Do it the diesel way in Railways - Arvind Mehta, Financial Express
More than 20 million Indians travel daily with the Indian Railways. Put differently, the Indian Railways (IR) transports more people daily than the entire population of Australia! A year ago, the Railways also achieved a historic milestone of crossing the annual one billion tonne mark for freight traffic. This propelled it into a select exclusive club with the railways of China, United States and Russia.
Now, Congress holds up insurance reforms - Financial Express
India’s funds-starved insurance sector received a set back on Thursday, with the Modi government failing to gather the Opposition’s support for a Bill to raise the foreign investment cap in the sector from 26% at present to 49%. This spells bad news for a sector that could potentially give a fillip fillip to infrastructure funding by turning savings to investments.
Coding in real life - Pratik Kanjilal, Financial Express
Geeky is sexy, hacking is hot and the veneration of the technologist has reached its logical conclusion in 2014. On either side of the Atlantic, people are in a big hurry to learn coding. Not to join the Big Data gold rush that is eternally in the offing, but simply to bring basic programming skills on board their professional profiles.
Fixing the land acquisition problem - Rakesh Bharti Mittal, Business Line
Rarely has a Parliamentary legislation created as much heat and dust as the Land Acquisition Act 2013, which came into force early this year. Many State governments have come out openly against specific provisions of the Act and industry, which has often found acquiring land a cumbersome task, feels their job has been further complicated.
Using trade to defeat inflation - Rajiv Kumar, India Today
Economic data in July on industrial growth and inflation have been disappointing. Industrial sector growth slowed to 3.4 per cent in June 2014 with the manufacturing sector, the largest component, growing at an anaemic 1.8 per cent. This is worrisome because it reversed the rising trend of the previous two months despite the negative growth in June 2013.
Young and jobless in India - Charan Singh, Hindu
The Census data released recently show that unemployment in the country, especially among the youth, is very high, averaging nearly 20 per cent for the age group of 15-24 years. In some States like Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir, the unemployment rate is above 25 per cent.
WPI inflation offers a breather, eases to a 5-month low in July - Indian Express
Even as retail inflation for June recorded a worrying surge, the wholesale price index (WPI)-based inflation dipped to a five-month low of 5.19 per cent in July. The year-on-year headline WPI reading was 5.43 per cent in the previous month. Inflation had stood at 5.85 per cent in July 2013. The consumer price index (CPI) inflation data for July, released earlier this week, had surged to 7.96 per cent as against 7.46 per cent in June.
Subrata Roy strikes deal to sell three hotels - Dhananjay Mahapatra, Times of India
Detained Sahara group chairman Subrata Roy informed the Supreme Court on Thursday that he had struck a deal to sell his three hotels in London and New York to a foreign party at a price much higher than estimated and had also managed to convince a foreign bank to give a bank guarantee for Rs 5,000 crore.
Narendra Modi's pay-off from relaxing labour laws would be huge - Andy Mukherjee, Business Standard
Labour in India looks set to get a much-needed new deal. It's about time. In the name of protecting jobs, successive governments have kept employees so tightly confined in a straitjacket of stifling regulation that the 435-million-strong workforce can hardly breathe.
New players to make aviation pickings even smaller - Financial Express
For the fact that Indian airlines are expected to have lost a collective R8,000 crore last year and owe lenders some R80,000 crore, there is a great deal of international interest in the country’s aviation sector. Much of this comes from the anticipation that a market where penetration—at just 0.04 trips per capita per annum—is way behind even China’s is bound to grow exponentially.
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