Dalal, Mint
The lack of concern about the absence of profits in e-commerce is alarming. From the market leaders such as Flipkart and Snapdeal to the hot new start-ups including Grofers (Locodel Solutions Pvt. Ltd) and PepperTap (Nuvo Logistics Pvt. Ltd), these companies and their investors have talked up the vast market size and the explosive growth in the number of Internet users.
Volkswagen scandal will speed up diesel's demise - Leonid Bershidsky, Bus Std
The Volkswagen (VW) emissions scandal has broader implications than the potential damage it can do to Europe's biggest carmaker. It's the result of Europe backing the wrong emissions-reducing technology on a regulatory level. There is now an opportunity to reverse that error and force the continent's car manufacturers to concentrate on hybrid and electric vehicles.
Can India & America take Gilead-IPA model further? - Ashok Malik, ET
As Prime Minister Narendra Modi begins his second trip to the United States, the bilateral relationship between New Delhi and Washington, DC looks remarkably different from the summer of 2014. Modi came to office burdened by the legacy of the UPA government’s final months. In the US, India’s alleged violation of intellectual property rights (IPR) best practices had become a big issue.
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