Why it pays to be a flexible employer - Indrajit Gupta, Business Standard
I am currently part of a six-member multi-disciplinary team, which is working on an online design thinking course started by We're currently involved in a design challenge that entails getting more young people to become social entrepreneurs. Every other week, we're required to physically meet up for three- to four-hour long workshops that are fun and stimulating.
Targeting inflation successfully - Soumya Kanti Ghosh & Hiranya K Nath, Mint
India formally adopted inflation targeting in April. While there is plenty of debate on its pros and cons, there are several essential conditions for the success of inflation targeting. One precondition that may have been overlooked in the Indian context is a careful examination of the relative price dynamics between different states.
Five questions for a startup entrepreneur - Economic Times
Over the past two years, we have had one of the most significant tectonic plate shifts in the evolution of the startup ecosystem in India. We are seeing legions of young people, often right out of college, experiment and innovate across business sectors, to bring in new ideas which enhance efficiencies, open new gates of opportunities, level the playing field and connect various geographic and demographic dots.
Compliance window for black money in July - Arup Roychoudhury, Bus Std
From early next month, those with undisclosed income and assets abroad are likely to get a window to declare these without facing prosecution. The proposed compliance window under the Undisclosed Foreign Assets and Income Act, popularly called the black money Act, is likely to be in place for three-five months.
India’s presence in global rice trade is a great stabilising force - Tejinder Narang, Financial Express
If the probability of deficient monsoons does not cast a negative spell on Indian summer crops (or assuming that Skymet’s forecast is proved right) and rice production stays around 103 million tonnes (MT), India can again maintain top rank in world rice trade by shipping out about 12 MT in 2015-16.
Voluntary CSR beyond large firms - Tamal Sarkar, Financial Express
Legally speaking, CSR is to be carried out by firms with a net profit or net worth or turnover of more than Rs 5 crore or Rs 500 crore or Rs 1,000 crore, respectively, and such firms need to spend 2% of their average net profit for the last three years in CSR activities for the current year. 
All that glitters… - Financial Express
Though India’s gold demand has fallen off dramatically over the last two years thanks to the collapse in the price of gold in global markets, the imports are still substantial—FY15 imports were still $34.3 billion, though much lower than the $56.5 billion of imports in FY12 and $53.8 billion in FY13.
Nagaraj Mylandla – Playing the cards of success - Sushila Ravindranath, FE
Nagaraj Mylandla is the founder and managing director of Financial Software & Systems (FSS)—the Chennai-based payments technology leader. Mylandla, in fact, pioneered this business in the country. What the company does is power the retail payments initiatives of leading banks, financial institutions, processors, merchants, governments and regulatory bodies across the globe.
A phantom steel plant in Odisha - Mint
Ten years ago the South Korean steel company Posco and the Odisha government signed an agreement that would have enabled the company to establish a steel plant in the state’s Jagatsinghpur district. At $12 billion, the project represented the single largest injection of foreign direct investment (FDI) in India. It would have also fetched Odisha close to Rs.750 crore in tax revenue every year for 30 years.
The spectre of credit starvation - Ravi Krishnan, Mint
The calls for the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to cut rates only get more strident. The central bank’s own adviser Arvind Virmani said last week there was room of 1.25 percentage points more for a policy rate cut. But forget the high level of lending rates of the moment, do banks have enough capital to lend in case the elusive economic recovery materializes later this year?
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