Amazon runs into tax trouble in Karnataka - Mihir Dalal & Shrutika Verma, Mint
Tax authorities in Karnataka have stopped Amazon India from selling electronics and several other products from its warehouse in the state by cancelling the licences of third-party merchants that work with the local unit of the world’s largest online retailer, according to three people with direct knowledge of the matter.
Xi Jinping - $100 bn is coming! - Nitin Pai, Business Standard
Ahead of Xi Jinping's visit, China's consul-general in Mumbai hinted that the Chinese government and businesses will commit to investing over $100 billion in India over the next five years. Lest India's usually excitable journalists not get sufficiently excited by that big number, he added that this is "thrice the investments committed by Japan" during Prime Minister Narendra Modi's recent trip to that country.
Outreach plans for scientists - Hindu
The decision of the Union Minister of Science and Technology to tap the talent pool of about 6,000 scientists from institutions and centres that come under the umbrella of the Department of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Earth Sciences and the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research to give lectures to school and college students is a good initiative.
New five-year foreign trade policy by September-end - Hindustan Times
The government will announce a new five-year foreign trade policy this month, which is likely to include incentives for domestic value-added products, new rules for special economic zones (SEZs) and a probable review of free trade agreements (FTAs) that India had signed with various countries and group of nations.
Mr Modi, here's what you do in America - NR Narayana Murthy, Economic Times
I believe our Prime Minister's visit to the US will be one of his most important foreign trips, if not the most important foreign trip he will make during his tenure as PM. There are several reasons for it.
Blackmoney: SIT empowers ED to check huge forex violations - Pioneer
To check large-scale foreign exchange violations and generation of slush funds, a Special Investigation Team (SIT) on black money has asked RBI and Enforcement Directorate (ED) to jointly take on cases of huge exports outstanding. The SIT, for the first time, has authorised the ED to obtain regular information on export outstanding amount of more than Rs 100 crore, a data till now shared only by the banking regulator with investigative and enforcement agencies like DRI and Customs.
Patients pay three times import price for stents - Rema Nagarajan, Times of India
The government has a Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) to regulate prices of telephony, an electricity regulator to control power prices and so on. But India has no body to ensure that medical device companies do not overcharge patients. The result is loot.
Disinvestment claptrap - Sandeep Bamzai, Mail Today
Flush with bulge bracket dollars, India's equity markets continue to scale new peaks. As much as Rs 198,136 crore or $33 billion of gushing liquidity has come into our capital markets in calendar year 2014 till date. A lot more has come into debt (Rs 112,573 crore) than in equity (Rs 85,563 crore). In equity, there has been only one negative month this year and that was January which saw an outflow of a negligible amount of Rs 141 crore only.
Fixing the Foreign Bribery Bill - Sandeep Verma, Business Standard
India's new executive leadership has repeatedly affirmed its strong commitment to combating corruption in public life; and in this context, it may be useful to revisit certain provisions of the Prevention of Bribery of Foreign Public Officials and Officials of Public International Organisations Bill, 2011 (the Foreign Bribery Bill) placed before Parliament almost three years back.
Clear infra hurdles first to win battle for growth - Kamlendra Kanwar, NewIndianExpress
While India gloats over the way developed countries of the world are vying with one another to curry favour with New Delhi to exploit the vast potential in its markets which are opening up increasingly, there is a cause for not getting carried away by the euphoria in the absence of suitable infrastructure.
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