Will Shah walk the talk on Article 370? - Deepak K Upreti, Pioneer
BJP strongman Amit Shah, who had promised that his Government would scrap Article 370, is new Union Home Minister in place of Rajnath Singh. Rajnath has been moved to Defence while Nirmala Sitharaman has been entrusted with an equally high-profile Ministry of Finance and Corporate Affairs.
Lalu in the wilderness - Navin Upadhyay, Pioneer
When Lalu Prasad, then a rustic Yadav chieftain and a well-established cheer leader of the JP movement, was crowned as Chief Minister of Bihar in 1990, among his backers were both Left and Right — communists and the BJP — who found a common enemy in the Congress. Thirty years later,  Lalu is in prison on corruption charges while his party is in the doghouse.
How Congress let down its young pilots - Kushan Mitra, Pioneer
Even before the Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP’s) landslide victory in the recently-concluded elections, there was a healthy disrespect for family dynasts in the Congress among the young BJP-leaning ideologue. If you mentioned the irony of the fact that several of the BJP’s own cadre of youth leaders are second or third generation politicians, they would argue that they had worked in their constituencies and elsewhere.
Rahul Gandhi's Resignation as Party Chief May Lead to Another Power Tussle in Congress - Rasheed Kidwai, News18
If Rahul Gandhi indeed relinquishes office of the Congress president and remains as a Member of Parliament, the grand old party may see a tussle of another kind — between the parliamentary wing of the party and the organisation, i.e. the All India Congress Committee (AICC).
After facing his worst-ever electoral defeat, what happens to Chandrababu Naidu now? - NewsMinute
With his worst-ever electoral defeat in Andhra Pradesh and losing relevance in national politics, Nara Chandrababu Naidu is facing the biggest challenge of his career. A leader, whose four-decade-long career saw his political pendulum swinging wildly from left to the right, the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) chief last year exercised even his last option -- aligning with the Congress. But this time, he ran out of both the options and the luck.
An alternative vision of India - Shyam Saran, TribuneIndia
PRIME Minister Narendra Modi has won a second term with a resounding majority. This is a victory for Modi as a leader embodying an idea of India different from that of the founding fathers of the Constitution, even though he claims that for him the Constitution remains supreme.
Trouble in Rajasthan after Congress decimation in Lok Sabha Polls - Harsha Kumari Singh, NDTV
The Rajasthan Congress, which failed to win even one of the state's 25 Lok Sabha seats, is battling an internal crisis. While two of its ministers have demanded accountability, there have been reports that one minister is on his way out, citing the party's dismal performance.
MPs to pick Modi for 2nd innings - Deepak K Upreti, Pioneer
The Government formation for the BJP-led NDA (II) will be set in motion on Saturday with the newly-elected MPs formally electing Narendra Modi as their leader in Parliament’s central hall. While the BJP has won 303 seats, the NDA has 352 members in the Lok Sabha. Modi is also expected to address the MPs following his election as their leader. BJP Parliamentary Party meeting will precede the NDA meeting.
Has Congress been delivered a death blow in Karnataka? - Sugata Srinivasaraju, Wire
Where does one begin to tell the Karnataka story? The story of a state that has at different bends in India’s electoral history resuscitated the Congress party, but has delivered a death blow on Thursday.
How MK Stalin has emerged on his own and vindicated himself with Lok Sabha 2019 - R Kannan, NewsMinute
With the 2019 Lok Sabha polls, MK Stalin has come into his own, emerging out of his father and the late DMK patriarch Kalaignar M Karunanidhi’s long shadow. He has singly withstood both the ruling BJP and the AIADMK, almost sweeping the state in the parliamentary elections.
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