Improved fuel norms should be a top priority - Business Standard
India's first experiment with a road rationing system began on January 1, with the Delhi government ruling that private vehicles with odd and even registration numbers will be allowed to drive on roads on alternate days. The new system has many exemptions, and as of now will be effective for only a fortnight. Pollution levels in Delhi have reportedly come down in the first two days of the experiment, though the scheme's effectiveness and enforceability will only really be tested today - the start of a new week after the year-end holiday break ended on Sunday.
Reviewing cess and tax regimes - Shivaji Sarkar, Pioneer
Reports by the Comptroller and Auditor-General state that a significant part of the cess that the Government charges has remained unutilised or been diverted. Clearly, the Government must reform the tax policy.
Unique ID to end biz registration woes - Sidhartha, Times of India
In a step towards a single-window clearance mechanism at the central level, the government plans to make the permanent account number (PAN) as the Business Identification Number (BIN) for companies and firms. The move is aimed at doing away with the need for separate registration with authorities ranging from the registrar of companies to the direct and indirect tax wings, the labour department and for export and import.
PM tours World, but keeps travel bill low - Pradeep Thakur, Times of India
Narendra Modi may have toured the world like no other Indian Prime Minister during his first year in office, but his government has managed to keep the overall travel bill below the budgetary allocation by Rs 2 crore, according to the Union finance accounts for 2014-15.
Come what may, govt will stick to its deficit target - Sidhartha & Surojit Gupta, Times of India
The government is unlikely to relax the fiscal target for next year despite stiff challenges and will stick to the roadmap that has been accepted, a senior official said on Friday.
Where will the Sensex be in 2016? Higher than 2015, but there are a few ifs and buts - R Jagannathan, Swarajya
How will the stock markets fare in 2016? The short answer is, slightly better than in 2015, when the overall market as represented by the Nifty fell by around 4 percent, and the narrower Sensex was flat. The long answer begins with another question: how will foreign institutional investors (FIIs) look at India when they have other options.
Kelkar panelís useful advice for revival of PPP projects - Economic Times
The Kelkar committee report on revisiting and revitalising the public-private partnership (PPP) model for infrastructure projects rightly pitches for pragmatism, transparency and a business-like attitude for all stakeholders. The idea that PPP contracts must focus on service delivery rather than fiscal benefits, and further that we need improved fiscal reporting practices, is spot on.
Indiaís healing touch brings Pakistanis in hordes - Ekatha Ann John, Times of India
When Pakistani national Mohammed Zubair headed back home in 2013, he looked physically frail but he could finally breathe easy with a new heart. Two years later, the religious teacher from Lahore still dials the now familiar numbers of the transplant surgeons from Chennai who promised not to give up on him when others did.
What lies ahead: Will Raghuram Rajan get another term as RBI Governor? - MC Govardhana Rangan, Economic Times
Former Reserve Bank of India governor Duvvuri Subbarao once said that the job of a central bank chief is the easiest one because all that he does is change interest rates. Come 2016, once the Monetary Policy Committee gets life, Raghuram Rajan will be deprived of even the easiest job. So, what is left for Rajan to do at the RBI?
Giving passengers a better deal - RC Acharya, Pioneer
New waiting rooms and wifi at stations is fine but the focus must be on efficiently transporting passengers and eliminating irritants such as ticket touts. For this, capacity augmentation of high-density corridors is key
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